new iPhone 6s colors

Apple is “on pace to beat” last year’s ten million unit first-weekend record as the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are about to go on sale on September 25. Chances are that you have by now read all there is about the new iPhones and their major hardware improvements and new features.

Our non-scientific poll has indicated that most people have pre-ordered a 4.7-inch iPhone 6s with sixty-four gigabytes of storage, with Space Gray being the most popular finish. Today, we’re asking you to take another poll and tell us what specific feature of the new iPhones you happen to be looking forward the most.

The poll provides a bunch of choices from headline hardware improvements such as the new A9 processor, 3D Touch screen technology and higher-resolution cameras to evolutionary improvements like two times faster Touch ID to hardware-backed software features like Live Photos to cosmetic changes such as the stronger Series 7000 aluminum body and a new rose gold color option.

Please limit your selection to the single top feature you like the most.

Take the poll now.

And if you haven’t yet, vote in our poll asking which new iPhone model you pre-ordered. And as always, feel free to join us in the comment section to discuss your vote further.

  • vs511

    2GB of RAM.

    • kraigeriginal

      Yup. I’m not even gonna vote to skew the results.

      • Troy

        isnt that included on the A9 processor?

      • Jeffrey

        No, RAM is separate from the CPU

    • Kelvin Lieu


      • kraigeriginal


      • rockdude094

        It is …

      • Merman123

        They added it after.

    • Chinch07


    • h4nd0fg0d

      Ram-a-lama-ding-dong ftw!

    • Antzboogie

      Happy about the 2GB of RAM but Bendgate proof body is on the list too. Didn’t think it was true but it is.

    • zeman tamy

      1gb of ram on my iPhone 6 plus works flawlessly

  • iByron

    I selected “3D Touch” as the feature I liked best, but it’s not the feature that will be the most useful to me. That would be the faster processor. I’m running the latest available hardware — iPhone 6 — and still some apps load too slowly for my needs (I’m looking at you, Pro Camera and just about any camera app out there). The speed and response boost is what will provide the best service for me.

    But I still like 3D Touch.

    • Wait till ios10 makes it slow again

      • zeman tamy

        And then they will make another version of iphone that is gonna make ios 10 run it faster

    • SkyFall

      Weird, my 5s doesn’t have load problems (and when it does its usually a tweaks fault and i use icleaner pro, if you’re jailbroken i suggest you to do that). Other than that is really fast. Maybe you got a faulty unit?

      • theapple99

        How much is icleaner pro?

      • iByron

        Not jailbroken, and It’s quite probable that I’m just really demanding. To be fair and in full disclosure, I use a third-party camera (ProCamera from Cocologics). The stock camera loads and is ready to use very quickly, but doesn’t have the features I want to use (which, of course, is why Apple allows and encourages third-party development). ProCamera itself actually loads quite quickly, I just find myself in those “gotta get that shot now” situations frequently.

        Maybe I just need Google Glass for this. 😀

      • SkyFall

        Same, i use ProCam and when i really want to get a shot i find it really slow. But i think its the dev fault and not the phones, it (the app) could be more optimised to run better.

  • Martynet

    2000 Mb of RAM 🙂

    • h4nd0fg0d


  • shouldn’t this poll wait until we actually get to use the phones lol

    • Merman123

      Haha yeah maybe. When Reachability was show cased I didn’t see it practical. Now I use it so many times a day and love it. You never know until you use it.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    I like the “s” on the back of the iphone.

  • Martynet

    even better 😀

  • Merman123

    Or 2GB…

  • Joey

    2GB ram…but is it ever enough?

  • Dan

    Kind of funny that RAM is seen as a feature. Should be a given.

  • n0ahcruz3

    yes 2gb ram! although i didnt pre order.

  • Eikast

    2GB of RAM and second place being the A9 chip. Coming from an iPhone 6+, this should be quite a nice upgrade. The 6+ honestly feels like the iPad 3. Underpowered.

  • Had no interest in the upgrade until work stepped in and said they’d pay for it this time around. Then I wasn’t sure what to get, ipad pro or phone? Ultimately I went with the phone because I’m always on the go. 2gb of ram is going to be really nice! A close 2nd for me will be the camera upgrade.

  • Untethered Siri lol

    • Anonymous

      Thats a great feture…. But as a jailbreaker ive had that feture since ios8 lol so it didnt make my top. Nice to have it stock thou

      • Andrew Breyen

        I have had the untethered Siri. But it kills battery. It’ll be nice to have it native, and a battery-friendly solution.

  • Ryan

    .0002 PB

  • al7oot

    2G RAM. A9 Processor. 3D Touch

  • Humza Rizvi

    The QuickType Trackpad!!!!!

  • KP

    What about the flash on the front camera? Is that a 6s only feature?

    • Kyle McNulty – Mclovin341


      • KP

        Ugh. Was really hoping that would be an iOS 9 feature and not hardware dependent.

      • Andrew Breyen

        I’m sure there’ll be a JB tweak for this. It won’t force the screen to be brighter, cuz previous models are lacking that chip, but I’m sure something like Snapchat’s front flash could be easily added.

      • Digitalfeind

        Frontflash in Cydia.

      • ieatcalcium

        This is why I jailbreak my phones.

  • James G

    Tie between 3D Touch & that new camera!

  • Manuel Molina

    The should have added same battery life to this.

  • Skoven

    Or 1422 floppy disks!

  • Kyle McNulty – Mclovin341

    I hope the new iPhone has the same USB plug as the Apple Watch does in the UK. Much better than the previous plugs.

  • Malcolm Hall

    Wasn’t going to bother upgrading until I heard it has 2GB ram and maybe now the previous used app won’t get killed!

  • craig

    is 4k video really worth it if its stuck at 30fps?

  • @sexyhamthing

    Nothing special besides the force touch thing. 2Gbs of ram is ridiculously late to the party.

  • theapple99

    Thanks so much