iPhone 6s Motion Wallpapers splash

With the iPhone 6s releasing on Friday, everyone is getting excited about the new features offered by the updated hardware. Naturally, one of the features I am most excited about is the option for dynamic wallpapers. The live wallpapers are a combination of iOS 9 and iPhone 6s hardware operability. If you downloaded iOS 9 this week, you will notice the motion wallpapers are missing from the list, due to their iPhone 6s exclusivity.

Inside, we have still images of the live wallpapers for iPhone 6s. The images are quite stunning, even if they are not in motion. Step inside for the option to download six iPhone 6s dynamic wallpaper still images for your current device!


The wallpapers below were gathered from @iDeviceArt. The iDeviceArt online gallery has a long list of wallpapers for iPhone, Apple Watch, and desktops.

Unfortunately, the silver iPhone 6s blue fish wallpaper is missing from the collection. If you have a version that is at least 1080 x 1920, make sure to share it in the comments below, to complete the offering!

iPhone 6s Fish Gold Wallpaper

Download: iPhone

iPhone 6s Fish Pink Wallpaper

Download: iPhone

iPhone 6s Fish Red Wallpaper

Download: iPhone

iPhone 6s Blue Ink Wallpaper

Download: iPhone

iPhone 6s White Ink Wallpaper

Download: iPhone

iPhone 6s Purple Ink Wallpaper

Download: iPhone


The Wallpaper of the Week section is made courtesy of reader submissions and images we find from the around the Internet. If you have items you would like to share, catch up with me via Twitter @jim_gresham. Any images you submit must be pre-formatted for the most current iOS devices, iPhone 6 and/or iPad Air 2.

splash image via placeit.net

  • Xee

    Thanks 🙂

  • Christopher Shaun

    Thank You! More than any other year I feel fully comfortable holding off on updated to the “S” variation this go around. Currently being jailbroken and my phone being able to have almost every aspect of the iPhone 6s my wait til the iphone 7 will be a easy road.

    • Im looking forward to trying this out too lol

    • Cole Mahoney

      I can’t wait any longer for iOS 9 jailbreak. Sadly on iOS 9.1

      • They’ll wait for 9.1 unless that closes whatever exploit they planned to use.

    • Manuel Molina

      I feel the same way with holding out for the next iPhone after the 6S. T-Mobile gave me a few upgrade with the iPhone 6S Plus as a completely free down payment and the pay installment route. I feel content with my battery now that it’s giving me a day and more again, and having a jailbreak.

  • Mohammed Burn

    someday they will become alive

  • jolehp

    Best quality so far. Thank you very much 🙂

  • Rami Tabaa

    I hate it when iOS adds a gray overlay on my wallpapers. It ruins everything.

    • If you’re jailbroken, you can use the tweak “WGradRemover” to get rid of the annoying gradient overlay!

      • Rami Tabaa

        I wish Apple can fix this without the need to jailbreak. My iPhone is not jailbroken.

      • I believe Apple adds the overlay to make items in the status bar more readable. I’ve tried the aforementioned tweak and I found that with light backgrounds, it’s really hard to discern anything in the status bar.
        A nice idea would be to use WGradRemover in conjunction with SixBar (gives the status bar a darkish background like iOS 6-) to achieve no gradient plus readability.

        A stock option to toggle this behaviour (e. g. in Settings => Wallpaper) would be nice, tho, I agree.

  • Davinci

    any iPad version plz?

    • Garrett

      I’ll try to make one

      • Garrett

        Only this one worked

      • Davinci

        I was hoping for the first two (white) but thanks a lot!

      • Garrett

        Like this?

      • Davinci

        Love you man! thanks a lot 😀

      • Garrett

        No problem

      • Cole Mahoney

        Any chance u could get the smoke walls for iPad Air 2?

      • Garrett

        Probably not, as the fish were just a matter of extending the black or white. You could try using them on the iPad. I just replaced my iPad with my iPhone 6S Plus 2 days ago so I never got to try

  • Isak

    I’m hoping that, once the 6S is out, these dynamic wallpapers can be ported to Cydia so we can enjoy them on iOS 8 and devices like the iPhone 5S.

  • ^_^

  • MJ

    Sorry for the low resolution

  • MJ

    Sorry about the resolution

  • Kris Damaso

    Bluefish: not as good though…

    • Kris Damaso


      • Amatmulisha

        Thanks buddy even though the quality not fully hd.

  • Adam Richard Andrew


  • Pakistan1605

    Thankyou so much iblog.
    From Pakistan

  • Pakistan1605

    Thankyou iblog 🙂

  • Mohammed Burn

    can you please make the fish with the black background suitable for desktop

  • Charley Harper

    I would love these in an iPad Air ratio and res if possible!?

  • Onaje RnbCelebrity

    Just bought photos live tweak from Cyrus. Is there a way I could get the animated file to use as my wallpaper on my iPhone 6 plus?

  • Soto

    Black one looks really nice on my galaxy s6

  • Amatmulisha

    After a little touch up using adobe lightroom

  • Luffik

    and this too

  • Natty Vyhlídková

    I have 6 Iphone and I would like wallpaper, this fish … someone can download it or not , and it’s just a wallpaper on the iPhone 6s ?

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  • Beautiful collection!