iPhone 6s box

In yet another sign that we’re ridiculously close to launch, several images are now floating around the web showcasing the iPhone 6s box, complete with cover art.

The latest box art leak that I’ve seen is from @alixrezax, and it features what seems to be a Space Grey iPhone 6s. Unlike last year’s sparse white box that featured a mere embossed outline of the phone awaiting inside, this year’s model goes back to the product shot and wallpaper seen in past iPhone releases.

iPhone 6s box 2

What’s interesting about the iPhone 6s box art, if it is indeed real, is that the wallpaper isn’t like any wallpaper that we’ve seen thus far. In fact, I went back and checked up on the 15 new wallpapers included in iOS 9, and none of the wallpapers seen there are the one featured in this box shot.

Rumors have swirled regarding new motion wallpapers being added for the iPhone 6s, and given that this box includes an as-of-yet unseen piece of artwork, I’d go out on the limb and say that it’s a possibility.

This isn’t the first box art to leak into the wild. Back in August, Benjamin Mayo from 9to5Mac posted images of both the rear box label, and the front label of a white version of the upcoming iPhone 6s Plus refresh. In that image, a similar theme can be found with the wallpaper—it’s one that we haven’t seen on iOS 9.

iPhone 6s box art

And earlier today, Mitchel Broussard from MacRumors posted a similar image from an iPhone 6s label.

iPhone 6s Box art fish

Will we or won’t we see new motion wallpapers based on these leaked images? What do you say?

  • Hashtag Can’tWait

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      Hashtag WhatTheFuck

      • Wow! Calm down bruh.

      • Ángel Javier Esquivel

        Daaaaaamn. K

  • Anmol Malhotra

    My 4s needs some upgradation. :p

    • eXoguti097

      Samee mann

    • Zoheb Khan

      4 sure..

    • OneBigInFiniteJoint

      i got an iPhone 5 since day of launch but not sure if i should upgrade to 6s Plus or wait for the new design next year.

      • Tommy

        Just wait until iPhone 10. Next year you’ll ask yourself the same question and the answer will be to continue waiting. So to save the thinking, just wait for the iPhone 10.

      • OneBigInFiniteJoint

        I’ve never considered upgrading until just a few days back and this will be the first keynote i watch in 3 years. i make up my mind and get things done but haven’t made up my mind yet on this one.

    • Guy

      Wow your still using a 4s

      • sNick

        I’m on an iPhone 3GS right now. I broke my iPhone 5s by trying to switch my battery. 🙁
        Can’t wait to see the iPhone 6s.

      • Guy

        I see, that sucks

  • iOS Kush

    I’m all about new Wallpapers.. I hope they add a new batch of ringers & notifications also but knowing Apple they most likely won’t.

  • I do have a Time Machine, but I wasn’t using it then. Thanks 🙂

    • Furrnace

      FYI Jeff. I’ve refreshed my page, and it still says: ” Unlike last year’s sparse white box that featured a mere embossed ctobeutline of the phone awaiting inside, this year’s model goes back to the product shot and wallpaper seen in past iPhone releases.”

      Just wondering how that word ended up that way, “ctobeutline”.

  • Merman123

    I’ve been going for white iPhones the last three years. I think it’s time to go back to black. What do you guys think?

    • Shadowelite123

      I don’t know lol I love black screened iPhone. They appeal to me more but personally, I’d say you should go with black.

    • Alberto Espinal

      Me too but only if they go back to Space Grey

      • Gary le

        You mean “space black” hope it isnt suseptible to scratches like the 5 did.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Yes that’s what I meant, thanks for correcting me!

    • ravinigga

      I like to see black And gold.

      • T. Allen

        I truly thought I was the only one who wanted to see that. Black phone, gold back, gold home button. Surprised they hadn’t come with that yet.

      • Anonymous

        I had one, i had a third party put on the black screen. But it didnt have the gold ring of course. But it still was prtty sweet.

      • T. Allen

        Thinking about doing that myself this go round if Apple doesn’t (not holding my breath).

      • Anonymous

        The best part is telling people you got a custom one from apple because your tim cooks nephew/niece. Lol. XD

    • I’v always gone with the white too but that’s because of the aluminum body, not the white front. Would have rather seen an aluminum body with a black front which blends better with the screen (also when it’s off.) I don’t want to lose the nice aluminum body so I got no choice but to go with the silver model each time.

    • Tommy

      I’ve always chose white over black but since the 5s, I’ve always chose black over white. It just looks sleeker. Especially on the front where the bloody thick bezels up down left and right are fuckin huge. The black panel kinda hides these.

  • SkyFall

    That space grey color looks better than the current one.


    • George

      16gb makes me want to throw up.

      • SkyFall

        Same, although if you think it’s a genius move from Apple. They know that not many want the 16 GB so most will spend 100$ to get the 64. The ones who are winners though are the people who bought the 32 and 64.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you on that. But i think it also a way for apple to condition users into using cloud servies.

      • SkyFall

        Yeah, however i think sooner or later they’ll make the base storage 20 GB due to competition from Dropbox and Google. Which is a win win situation.

      • Anonymous

        Im down for extra cloud stoage, already pay a dollar for twenty gig, ill take 15 more. =]

      • Except to use cloud services you still need to download the document or file to edit (unless your using an entirely cloud based system such as Google Docs) which means you still need a bunch of free storage space and still need to buy additional storage…

    • SkyFall

      In addition this:

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Goin from a 6 to an s plus, just gimme the ram.

  • Johnny Clulow

    Is that a Rose Gold iPhone I spy?

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Apple will tell you what you want. Not vise versa.

  • Joseph Apodaca

    Hey those antenna bands look like they are gone!!!

    • johnsm

      it is still there on the image..

  • rockdude094

    No leaks on the C-model ? maybe the iPhone 6 will be this years C-Model

  • Already ordered one 6s+ (at my job)

    • Noe padilla

      Know any details about the phone?

  • Nabeel Hammad

    IPhone always think different I love it

    I’m waiting for iPhone 6s after launch of 6

  • Manuel Molina

    What the hell? It looks the exact same! 🙂 Lets see how force touch will be.

    • Pro Tip: The ‘s’ models always look exactly the same as their predecessor 😉

  • mrgerbik

    you forgot battery…

  • Tom

    We need sd card mac already toke out dvd drive from all macbooks and macbook pro

  • Tell me more about the PRODUCT man, not the PACKAGING -_-

  • haha

  • iPhoneWINS

    very feminine..