Benuo Leather iPhone 6 Case

If your fashion sense sits firmly in mid-century design, you may be more interested in a vintage look than Apple’s modern minimalist look. It doesn’t mean you can’t have both.

Benuo makes a Leather Folio Flip case out of genuine grain leather with a retro theme that makes your iPhone look like it belongs in an episode of Mad Men.

The case is designed specifically for the iPhone 6 and has a molded backside that snaps onto the device. There are cutaways for all ports and buttons and a hole on the back for the back-facing camera.

The cover flips over to protect the iPhone screen and a small magnetic clasp keeps it in place. The whole front cover is made from double layered vintage leather. Since it is grain leather, you will be able to see as the case transform with wear into a distressed look that Indiana Jones would be envious of.

The retro brown and red models have the best vintage design. However, there are three additional cases from Benuo with a similar look that come with card slots on the front for convenient wallet style use.

Benuo’s Leather Folio Flip case comes in brown, red, and white and range in price from $22 to $27, depending on the style and color you want. There is also a series for the iPhone 6 Plus for $34 that includes a kickstand feature.

  • Signal

    I suggest stay away from that case.just received mine yesterday and it is a piece of junk.. its a full Carton thing… the texture on the Photo is not the same as in real…

    • askep3

      What’s a full carton thing

    • Jacob S

      I wouldn’t even bother to try this one after seeing their stitch quality on the front cover. By looking at the picture itself I can say that they haven’t used any quality material. Yuck! Does not have any “Apple” standard!

  • JG

    Yup – Stay away from this case, it’s really difficult to text or hold the phone with your left hand because of the way the case is deisgned. If they’re able to correct this issue, and the weak magnet the case would be PERFECT.

  • Yellowrose624

    Well, sorry folks but I have to disagree with you. Received mine this week and am more than pleased with it. My mother was a custom seamstress and the hand leatherwork on this case is lovely. No problem with either holding to talk or text . Magnet, thank you no. Have demagnetized too many cards with that “functionality”. Color is lovely, and to be honest, I have already gotten multiple compliments on the case. So pleased with my purchase and sorry that two of you weren’t.