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U.S. carrier AT&T is going to increase activation fee for both contract subscribers and new Next customers, Droid-Life reported Wednesday. Upgrade fee will rise to $45 for those signing up for a one or two-year contract versus the previous $40 activation fee, the publication has learned from sources. As if that weren’t enough, the carrier will impose an all-new $15 activation fee on Next and Bring-Your-Own-Phone customers beginning August 1.

“Going forward after August 1, should you choose to sign-up for a new contract to receive a discounted phone, you will pay $5 more than you used to,” explains the article.

This doesn’t look good as Verizon, which typically has one of highest contract upgrade fees in the industry, currently charges $40 in upgrade fee cost.

As for the AT&T Next installment plant, new customers will have to pay a one-time $15 activation fee beginning August 1. This is another major disappointment as AT&T Next currently doesn’t cost a dime to start the plan.

The new fee will also apply to those who bring their own device and sign-up for a new line of service, said Droid-Life.

The carrier will reportedly waive the $15 fee for current Next customers who have an active installment plan prior to August 1 on their next upgrade. On the other hand, this policy is subject to change so grandfathered Next customers could easily be slapped with the $15 fee anytime during their upgrade cycle.

Source: Droid-Life

  • Greedy baboons..

  • Costs them nothing to flip a switch, activation fees are all ripoff. That money goes straight to their pockets and has nothing to do with you being their customer. All the more reason why I refuse to buy the next iPhone. Too many new fees and changes to policies all for more cash when they can’t even get their acts together and make good on promises they previously said.

    • Shadowelite123

      Its funny how this article makes no mention of the iPhone. Android fanboy?

      • What?

      • Shadowelite123

        Some guy was saying that the At&t thing was for iPhones and then he started saying that iPhones are like the worst phones or something. I literally forgot what he said in specific lol, but yea.

      • Oh that makes sense. Funny it must have been edited because When I read it it had nothing to do with iPhones and now its deleted lol.

      • Shadowelite123

        lol yea

    • Cho

      Well u don’t have to buy an iPhone.

  • iPhoneWINS

    i will be getting this BS waived like i always

  • Montgomery Tyler

    As of August 1, I will be leaving at&t!!!

    • Merman123

      For five dollars? Lol

      • Montgomery Tyler

        They are doing more to me than just five bucks lol.

      • Brent Shelton

        It’s crazy to have to pay $40 or $45 just for the privilege of getting a new phone, especially when you are agreeing to another two year contract. It’s ridiculous.

        Might actually look into T-Mobile. Been bitching about all this AT&T/Verizon BS for way too long.

    • But you already have it activated. This only hurts new activations.

      • Montgomery Tyler

        True, but At&t is doing everybody in the boody lol

      • Blip dude

        Verizon did more things to me in the boody (Metaphorically speaking, of course), than AT&T. At least AT&T is kind enough to keep my service activated even though it’s 2 months overdue because I’ve been unemployed and just now found a job. All companies will screw consumers over, just some less than others.

      • Montgomery Tyler

        I do give At&t that for being able to let you keep the phone service for two months without pay. I feel that they shouldn’t over price for the somewhat bad service.

      • Brent Shelton

        My understanding from the article is that it is any time you start a new contract (like a new 2 year agreement for discounted equipment). And also, Next now has a $15 activation fee.


      • Yes.

  • Jon20

    I guess they are trying to make back their money after the payouts they had to make recently. They are getting to be too much. They want to nickel and dime you for everything. Bastards!!! Which carriers do you guys recommend other than them?

    • Anonymous


      • Jon20

        Would I have to turn in my iPhone and have to get a new one from T-Mobile?

      • Anonymous

        No not necessarily all you’ll have to do is unlock your current phone. You’ll want to talk to an AT&T representative to see how that process will work. More than likely you’ll need to have paid off the phone in full and fulfill your contract . Then legal they have to unlock your phone.

    • Shadowelite123

      I would recommend Cricket Wireless. No contracts or any hidden fees in your bill. The only catch is that you either have to buy their phones full price, or finance one outside of Cricket. Cricket uses At&ts cellular networks so you get the same coverage with slightly slower high speed data speeds. Really the only carrier, of the ones I’ve tried, that doesn’t screw you over. At&t kept slowly raising my bill amount and t-mobile kept lying to us and giving use extra bills. They also kept raising our bill amount. Plus their whole “uncarrier” movement is a hoax. Unless you bring in your own phone, they have unofficial contracts. Finance a phone and you HAVE to stay with their service or else the remaining phone balance will be billed immediately. At least with At&t you can cancel service and continue paying the phone without service on it.

    • Shadowelite123

      Oh and if you take your At&t iPhone to cricket, it doesn’t have to be unlocked. My 5S which is locked to At&t works perfectly on Cricket. Must be because it still uses the At&t cellular networks.

  • Jamessmooth

    I wonder if this is for HD calling? I just noticed it was activated today on some phones! It’s weird cause it’s only certain iPhones 6’s

    • White Michael Jackson

      They will never add the feature until they find a way to make us pay for it.

