The iPhone 6 screen has a certain smoothness that is hard to replicate and is easily ruined by a basic screen protector. However, some of us are more worried about diminishing the resale value of our iPhones with scratches. So, a screen protector is a must-have for us.

JETech makes a tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 6 that offers protection from scratches and is smooth like the iPhone 6’s screen for a more natural feel.

The glass protector has a cutout for the front facing camera and the receiver, as well as the proximity sensor and the Home button. It measures .33mm thick.

Because of the rounded edges of the iPhone 6, this screen protector does not cover edge-to-edge. However, I still haven’t seen a tempered glass screen protector that does cover edge-to-edge and actually works well.

The glass is 9H rated for tough scratch resistance. It has an HD quality clarity with fingerprint and halo effect resistant coating. The company claims this protector works with the new iPhone 6s. However, we still don’t know for sure whether tempered glass has a negative affect on the 3D Touch feature.

The package comes with a cleaning sticker, which is used to remove any dust or lint from your iPhone 6 screen. There is also a small microfiber cloth and an alcoholic wipe to clean your screen before installing the protector.

JETech’s tempered glass screen protector is available on Amazon for $7. There is also a two-pack for $9 and a three-pack for $11.

  • Ryan Stack

    Is this sponsored?

    • IT has to be because tempered glass as a screen protector sucks lol

      • Dan

        How so? I’ve been using them for over a year and never had a problem. Even saved my phone from an accident in the gym.

      • Because they chip and break, the only thing good is the look and feel, protection is sub-par.

      • Dan

        Oddly enough, I’ve never had one chip nor break. The one time, it did shatter when I dropped a metal handle on the screen (at an angle). In my experience, they’ve given superior protection to plastic. Pretty sure the palstic would not of absorbed the impact or something dropping on it. I always use them with cases, so maybe it helps.

      • Thats just you, I’m sure your not alone but tempered glass shouldnt be used to seriously protecting anything lol.

        Pretty sure the palstic would not of absorbed the impact or something dropping on it. I always use them with cases, so maybe it helps.

        Youtube Liquapel skins.

      • Dan

        Cool I’ll check it out.

      • TwinSon

        I bought a Tempered Glass for my 6 Plus when I got it a year ago and I can honestly say I’ve dropped my phone plenty of times and the tempered glass never failed. It Chipped and cracked near the end but my screen was perfect.

        My 6S Plus comes friday and I’m looking for the right protector. I had a bad experience with Invisible Shield wear my 4S landed face down and there was a tiny pebble it landed on that cracked the screen regardless of the protector. Maybe a freak accident but it scarred me. I’ll also take a look at this Liquipel skin and maybe it’ll change my mind.

      • The cracking and chipping is what I don’t about the tempered glass. In some cases it does protect the glass under it but you’d still need a replacement protector. Now I’m not saying it will never break with the other type of protector but at least you don’t have to deal with the chips and cracks making it look like its broken.

    • Donovan

      Probably, or else it’d say “Review: …”

    • No. If it was sponsored it would clearly say it.

      • Ryan Stack

        it didn’t even review the product… what was the point of this article?

  • DevXav

    And the question remains: Will those work with the new iPhone 6S?

    • Penny Crumble

      Apples says most screen protectors should work if following their 0.3mm guideline. Tried Zagg but found it too expensive and quality was soso. Have been using jeidshield for my new iPhone 6s.. and the 3D touch just works perfectly. No complaints!

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  • Stefano

    ZAGG privacy glass all the way. Not only does it cost less than the competition it’s better. Smoother. Covers more space. And when you break it, all you do is pay for shipping which was $3 for me, and they send you a prepaid envelope to return the broken one. Boom.