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Did you purchase your current iPhone 6 for $15 per month through T-Mobile’s JUMP! On Demand trade-in program? If so, you’ll be automatically eligible for a free upgrade to Apple’s ‘iPhone 6s’—or whatever it will be called when it’s released this fall.

In addition to permitting its Simple Choice customers to listen to their favorite songs on Apple Music without taking a byte of their monthly 4G LTE data, carrier T-Mobile today announced that iPhone customers participating in said upgrade plan will be able to get their hands on Apple’s next-gen handset without paying anything to upgrade or increasing their monthly JUMP! On Demand payment.

The promotional offer applies automatically to everyone who already got an iPhone for $15 per month via the JUMP! On Demand trade-in program. Qualifying credit is required.

“When customers are ready to upgrade, they walk into a store, hand over their existing iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and walk out with an upgraded iPhone – nothing out of pocket and no increase in monthly cost,” said the carrier.

If your monthly iPhone payment is already less than $15, you won’t be eligible for this offer nor will you get to keep your current monthly price when you upgrade.

T-Mobile lays out who precisely is eligible to take advantage of this offer:

  • This offer applies to anyone who has purchased iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus with JUMP! On Demand at the promotional rate.
  • Customers with qualifying credit can get a new phone with JUMP! On Demand for zero upfront cost and they can upgrade to another smartphone whenever they want, up to three times per year, with zero cost at upgrade and zero fees.
  • Customers without qualifying credit can get a new phone with JUMP! On Demand with an upfront payment similar to regular financing.

And if you choose to upgrade to an ‘iPhone 6s’ or ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ within the first 48 hours of their availability, T-Mobile will treat you to priority shipping “So you’ll be among the very first to get your brand new phone when we have inventory.” Here’s T-Mobile CEO John Legere delivering the announcement in his trademark presentation style.

If you aren’t a T-Mobile customer but plan on becoming one and want to be eligible for the free iPhone 6s upgrade, you’ll need to buy your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus before Labor Day, meaning through September 8, in order to lock in the $15 per month JUMP! On Demand price for the next iPhone model.

“Take in your current device and get an amazing price on iPhone 6 now, then upgrade to a new comparable iPhone later this year for the same price,” reads the blurb.

T-Mobile iPhone upgrade promo image 001

The iPhone offer details are available on T-Mobile’s website.

This promotion is in-store only.

Apple usually refreshes iPhones in September and this year should be no different so we’re assuming the next iPhone will be launching in the usual fall timeframe.

Today’s iPhone 6s upgrade offer, along with the addition to Apple Music to Music Freedom, marks the last of T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier Amped moves this summer.

Source: T-Mobile

  • Al

    AT&T your up next!

    • Mark

      Fat chance

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      lol thats what I’m saying! Although I got mine last year…should still count, right? 🙂

  • Montgomery Tyler

    John pleassssseee save me from AT&T!!!!!!!

  • askep3

    Sorry I’m cofused, but how is this different from their normal jump on demand? Couldn’t you do this anyways?

    • Shinonuke

      We regular jump program, you make monthly payment just like jump on demand. The two main difference that I know of is the amount of time you’re able to upgrade is more on Jump on-demand. The second difference is with Jump on-demand you will locked in a lease for 18 months. You’re not allowed to pay off the balance if you wanted to. If you want to pay off the phone, then you have to breach the lease contract and that comes with a termination fee. After the 18 month, your lease contract is over so you have two choices: return the phone to T-Mobile and own nothing or pay off the remaining balance and keep the phone. With the iPhone, paying $15 for 18 months = $270. Then to own the iPhone, you’ll pay $190 to keep the iPhone. The grand total is $460. That’s $190 discount for the iPhone.

      • sixty1seconds

        Do you know that if we upgrade to the 6s, the 18 month contract restarts again ( as per upgrade ) or does it continue the previous 18 month that was from the 6.

        Because someone told me that on this plan, every time you upgrade the 18 months start over again so I’m not sure if that goes into the promotion for the 6s “free” upgrade as well.