      • Jamessmooth

        I seriously think they flipped the switch! I called two other iPhone 6’s today and it was crystal clear as s%#>!

  • burge

    You pay for activation ? WTF is not paying for the contract/device enough.

  • Julio Hernandez

    Glad I left AT&T for T-Mobile. Gonna enjoy $70 a month instead of $144 a month.

    • Montgomery Tyler

      Thats where im going beginning of August 1

    • Shadowelite123

      At Cricket Wireless you can enjoy the At&t coverage for half of t-mobiles costs and more bang for your buck. Just a couple months they had a special where you get 20GB of high speed data, unlimited data but throttled after the 20GB, unlimited talk and text, for only $55 per month on the auto pay option. Without auto pay its just $60.

  • AnoNymou5

    Greedy basters. Doing that right before September, because they know the new iPhone is coming out the month after and taking advantage.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Wow, you don’t get any of that here with European carriers. In fact, carriers here in Europe have been offering low-cost contractless subscriptions for the past couple of years, we don’t pay nearly as much as what American subscribers do. With my carrier I’m paying €19.99/month (~$22/month) for a SIM-only unlimited calls to any operator in the country (including landlines across Europe, North America, and 30 other destinations), unlimited texts/MMS, free texting to and from any destination in Europe free of charge, 3GB of 4G data per month (after that it’s throttled) and free tethering/personal hotspot included. Every carrier here offers the same/similar package and I’m with the 2nd/3rd largest carrier in the country. And I can cancel anytime I want free of charge, no commitments no cancellation fees no “pay what you still owe us nonsense”, What these carriers in the U.S. charge their customers seems just exorbitant.

  • James G

    US customers, join T-Mobile. Say goodbye to the AT&T/Verizon tyranny!

    I love T-Mobile.

    • U Kn0w What 1t 1s

      Just tried them out on a 14 day trial… I have to say that the service is sub-par to ATT. I always had 1 or 2 bars and rarely had LTE on my iPhone 6+. They said they had “new towers” in my area and I should have no issues. I chose to return my t-mobile devices and stick with ATT

      • Shadowelite123

        Thats because t-mobile coverage is mediocre. They flash the fancy uncarrier nonsense and then hit you with hidden fees, less coverage, and secret contracts.

      • James G

        Good on you for trying. I did the same and it blew away ATT. It’s different by markets I guess.

        Still, T-Mobile is doing all the right things.

    • Shadowelite123

      Nah I’m good with cricket. I get better coverage than t-mobile does for half the price and better service.

  • Jerry

    Im sure Verizon will soon follow. I’m convinced they work together

  • White Michael Jackson

    There are absolutely no perks being with AT&T. Before it was because they had the iPhone. Now? Nothing.

    • Nicholas Oldroyd

      How about good price and really fast speeds?

      I get 40Mbit down and 20Mbit up on my iPhone where I live on ATT and I am paying $50/mo total and still have an unlimited data plan. Pretty good to be with ATT if you ask me.

      • White Michael Jackson

        Great, you’re one of the 1% of users that still have unlimited. Why even respond if you can’t speak for the majority?

      • Nicholas Oldroyd

        Why would I try to speak for others? That’s rude. I speak only for myself because that’s all I can guarantee and do.

        Source that only 1% of users have unlimited?

        Most people I know are still on unlimited with ATT. Many of my friends, family, and relatives.

      • Owen

        How do you manage to only pay $50/mo? I’m on the unlimited plan too and I pay a little over $60…and even that’s including a 24% discount I get.

      • Nicholas Oldroyd

        Well the main plan is $60/mo for what is called FamilyTalk 700. We have 5 lines on it and it’s $10 more to add each line so with 5 lines its $100 which we split 5 ways to make $20 per person. Then each person can have their own data plan. I have the unlimited for $30 plan so that makes $50.

        There are some tax and fees sure, but I have a 15% discount that I get and that more than cancels those out anyway so I just say $50 cause that’s what the cost of the plan itself is.

        I’m the account owner. My parents are on the plan too and they don’t even want data so they just pay $20/mo each and that’s it. Everyone is getting a pretty good deal.

  • Benjamin J Schwartz

    This is the kinda of stuff that reminds me it may be a good time to leave AT&T. Then I remember that I hit 5GB of data use two days into my cycle, after some lite Netflix use on a trip, and then I remembered how that no longer throttles my grandfathered unlimited plan. And that’s why AT&T knows they can keep on screwing me over, yet I won’t leave. I’m like an abused puppy that can’t help but coming running back home.

  • Nicholas Oldroyd

    Meh, activation fees are for suckers anyway. I always call up after and get them waived.

  • Tracey Pruitt

    I don’t understand how persons may neglect to spot the hypocrisy of what she says. Colbert only slightly organized a noose and she pushed her head in it. I think that was the real elegance of this idiot identity, it created people ignore him.