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Another edition of the Wallpapers of the Week section comes to you this Sunday with city life. While having nature shots and blurry bokeh backgrounds are excellent, it is time to give the city some time in the spotlight. With tall illuminated buildings and articulately complex infrastructure, the city makes an intriguing image for your favorite devices.

Inside, take a look at four new wallpapers and enjoy the different images captured of the city. Depending on the camera’s point of view, the beauty of the city changes every time.

Urban wallpapers


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


Download: iPad; iPhone


To have your images, either original or found, considered for the section, tweet me a version @jim_gresham. Ensure the images are pre-formatted for the latest iOS devices and if you know the artist, send their name along too.

Top image placeit.net

  • Guy

    The wallpaper this week are nice. Just can’t help feel, it should have been Live Photo wallpapers this week.

    • Not sure if Apple allows custom Live Photos wallpapers right now.

      • askep3

        They do, you can take your own Live Photos and have them be your wallpaper, I just don’t know if Live Photos can be posted on websites yet

      • What file format are Live Photos stored as? In the Keynote Apple made it seem like a live photo is an ordinary jpeg file with extra metadata in which case they could easily be posted to websites but you likely wouldn’t be able to view them without saving them to the photo app first…

      • askep3

        Live Photos are stored as a jpeg, and a .mov file, and Apple will be releaseing an api to embed Live Photos into websites (I think)

      • Well that’s a disappointment then. In the Keynote they repeatedly stated that Live Photos aren’t video yet the .mov file format is clearly used for videos and you need two separate files instead of just one file…

      • askep3

        Well it’s not really a video, it’s a horrible low frame rate thing that looks weird but nice at the same time

      • If it uses the .mov format it’s a video and if it isn’t a video then why is it using the .mov format? Apple should have come up with a new file format instead that encompasses the photo and the ‘video’ and audio e.g .ljpg where the l stands for live…

  • This looks nice on my iPhone 6s 🙂

    • Anmol Malhotra

      How’s been your experience with iPhone 6s? Can you explain a little bit for me? Thinking to buy it when it launches in India.

    • it is 6 no 6s

      • izak

        hello man! how are you? نیستی بابا !! چ خبر؟ چ میکنی؟ کف کردی!! من همه جا هستم!!!

  • Andrew’s OwlCity

    Can someone make this wallpaper rose gold?

    • Sebastian Diaz


      • William Melendez

        Thanks ! I’m rocking the lightest one . Looks really nice.

  • Eliijah Moss

    Not that special, but I like it.

  • Fevostone

    I’m rocking this one at the minute

    • Taoxi

      It comes from China lenovo K920

  • Cameron Nelms

    I have the recent photos of Pluto as mine.

  • Christopher Shaun

    The last one looks amazing on a 6 Plus. Thanks for sharing!