      • Shinonuke

        okay, I signed up in June for my iPhone 6. Let’s say that the 6s comes out in Sept and I want it, then I turn my iPhone 6 in and get the 6s. the old contract disappears (you don’t have to pay the balance just like the previous Jump program) and a new 18 months starts all over again.

        I am planning on jumping. I think of it like I am renting a brand new phone for $15/month. Upgrade to 6s when it comes outs. People pay $650 for an iPhone run sells it for $400-$450 later. That’s a $150-$200 lost and have to deal with craigslisters. Best part, I don’t have to pay the $9 or $10/mo like with ATT

      • askep3

        I meant the difference between having an iPhone 6 and upgrading to the 6s without using jump on demand but not this offer (like any other jump on demand upgrade), or if you DO use this offer.

        And I’m pretty sure you can pay off the phone any time you want?

      • Shinonuke

        I asked that before I signed up in jump On-demand. I had to sign the contract that showed a termination fee. However, the guy that was helping me told me that everyone is pretty confused about the new program and are still learning it.

      • askep3

        What is the termination fee, when you want to stop jump can’t you just pay off the rest of the phone and own it?

      • Shinonuke

        I have to look at the paperwork. Don’t know it off hand. You can pay off the phone, but there will be an early termination fee along with breaching the 18/mo contract

      • askep3

        Oh ok, thanks anyways, so other than that termination fee the service seems pretty good, way better than the origianal jump

      • vbtwo31984

        If you terminate before the 18 months are up, you have to pay off the remainder payments and return the device (or pay the extra amount to buy it out in addition to the lease payments). They do not give you any discounts on the lease payments if you return it early, you must pay up the lease payments. So if you need to cancel service early, you’re better off just buying it out as then you at least get to keep the phone and can sell it as opposed to paying like 80% of the cost and giving it back to them.

        Also, the $15/month offer doesn’t actually lease you the phone for $15/month. You lease it for $27/month and then they provide a $12 credit on your bill. So if you cancel, you’ll have to pay off the remaining payments at $27/month as they won’t give you the credit if you cancel the service.

      • askep3

        So if I got a 64 GB iPhone 6 I would pay $19 a month right?

      • vbtwo31984

        No. Just did it. You pay $100 up-front and then pay the same like 16 gb iPhone monthly. I assume for 128 gb version you would pay $200 up-front, and still pay the same monthly.

      • askep3

        ok so in this case you credit history doesn’t matter? and more importantly: will I have to pay another $100 as down payment when I switch out for the next iPhone?

      • vbtwo31984

        Credit history shouldn’t matter any more than on the 16 gb version.

        This is from their site:

        We will lock today’s monthly payment amounts for each model available for JUMP! On Demand before September 8th ($15/mo for iPhone 6 or $19/mo for iPhone 6 Plus). Customers will have access to these promotional monthly payment amounts for upgrades later this year. Some higher memory variants may require an additional upfront amount.

        So it looks like you’d have to pay $100 again, or maybe they mean you’d have to pay that for the current phone. Nobody knows!

      • askep3

        I see what you’re saying, the deal says that you can just “switch out your iPhone 6 for the next iPhone”, so technically you shouldn’t have to pay any more, but if I do this I’ll just ask the person I buy the phone from to see if I will have to make another down payment (I doubt it), otherwise I’ll just get a 16 GB now and switch out for the 64 iPhone and pay the $100 then

    • vbtwo31984

      The regular price for the iPhone on Jump on Demand is $27/month. They are saying that they will continue the promotional price of $15/month if you upgrade from iPhone 6 to the next iPhone.

      • askep3

        Thank you, that’s what I was asking!

  • Eddie Hines

    OK what if i have the old Jump Plan Iphone 6+? will they make me pay off the entire phone before moving to the jump on demand program?

    • askep3

      Take a look at their website it says something about that

      • Eddie Hines

        They say they will give me their value of the phone off as teh trade in then i will have to pay the difference

      • askep3

        I think somebody said that it would be better to pay off the phone and then sell it in some cases

    • Shinonuke

      Yes, the new jump on demand program isn’t for existing members. After you pay off your 6+, then you can get on the jump on demand

  • Rupinder

    T-Mobile is killing the game right now. I just wish they had better coverage so calls wouldn’t drop so often. I hate AT&T right now.