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I’ve been doing these weekly jailbreak tweaks roundups for several months now, and it seems to me this is the most uneventful one to date. Not only there isn’t much new on Cydia, but what’s new isn’t that groundbreaking either. Is it the beginning of a tweaks drought?

ApnHistory: shows the history of your push notifications (free)

CCSwipeActivator: adds Control Center swipe up/down gestures for Activator (free)

FullyCharged: adds an icon to the Status Bar when your device is fully charged (free)

MicrophoneRouting: lets you specify the microphone you want to use to record a video (free)

SBIconAlpha: set transparency for app icons (free)

SquareDots: changes the Home screen page dots to square dots (free)

Superslam: makes John Cena appear on your screen via an Activator gesture. Sigh! (free)

Universal Mute: mutes the media volumes when the ringer is muted (free)

My pick of the week would be ApnHistory. What is yours?

  • pnh

    Until there’s an iOS 9 Jailbreak, this is your new headline.

    • Mike M. Powell

      Yeah can’t wait till then but we won’t get till 9.1 is pushed out (possibly) depending if it’s stable enough

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        Yeah. I say do it now and then try to do it again. Only reason for them to wait is so iPad Pro can be jailbroke.

      • Mike M. Powell

        True I want io9 so bad lol but I guess we have to b fair =P

  • Skoven

    Now is the time for that in depth activator article iDB! 😉

  • jgr627

    My pick of the week: Stock iOS! Jailbrake isn’t safe anymore and it’s only going to get worst it’s not like the old days where nobody had an iPhone the jailbrake scene is on its deathbed

    • zabrawn

      Lmao ok man

    • Johannes Mertens

      So please Tell me: why do you think jailbreaking isn’t safe anymore and how was it safe earlier ?

      • jgr627

        You must not be a regular visitor of this site, clearly anybody who is can you tell you how many times this year alone the jailbrake scene took a loss because of hacks that infected thousands of jailbrakers

      • Johannes Mertens

        Nearly all these issues were related to Asian cracked apps/tweaks packages. There is no general problem for the average jailbreak user.

      • Shinonuke

        If you asked anyone can tell you that jgr627 is not good at reading or typing English he have no sense of period or comma please excuse him I find the universal mute is beneficial many times I mute the iPad and find it scream loud when I watch a FB video

      • Morgan Freeman

        You say the person can’t type English and has no sense of punctuation, but you yourself don’t use any either? Whoa. Color me surprised!

      • zabrawn


      • Shinonuke

        Colored, you are. Sarcasm, I was. Find the dictionary definition of the word then YouTube it for examples. Good day.

      • John

        You might a point but, you seem a little rasicst. “were related to Asian cracked apps/tweaks packages. There is no general problem for the average jailbreak user” so is the big asian userbase not “the average user”.

      • Johannes Mertens

        I assure You I am not. These things happen, when English not your native language. I meant something like “the regular user, who doesn’t use cracked apps, which are h

      • John

        I love jailbreak, and i agree with you points. Also you doesn’t need a captital :), it’s not like a name where you make it capital, my sick english lessons

      • Johannes Mertens

        well i know that, but if you’re typing something in english using the german keyboard it get’s capitalized automaticly 🙂

      • John


      • XZavier

        Dude you just spelt racist wrong and you are trying to pick a figh… It’s an observation not a racist comment, so please stop…

  • diggitydang

    Gave up my JB to upgrade to 6s… Definitely missing some tweaks but gap has been closing so it makes it a lot easier to do than back in the day!!

    • watsgongon

      Same, sure miss SwipeSelection though

      • diggitydang

        Hahaha. Actually, the one I miss is AppLocker (with Activator) because I have kids who always want my phone and don’t want them deleting emails or touching notifications when they come in.

      • IllFollowTheSun

        You know you can “force tap” on the keyboard to move the cursor, right? But no selection, I feel you on that.

      • watsgongon

        That’s huge, thank you!
        Is this specific to the 6S?

  • MadFunny Bruh

    I think slowly but surely JB is dying as iOS comes with more features people wanted from JB at first,yet not ideal. No sure is safety is am issue wether u have JB or not, its just not that exciting I guess. There are a lot of great tweaks but some of them are not being supported/updates to latest iOS and so on. I switched to stock ios 9 and its pretty not bad, and I was jailbroken all the way since iphone 4 and every new ios but now personally for me, stock ios feels just fine.

