Space SHIFT2 splash

Continuing the Wallpapers of the Week section, today we feature another set of images in a popular category. Based on trends, comments, and social shares, we triangulate preferred themes and genres. Repeatedly, galaxy and space images rank among the very top, aside from Apple event wallpapers.

Inside, you will find three different space wallpapers for your iOS devices and one for desktop. Additionally, a back link to previously posted similar images is included to help you find the rest. Step inside for the downloads. 

Space wallpapers

The first image, titled “Space Shift 2” is created by photographer and graphic artist Maik Fischer. You can find him via Twitter @MikailDesign or view his gallery on Deviant Art. The remaining two images were sourced from around the web.


Download: iPhone; iPad; desktop (2880 x 1800)


Download: iPhone; iPad

Wallpapers by @RetinaiPadWalls on twitter

Download: iPhone; iPad

A back log of galaxy wallpapers can be found at the link below

Galaxy splash

Visit: February 22, 2015


The Wallpaper of the Week section is comprised of images we stumble our way into and walls submitted directly by users. To have your images or findings considered, please contact me via Twitter @jim_gresham! Without your help, the section would not exist!

  • Scope

    Sexy Macbook wallpaper. Here’s some of mine too

    • Pavan


  • norbi2010

    What’s the name of the CC tweak and the NC weather widget?

    • Jonathan

      I know the NC weather widget is Wunderground.

  • Alberto Espinal

    Here are mine, they have nothing to do with today’s ones but i wanted to share some of mine

    • These look like lenovo’s wallpapers. Indeed lenovo is copying apple.

    • throttle clutch e brake


  • all setup plz

  • Elias

    How did you get your CC to look so minmal and cool?


  • This one works mighty fine on the Watch

  • Quang

    Hey you make me want to jailbreak my phone again :/

    • Matt

      It’s an app on the AppStore called ‘Weather Underground” is free and that’s the widget 🙂

  • deneme

    Whats your icons i love them

    • Matt

      A theme called ‘Muze’

  • askep3

    What’s the theme and lock screen widget you are using, also, could you post just your wallpaper. Thanks!

  • Gian518

    C’mon, dude, we want the complete setup! 😀

  • Rayon

    Wallpaper please

  • DtownBlogger

    Hey man would you mind sharing the setup… Thanks!

  • Here’s some of mine…

  • Chris Ryan

    the tweak for that is NC Date Customizer

  • Dude! Just tell me the all the tweaks you have installed. JUST TELL ME or SEND ME YOUR iPHONE! 😀

  • I CANT WAIT *.* *just don’t forget*

  • waiting for Matt to write list like *literally*

    • Matt

      Ha ha. Just posted it and now gotta wait till iDB approves the comment because I added links for repos.

  • throttle clutch e brake

    This isn’t r/iosthemes

  • throttle clutch e brake

    I’ll be sure to check it out. Oh by the way, muze sure is sleek looking!

    • Matt

      Definitely. My favorite theme since Nanna!

      • throttle clutch e brake

        Did you hear about space blueberry being updated for iOS 8?
        It has a little looks of Muze come to think of it

  • gezaim

    Just jailbroke and lovin it!

    • tnargus

      Hi mate. The 4×4 setup for your icons. Iconoplasm? Mine isn’t as tight as yours. Is yours an iPhone 6 or 6+?

      Also, love the status bar icons. Share?

      • gezaim

        iPhone 6. I used iBlank to create 4 blank icons on the top row and Android Solid for the status bar.

  • Malus

    That second image looks stretched. It doesn’t have the clarity of a non-upscaled image. Disappointing. I really like it.

  • norbi2010

    Thanks for taking your time to write all this, I appreciate it. 🙂

  • Jonathan

    Wooooooo I’m copying this and reading it later xD
    So adding your CC though.

  • Mark

    I would like to find the left one

    • Mark

      Im also trying to find the right

  • very BAD

  • !!

  • Wiliams Medina

    Wallpaper please 🙁

    • Matt

      Oh sorry.

      • Wiliams Medina