Cydia restart springboard

What a week that was! Not so much in terms of jailbreak tweaks, but rather by the surprise release of the TaiG jailbreak, which pretty much came out of nowhere, although we knew progress was made on the iOS 8.3 jailbreak.

We’ve covered TaiG extensively with many tutorials to use the tool on Windows and Mac, so make sure to check these out if you’re looking into jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad.

As far as tweak releases go, this week was pretty meager, but all of them are free, so go at it.

Disable WhatsApp Call Vibration: does what its name suggests (free)

House Arrest Fix: allows you to access all app containers via USB (free)

IconSash: adds a little new/update tag to apps that were recently downloaded or updated (free)

InterAccess: shows an icon in the Status Bar telling whether or not there is Wi-Fi available (free)

Kepo: defaults the Phone app launch to the dial keypad (free)

LandscapeProximity: use proximity sensor in landscape mode (free)

MultipleReturnToSender: send quick replies by tapping the return key several times (free)

No Caller ID Blocker: block all calls from unknown callers (free)

NoNewMark 8: disables the blue dot next to apps recently installed (free)

What are your picks?

  • BEDU

    Any new info on 8.4GM being compatible with TaiG 2.1.3?

    • RandomAwesomeGuy

      8.4 is not on GM yet, it is still on beta 4.

      • Shakur Ali

        Gm on Tuesday

      • Drsmsak

        Can any one help me. I want to Lock iPhone with both passcode and Touch ID at same time

      • Jeremy

        Apple does this by default already. You either unlock with Touch ID or your passcode. If you want it to just lock with Touch ID then there is an option available for that through the tweak BioProtect.

    • wswalex

      should be ok, jb was on TaiG2.0 o the 8.4 beta ( dunno which beta), a hong kong chinese did it in 10 min.. i guess 8.4 might be jailbreakable too

  • Kepo

  • MrJohnBlaze

    I’m glad i can finally read these articles now that I’m Jailbroken again

  • trove

    Anyone got IMN to work on iOS 8.3?

  • Murat Koçyiğit

    come on.springtomise still needs an update

    • Eliijah Moss

      The main developer isn’t working on it… But, he said a friend is. Should be 8.3 compatible soon.

  • Drsmsak

    How to Lock iPhone with both passcode and Touch ID at same time

    • Erick Aranda

      go to settings, then touch ID & passcode and then turn passcode on below. Also use the top 3 options for touch ID to work WITH passcode. Hope this helps.

      • Drsmsak

        sir can you elaborate, i mean i want to lock my iPhone With passcode as well as with Touch ID. Upon unlocking, it should ask for a touch id and after successfully applying, it should again ask for a passcode. Is it possible?

      • Erick Aranda

        I see what you mean. Unfortunately thats not possible. It unlocks with passcode or TouchID but it only requires one. Sorry.

      • You’re really that worried someone took the very long time to replicate your fingerprint?? lmao

  • Fbyrd75

    Where can I find No Caller ID Blocker?

    • Erick Aranda

      Big Boss repo its default with Cydia

      • Fbyrd75

        Awesome…thanks. Had to do the complete upgrade before it showed up. Thanks again.

      • Erick Aranda

        no problem

  • n0m0n

    A while back a tweak was released that let you set different sounds per apps.
    Does anyone remember the name of the tweak?

    • Khalid Tahhan

      Customnotificationsound all one word

      • n0m0n

        Thank you

  • No Caller ID Blocker has to be one of the best tweaks out there. I have never understood why there isn’t a default Apple setting to enable this feature.
    Yeah I could get iBlacklist but it is bulky and don’t need all the bells and whistles

  • When I first read the headline I thought, “Are they really promoting Cydown on here?!” lol