    • Jailbreaking isn’t dying it will hopefully never die. How do I know it’s not dying? I’ve said the same thing in the past and guess what jailbreaking didn’t die! I think as soon as an iOS 9 jailbreak is released we’ll start to see more tweaks.

    • iKhalil

      It will never die because of iFile, Activator, OpenSSH, Multipexer, and other stuff  will never allow even in iOS 50!

      • Morgan Freeman

        Apple needs to get ahold of the guy who makes f.Lux and incorporate this into their products. What an eye saver! That and TetherMe are the two tweaks I need, the rest is just fun fluff. 🙂

      • Connor

        Reading my book in bed is so much harder on the eyes with out f.lux Could not agree more.

      • XZavier

        An app is actually being made to do what f.lux does on stock without having to jailbreak so Apple doesn’t necessarily have to do this anytime soon, but would love if apple did so I wouldn’t have to pay for the app.

      • Don Walker II

        f.lux is available on OS X. Unfortunately it isn’t available for non-jailbroken iOS users (yet).

      • Morgan Freeman

        I have it on my Macbook and it’s actually available for Windows as well! 🙂

      • DeAndre Enrico

        I am missing Quickactivator so much I can barely stand it. It’s definitely not fluff. Swipeselection is missed as well. And others.

    • Eric

      It’s the little stuff that matters. Over my dead body will I ever except those circles for my cellular reception. I always revert it back to the normal bars. I wanna raise the bar not make the circles more circular!

  • Victor Molina

    I know IDB staff dont do themes but I bet there’s a lot of people that still do. Since there’s a tweak drought. Maybe IDB could review a few themes here and there to shake things up a little??

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    WHERE IS EXTENSIFY⁉️ The closet thing we should have to a jailbreak is this for now. The decision promised it a while back and didn’t deliver. Jeff why do you cover things that are so awful and that never get fully launched?

  • Manuel Molina

    Word. A drought without an iOS 9 jailbreak

  • Carlos Neira

    Hey someone have this problem: I can transfer my purchases from my iPhone to my pc (my idevice is on 9.0.2 doesn’t work) but with iOS 8.4.1 is all just fine

    • Does it Matter?

      Make sure to login to ALL your iTunes accounts on the Mac/PC you are using to sync. That should fix it.

  • AwkwardApple

    Gave up jailbreak to upgrade to iWatch 2.0. Wonder if we will get some force touch jailbreak apps.

  • Shingo

    when is 3d touch tweak release?

  • $@//

    Where’s the Anemone feature?

  • ProllyWild

    For those of you who have drifted away from the jailbreak, I would say now is a great time to find some good alternatives in apps to make up for the loss of some tweaks and apps. While there is no ifile for stock iOS, I highly recommend Documents 5. a great overall file management app. Handles various files, zip files, PDF editing and can also download files from its browser. Also works with cloud services and networked drives. Compatible with email attachments in the stock mail app as well (chose the locations option from the stock iCloud Drive window that comes up when attaching files to emails and it will allow you to pick files from compatible apps)

  • iPhoneWINS

    w have all that we want and need.. now time for IOS9 jailbreak

  • Tommy

    I sure hope this isn’t a hint at the end of jailbreaks.
    I first came over to iDB mainly for jailbreak tips, tricks and tweaks since iOS5 a few years back.
    Fast forward to today and I don’t even bother jailbreaking my iPhone. I do still keep watch of the TOTW topics though.
    Man, those were the days where I’d show-off to my friends my tricked-out Winterboard themes coupled with Barrel page effects.

  • GDMT

    I actually like ApnHistory. The thing is, its not builtin the notification center. Its a separate app =/ Hope the dev updates this and makes it work with the ios notification center. Or better yet replace the notification center with apnhistory instead. I like the timeline style in terms of knowing the notifications.

  • FrankensteinBlack

    One word, FIREWALL-IP!! Nuff said…

    • FrankensteinBlack

      Ok, two words, PMP added!!

  • vanditt sama

    iOS 9 does not transfer app purchases (and updates) from iDevices to iTunes anymore. Its because of app-thinning.
    I used it a lot but now i have to download everything separately on iTunes if i want to back up my apps.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Superslam is awesome. I use it daily.