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Despite an earlier report coming from Reddit that Apple’s new iCloud Storage pricing would go live on September 25th, the same day of the iPhone 6s launch, Apple has launched its updated iCloud storage pricing plans today.

In my opinion, this makes more sense, as iCloud is more aligned with the software, and iOS 9 just went live as well. Apple has updated its iCloud storage pricing page with the updated prices for its three cloud storage tiers, and has also introduced new international pricing for iCloud storage.


Along with the new prices, Apple has simplified its iCloud pricing strategy. Now there are just three tiers, and they are as follows:

50 GB: $0.99
200 GB: $2.99
1 TB: $9.99

The cheapest tier, the $0.99 tier, now receives over 50% more storage than before. Apple dropped the 500 GB tier, and lowered the price of its 200GB and 1TB tier. The 200GB tier used to go for $3.99 a month and the 1TB tier used to run $19.99.

iCloud storage is now much more affordable, which is great news for those of you upgrading to higher pixel density iPhone 6s’ capable of shooting 6+ MB/s 4K videos.

What if you purchased a monthly iCloud storage plan before the update? Here’s what Apple has to say about the matter:

If you purchased a monthly plan before September 16, 2015, your account was upgraded automatically. If you’re currently on an annual plan, you’ll continue to renew annually at that rate. If you select a new monthly plan, your annual plan won’t be available to you.

International users outside of the U.S. should also check Apple’s updated page for iCloud storage pricing. Apple including pricing for multiple regions, including North America, South America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

The new plans appear to be rolling out now for most users. Which plan are you expecting to use?

  • Alex

    what will hapen if i pay the first 3 months and then dont pay next month? will everything be deleted?

    • Chris Wagers

      Great question! I’d like to know this also.

      • Nads

        No it doesn’t get deleted. Everything remains, its just that you will not be able to backup your devices and use it for anything new.

      • Chris Wagers


    • Curi0sityC0w

      Haha, that’s been bugging me for months now. Nice shoot!

  • iByron

    The pricing hasn’t updated on my phone or tablet, but there is no longer a 500GB tier available when I click “Change Storage Plan.” Presumably that will change soon enough.

    • Greg Warren

      It’ll probably become available after iOS 9 is officially released. Look for them around 1pm EST.

  • philip Mills

    what time

    • Chris Wagers

      He doesn’t know. He’s seen some people on Twitter comment they have already received emails from Apple but the changes have yet to propagate on his end.

  • ant3kn

    20GB instead 50GB

  • andyr354

    I will switch from the 20 to the 50 yearly plan. Or maybe it will do it for me here next month when it runs out?

  • Corey Lake

    I see the new pricing, however, it is $3.99 a month for the 200GB plan in the US.

  • Techsticles

    50gb for 99¢ is finally a fair price for a reasonable amount of space but I wish Apple would just bill annually because I think I would come out of pocket myself rather than explain to people why they do not have enough iCloud space every month.

    There are just too many people that do not want to pay anything and it’s a nightmare supporting users with only 5gb of iCloud backup, especially since they just get a warning that there isn’t enough space to complete a backup without ever asking them to just turn off their photos back up.

    It’d be great if at the very least, Apple would give 5gb per device on an Apple ID. Not 5GB for the whole Apple ID account. A lot of people have an iPhone and an iPad and 5gb isn’t enough.

    • Eric

      I kind of like the monthly, it’ll give me a chance to test out the service for at least a month for just a dollar 🙂

      • Techsticles

        That is a very good point. I wish they still had some discounted option to pay for the year though.

        Seeing subscriptions adding up to hundreds of dollars a month starts to hurt.

      • Eric

        True, though I’m glad that the 50 GB option would only amount to about ~$13-15 at most with tax every year. I can’t say the same for the larger storage options though 🙁

    • Andrew Breyen

      5GB per device, if only just for backups would be amazing.

  • Ryan

    What’s the free tier?

    • Still a measly 5gb

      • Ryan

        Yeah, that’s weak. Should be 50 free, 200 $0.99, 500 $2.99, 1000 $9.99.

      • 500 > 1000
        Double the storage but to triple the price?

      • Eric

        While 5 GB default is measly, 50 GB is a bit too generous (though if Apple started handing that out, sign me up).

  • I’m currently on a legacy 20gb plan that’s cheaper than the new pricing so see no reason to change plans:

  • steve miller

    Listing new plans and actually offering that to existing customers is not happening on my account>

  • ElzoRillo

    My plan has not been upgraded automatically yet!

  • ticky13

    Is there any advantage of using iCloud for photo backup over Amazon or Google Photos?

    • sh1ny

      Storage is storage. Well, except a couple of data archiving services like Amazon Glacier or Google Nearline, which are a bit specific.
      It’s worth mentioning that, while Google allows you to upload an unlimited amount of photos (of a max. of 16MP) and videos (up to 1080p) for free, it actually compresses them, making smaller in size and consequently in quality.
      In terms of pricing, though, iCloud may be not the best choice, but if you are a fellow Apple user, there’s no other way to conveniently, continuously and local storage-friendly save and keep in sync your photos and videos.
      Technically speaking, iCloud Photo Library isn’t even a backup solution, but it will do for most people. If it doesn’t, then you should already know what to do.

    • Eric

      You have a bit more privacy with iCloud for storage options, possibly with Amazon as well. Google Photos can use your photos for facial recognition, data analysis, ad targeting, etc, but it is free, so that is a huge plus.

  • Owen Reece Howarth

    I pay £0.79 in the uk, guessing this is the $0.99 equivelent. My iCloud still states 20gb and doesnt give me the option to select 50gb, just 200gb or downgrade back to 5gb. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • KariNeko

      Same for me but in Argentina.

  • sh1ny

    Russia here, new prices are live.

  • becoolyolanda

    Hey apple– 25GB@[$11.99] ≈ 50GB@.99/mo[$11.88]
    my smartphone looks pretty dumb right now – it cant do math
    why are the best, most loyal customers paying more than double?

  • Valter F. Balthazar

    I see it updated from 20GB to 50GB plan but the space still 20GB.

    • Dri

      Same here

    • Shrey Gupta


    • Same

    • sh1ny

      Your storage space will retain its capacity until next billing period, I guess.

      • Valter F. Balthazar

        I talked to to Apple support that said whoever already had the 20GB will get the 50GB automatically, the update might take more than 48hrs to roll out.

      • sh1ny

        Oh, really? I feel relieved now.
        (Well, I’m on a 200GB plan, but still…)