Android Solid WiFi Cell

After my last few screenshots and videos, I’ve received numerous questions on Twitter, via email, and via the comments section about my status bar icons. More specifically, people are dying to know how I was able to get those cool-looking Android L-inspired cellular signal and Wi-Fi signal icons.

These icons are added to the status bar by means of a WinterBoard theme downloadable for free from Cydia. In this post, I’ll show you how you can add them to your iPhone.

To get these awesome looking status bar icons, open Cydia and search for Android Solid, which is a free download. Once you download it, you may need to reboot if you don’t already have WinterBoard.

Android Solid Cell WiFi Cydia

Open the Settings app, and find the WinterBoard preference panel. Find the Android Solid entries, and check both WiFi and Cell. There are also two condensed versions, but I prefer the look of the normal versions. You can use condensed if you prefer.

WinterBoard Android Solid

One you enable the two themes, tap the back button and tap respring. Once you do, you should see the new Android L-styled Wi-Fi and cellular signal meters in your status bar.

Android Solid Lock screen

Again, Android Solid is a free theme available right now on Cydia. Have you tried out this theme, or do you plan to do so? Do you think it looks better than the stock icons?

  • This looks so sexy!

  • Nirvana

    Thanks Jeff, I was about to ask that! ;D

  • Harold Goco

    And what font are you using?!

    • Ubuntu Light

      • Harold Goco

        Thank you! 😀

      • Favna

        ubuntu light forever and ever!!

      • Mark Tesch

        What’s the name of the theme in the screenshots you used?

  • MrJohnBlaze

    Using it for my storm trooper theme hell yes

  • deepdvd

    Just get the Bars tweak instead. It’s not worth it if you aren’t already using Winterboard

    • Chris Tangler

      bars has this look?

      • deepdvd

        Touché. My comment was for those that just want a smaller signal meter.

  • MrJohnBlaze


    • whats your lockscreen tweaks? sorry for the bad english..

      • kespiritu

        Yeah dude what lock screen tweaks do you use?

      • trove

        It’s SubtleLock

      • Shingo

        its 8.4 compatible?

      • MrJohnBlaze

        i use subtle lock and lockglyph thats the storm stropper lock glyph with sound

    • font?

      • MrJohnBlaze


      • Ángel Javier Esquivel

        Nope, ubuntu light

      • MrJohnBlaze

        its baumans i only use 3 fonts baumans,neo sans and architects daughter

    • Favna

      From what theme do you get the circles? I’m seeing some great potential here that I could match with already somewhat modified Ayeris.

      • MrJohnBlaze


  • Tylor Jackson

    This looks good. Should be add android for battery theme 🙁

  • port87

    no zeppelin?

  • Edgar Barrera

    Lockscreen Clock?

  • besrate hogsa

    imo most winterboard themes still need work to work in ios 8.4
    so i don’t mess with works-ish winterboard

  • leart

    yeah it looks good, not sure it worth since the winterboard will short the battery life at least 30% less

    • MrJohnBlaze

      Winterboard has never noticeably shortened my battery and I’ve Been jailbreaking since the iphone 4 my iphone 6 plus still gets a day and half 2 day battery

      • leart

        do some research, dont use your new 6+as measure for all devices

      • MrJohnBlaze

        i’m using the 5 different iphones i’ve had and jailbroken over the past 5 years as measure and have seen no difference

      • leart

        well what to say, you must be very lucky, i don’t remembered the exact number of iphone i had battery drain, and the most people i know personally had the same issue

  • Mark Tesch

    Excellent, what overall theme is it that you use?

  • FCBKris

    Jeff, why not make a “what’s on my jailbroke iPhone” video. I believe it’s something we would all appreciate 🙂

  • AnoNymouz

    Why aren’t you using the link to Cydia tweaks? I hate having to search for it.

  • Behrad

    Im use it for 2weeks ago … Really nice with rearrange it …

    • roger

      Alkaline theme ?

      • Behrad

        Its kitkatbatterycharge for lithium not alkaline

      • Paul Edmund

        I’m not seeing this in the default repos. Thanks.

      • Behrad

        You can also install kitkat battery themes for lithium

      • roger


  • Varun Soi

    Simple one looks better 🙂

    • MrJohnBlaze

      is that alkaline theme working for the 6 plus yeti miss it

      • Varun Soi

        I’m sorry, but i don’t know it’s working for iphone 6 plus or not i’ve iphone 5s!

  • queenren

    What is the name of that theme?

    • Behrad

      Ace ios9

      • queenren

        Thank you!

  • jgr627

    And in real news no disrespect to the site Jeff but #LongLiveStockiOS

  • Abdul

    whats the theme called??

  • Jhared

    What’s the name of the theme ?

  • Paul Edmund

    Can you name the font?

    • Behrad

      San farncisco for ios 8
      Google it for the repo

      • Paul Edmund

        I installed the repo, but the font wasn’t there.

  • bln

    great thanks a lot for this… i love the wifi icon 🙂

  • Glen Ramalingam

    What was the background you used? It looks really nice! The green is great!

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Jeff, can you pls do a video on iWidgits. I wanna know what clock and weather widget you used in one of your 50 JB tweak video. You mentioned iWidgets but didn’t tell the name of the one you using for clock and weather on home screen. Thank you

  • Love this tweak. Thanks for the post!