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The fourth-generation Apple TV set-top box and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro tablet with Apple Pencil are due to hit retail tories in the first week of November after launching online toward the end of this month, according to reliable sources who spoke to 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman.

“The revamped Apple TV set top box and iPad Pro will both begin showing up in Apple Retail Stores for sale during the first week of November after going on sale via Apple’s website in late October,” wrote the publication.

Author Mark Gurman speculated that the first online orders of both products are likely to reach customers in early November.

Apple has originally said that the iPad Pro and the new Apple TV will go on sale in November, without providing a specific timeframe.

The new Apple TV will allow fans to download third-party apps and use their voice to search movies and television shows across iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime and HBO.

In addition, Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed in an interview with BuzzFeed News’s John Paczkowski that the fourth-generation Apple TV will allow apps beyond these launch partners to expose and make their content discoverable and searchable via iOS 9’s universal search feature.

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Last but not least, the Cupertino firm could release next-generation mouse, trackpad and keyboard accessories, if references to “Magic Keyboard,” “Magic Mouse 2,” and “Magic Trackpad 2” discovered in OS X 10.11.1 beta 3 code are an indication.

An FCC filing two months ago first hinted at the refresh.

The new accessories should use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and include Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy connectivity. The Magic Keyboard is expected to feature backlit keys like Mac notebook, according to The New York Times newspaper.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Tommy Gumbs

    The new Atv…Yes… The new bigger iPad….yawn. So sad tbh…such a great device neutered by iO/S. The new surface has the right idea and I hate Windows.

  • Vince Reedy

    Can’t wait for new ATV, would love a rechargeable trackpad and backlit keyboard.

  • iBanks

    Ordering both at the larger capacity sizes.

  • dudeimmexican

    Yo dawg, I heard you did not like the size of the iTouch so we made a bigger iTouch, but then you wanted a smaller size, but not as small as the iTouch and not as big as the bigger iTouch. So, now we made a gigantic iTouch because you now want that and now the bigger iTouch is now the smaller iTouch and the smaller bigger iTouch is now a micro iTouch and now the iTouch is a nano-touch. Make up your mind dawg!

    • Tommy Gumbs

      Yo dawg….WUT?

    • iTouch…what’s an iTouch?

      • besrate hogsa

        Is it like iPod touch or something else ?

  • iDude

    I think they are moving forward in creating larger touch display. Give it 5 more years, you’ll be using your face to touch the icons 😀

  • Blip dude

    Looking forward to that new Apple TV, currently happy with my iPad Air 2.

  • Jamessmooth

    Crap… new iPad Pro or Surface Book… Tough call!

    • John


      • Jamessmooth

        I stayed up last night and watched the Microsoft presentation… I’m starting to lean that way man!

      • John

        Yeah, join the club!

  • Passing on both, neither offer anything new. ATV3 works just fine, if ATV4 releases an entire interface change then I’ll purchase it, but so far it’s basically the same clunky thing.

    • Can you stream your Apple Music songs on it find? Mine always plays really choppy so I figured I’ll just upgrade.

      • besrate hogsa

        I will upgrade to the Apple TV but iPad pro nah

      • I don’t use Apple Music streaming service so I can’t say. I stream music from my other devices and everything works fine. Itunes music stream also works. I’ll upgrade when they change the interface, it’s horrible and by far the most unorganized of all Apple products.

  • George

    Not trolling but this shows how threatened they are with the surface pro 4 that they are releasing the iPad pro for order end of October.