TaiG 2.1.3 Untether

For those of you already jailbroken when TaiG 2.1.3 launched earlier this morning, you may have wondered when you would be able to join in on the 2.1.3 fun. Sure, you could have always added TaiG’s third-party repo, but understandably, some aren’t comfortable with doing that for various reasons.

Well, the TaiG 2.1.3 untether now has saurik’s stamp of approval, as it has appeared on his Telesphoreo default Cydia repo. This means that by performing a simple refresh on Cydia’s changes tab, you should see an available upgrade to the TaiG untether.

All jailbroken users should immediately update to the TaiG 2.1.3 untether. This update includes fixes that we highlighted in our earlier post about the standalone TaiG 2.1.3 tool update.

Here are the changes that you can expect to enjoy:

Version 2.1.3 of this package removes some now unnecessary TaiG uicache files, and speeds up boot time on the iPhone 4S, a device that suffered from slow boot times post jailbreak.

If you’ve yet to jailbreak, you can use the standalone tool to do that. The updated tool includes fixes for virtual machines, and hang ups among other fixes.

I think it’s safe to say that the TaiG jailbreak has hit a level of stability that most users should be comfortable with.

What do you say?

  • :(

    Uhhh. Really want that Auxo 3 update anytime now…. please….

    • With how big of deadbeats A3tweaks are with updating their tweaks, I assume you will be waiting a very long time. Can’t stand those guys!

      • Adrian

        CCquickPRO puts the smack down on Auxo.

    • Adrian

      Auxo ain’t shit.. Just use CCquickPro

  • Mark S

    “Sure, you could have always added TaiG’s third-party repo, but
    understandably, some aren’t comfortable with doing that for various

    Are there seriously people who will run the taig jailbreak but won’t install their repo for the untether? Sheesh. These people shouldn’t be jailbreaking to begin with.

  • sorrento

    Does VirtualHome is compatible with it ?
    Cause I can’t deal without it… One of the most useful tweak I’ve ever had

    • Adesupo Osunbade

      Me too. Thats y I am still stalling on jailbreaking. Wanna know if my favorite tweaks like VirtualHome are compatible b4 going ahead to jailbreak

      • sorrento

        Exactly :))

      • Adesupo Osunbade

        Guess what? I successfully jailbroke 2 iphones on ios 8.4 ( iphone 6 plus and iphone 5s) today using Taig Jailbreak 2.2.0. It went smoothly without any glitches.
        My favorite tweak, VirtualHome8 is also compatible with the jailbreak. It is advisable for you to jailbreak now on 8.4 bcos I am sure apple will surely patch it soon

      • sorrento

        Thks Adesupo, appreciate it !

  • HeavyComponent

    Is it me or after this update my phone keeps freezing every time I slide down my notification screen?! Fix?

    • Adrian

      Me 2.. Do a hard reboot, then a respring.

      • HeavyComponent

        Got it working thanks!

  • I actually just had Cydia update this a 2nd time today. Wonder what the latest fixed?

    • Anthony Perretta

      Yeah same with me i just got it my second time today it didn’t say it had any changes and was the same version from earlier

    • dave

      Same here. Installed it when it was showing up in Cydia a few hours ago, just told me there was a new update again (same version).I remember having the same issue with Taig’s jailbreak some time back, telling me there was an update (but that was from Taig’s repo, and not the main Cydia/saurik’s repo) so I have no idea if anything changed, or if Cydia is just acting up.

  • Cole Mahoney

    I’m on iOS 9 beta 2 and noticed a tweaked news app in settings

    • Matt

      Apple renamed Passbook to Wallet and Newstand to News.

  • Adrian

    2.1.3 keeps showing up as upgrade in Cydia… Same version #… So silent patches? Causes NC to freeze device if pulled. Wtf? Buggiest craziest JB ever! I been JBing since iPhoneOS2

  • M92

    I just installed this update on my iPhone 6.. now it won’t boot up anymore.. stuck on the apple logo alone.. what to do !?!?!

