OS X El Capitan

Apple on Wednesday released the seventh OS X El Capitan beta to developers. The new build is available to registered developers via the Updates section of the Mac App Store or through Apple’s Developer Center.

Today’s update comes just over two weeks after Apple pushed out the sixth beta of OS X El Capitan, and well over two months after its initial release in early June during Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference.

Most of the changes in recent El Capitan betas have been under-the-hood adjustments, rather than significant visual tweaks. And that’s really the theme of the overall update—a focus on reliability and performance.

There will be some user-facing changes, though, such as a revamped Mission Control with a new Split Screen mode and enhanced Spotlight features. There’s also a new system-wide font in El Capitan called San Francisco.

We’re installing today’s beta now, and will report back with any major changes. It seems Apple has also made the fifth public beta available again, after pulling it yesterday, so be sure to let us know if we missed anything!

  • sirgeorge

    Just got the fifth public beta on my Mac!

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Is there any new iOS 9 betas

    • Dzey

      I think no, it will be golden master soon.

      • Chris Wagers

        I hope not I’m having glitches still including safari not switching back out of landscape mode. I can’t reproduce it enough consistently to send a good report. Hopefully someone else has had better luck with it.

      • Dzey

        I hope to but it will be same changes. Bur another keynote will be soon. So lets wait 🙂

      • Dzey

        Actually i am waiting for new macbook pro 15 inch.

  • Chase Wharram

    Woohoo… It’s downloading now…

  • Stijn

    new wallpaper!

  • Brian

    The public beta that dropped today has fixed all of my RAM issues that El Capitan caused. My system was swapping a lot of RAM and now it’s not. Finally.

  • Alex

    Same copy paste outline as every other update and never any details on what’s changed. Lame

    • Golicza Alpár

      Yeah, they would report back if there were any major changes. Major! Apple is patching bugs and changing everything under the hood. 🙂 Nothing major. Maybe the new general icon was the only major since the keynote. ;D

      • Alex

        Look back at the old posts and you’ll see they never report back on these

      • Golicza Alpár

        Because I don’t remember any major change. Apple showed us everything major in the keynote nothing new, just fixing things to get them work as they should. Maybe they could report back how apple has changed the way usbs are handled or that they rewrote the accessibility panel. Who is interested in it? Developers. They know this. Public beta is out to get more people report back on small bugs to make the final release more bug free.

      • Alex

        I suppose, but for iOS betas, idownload shows the small changes between betas. I’m just saying. I must check back on these beta blog entries multiple times a week hoping to see what’s changed or how stable one version is to another. Does stuff not run in one beta, but then it does in another (sometimes they report this on iOS betas). Did they change the design of something from one beta to another or remove or add something? If you’re going to say you will report back, report back. Your readers check these over and over hoping for something.

  • iOS Kush

    I thought I was already running the San Fran font? since I beta 1? I have it on my Jailbroken phone but I sworn they were the same.