    • Ricardo Bettencourt

      Got the same problem on my 6 plus. Restoring now

      • Ryczko

        Same on iPad…

    • M92

      i’ve restored now.. thinking there was an issue with an incompatible tweak i had installed. They should have made a clearer warning about installed tweaks in the description -_-‘

      • Ricardo Bettencourt

        What tweak was that?

      • M92

        i can’t tell because i had to restore..

      • Thomas Eppolito

        No its the update, I had 3 updates, I deleted the other two updates and its still stuck in safe mode

    • nonchalont

      The update takes a long time to install. Took like 15 min (probably less) on the apple logo. They should have made clear the update will take AWHILE install.

      • Ricardo Bettencourt

        After you update through cydia?

      • nonchalont

        Yeah, after you update through Cydia. Takes like 15 min to reboot. That’s on my 5s.

  • Richard

    I want to jailbreak, but 8.4 is being release on tuesday. bummerrrr…..

  • Oscar

    Hey guys, so my iPad is running iOS 9 Beta 2. The only back up I have unfortunately is a iOS 9 Beta back up. Is there anyway that I could restore to 8.3 and restore my back up from iOS 9 on to it. In other words, store all my data from iOS 9 onto iOS 8.3? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Chris Wagers

      No. Unfortunately you can’t restore an iOS 9 backup to a device running iOS 8.3 or anything earlier than iOS 9 for that matter.

      • Oscar

        That’s what I was afraid of. I know that going from 8.4 to 8.3 is possible to do by changing the numbers from “8.4 to 8.3” on the Info.plist file in the back up. Figured this wouldn’t work since it has a different file structure :-/ Most of my stuff is synced to iCloud anyway, i’ll just have to redownload my apps. Worth it for the JB. Thanks for the reply!

      • Chris Wagers

        Np and good luck!

  • Okada San

    Off topic here but I figured this is the best place to get some insight. I’m holding off on the JB for now but I just updated from 8.1.2 to 8.3. Of course I lost my previous JB but that’s ok since I plan on doing it after all of this gets fixed. Anyhow, I had untethered hey Siri installed when I was jail broken. Today, out of force of habit, I said “hey Siri” and it actually worked. I wasn’t plugged in to anything. Thought it was a fluke but it happens every time I invoke Siri (and it’s pretty sweet that it does!). I didn’t think this was going to be a feature until iOS 9. Any thoughts?

  • The_Kingfish

    Updated to 2.1.3 but it keeps coming up as an available update after reboot and Cydia restart. Same version number and it tells me I have 2.1.3 installed already. Somebody screw up somewhere? I think they had this same problem one other time before but it was on their own repo. Add another item to the list of bugs, I guess…

  • Thomas Eppolito

    Updating this causes my springboard to preminately crash

  • Toon

    this JB works fine.. waiting for springtomize 3

  • Daniel Zarin

    Still I was unable to jailbreak.. 🙁
    iPhone 4S 8.3. Using TaiG 2.1.3, and two versions of iTunes (12.0&12.1).

    • digital-yemeni

      create new clean VM and install icrapTune v12.0.1 and TaiG 2.1.2
      it worked for me.

  • greg

    can i download this update in cydia and use to update to the newest firmware if i jailbroke it with an app that wasn’t TaiG to begin with?

  • ShawnTXDFW

    Am I the only ones having problems trying to get to the website? Avast is blocking this site thinking it’s an infection. Not sure how to get around this. I could turn off Avast but I just want to make sure this is a safe file to download. Any help here?

  • Jorge Cabral

    Does anyone else have this bug happening? i don’t know what tweak is causing it! iphone 5S. It actually works normally even though the screen is much much smaller! Have to respring a couple time to get it back to normal…

    • digital-yemeni

      i had the same thing when i tried to JB several times but it used to stack in 20% then when i finally got successfully JB and installed my tweaks i got this. then i did a fresh restore and installed only the tweaks that support iOS 8.3 and excluded Auxo when i suspected initially it was the calibrate! 😉 now it works fine.

  • TheBoi23

    What is the prob? I get the error of Network Anomalies! Version Verification Failed. What to do?????