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In March, developers Lane Musgrave and John Arrow announced that they were working on a battery band for the Apple Watch. Not many details were available at the time, but now that the Watch has been out for a few months, the team is ready to make things official.

Meet the Reserve Strap. It’s a band that charges your Apple Watch using embedded batteries and a connection to the device’s hidden accessory port. Musgrave and Arrow claim that their product is capable of adding more than 30 additional hours of battery life to your Watch.

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The Reserve Strap weighs 65G, is 25mm wide, and measures between 3-9mm thick. It’s made of a specialized Thermoset Elastomer Silicone that comes in white, gray and black colorways; fits both 38mm and 42mm Watch sizes; and adheres to Apple’s Band Design Guidelines.

It’s also worth noting that Reserve Strap is as resistant to water as Apple Watch, and it won’t affect any of Watch’s functionality, such as its sensors. It recharges via micro USB, and features a passthrough system so you can leave it on your Watch and charge both devices at the same time.

Here’s more on how it works:

  • Reserve Strap will connect to the Apple Watch similar to Apple bands. It will slide in laterally then you’ll then push forward a small switch underneath the band to engage the accessory port connection to secure the Reserve Strap on the Watch.
  • At your discretion simply press the power button once to initiate charging. You can use the Watch as normal while it charges.
  • Once top-off charging is complete after 60-75 minutes, press the power button again to save the rest of Reserve Strap for another time. Or if you decide to leave Reserve Strap on, Apple Watch will use the Strap’s power to keep the Apple Watch at 100% power until the Reserve Strap is depleted.
  • Reserve Strap uses a minimal LED indicator to let you know how much charge you have left. When you turn the charge on or plug it in, the LED will glow either green, yellow or red indicating a high, medium or low charge.
  • Recharging the Reserve Strap and Apple Watch is incredibly easy. You can leave your Strap on the Watch and simply plug it in via micro USB. This will charge the Apple Watch and Reserve Strap at the same time!

The Reserve Strap costs $249.99, and begins shipping November 3, 2015.

  • craig

    considering apples prices on bands, this seems fair considering what it does, but thats as long as it does what it says, ive seen plenty of battery cases what claim to do more than what they do so lets see how this pans out, but looks and sounds like its going to open some ideas for some devs maybe

  • Only $250? I’ll take five!

  • Joshua Glowzinski

    The price is a bit crazy to me. But, for those who can not charge their watch every night and are on the move a lot, I guess this thing would be good. Now, for a company that wants to make a lot of money, make a high quality band that adds 50 hours of battery life and charge $150 for it. There is money right there.

    • iBanks

      First people complain about the expected battery life of the watch. Then an solution comes around and then people want to complain about the solution and then want even more for less, damn shame.

  • Jeremy Spencer

    When you said “MM” if you meant millimetres it should be “mm”. Mm means megametres which is 1 000 000 metres. I know you mean mm.

  • Jacob S

    I would rather charge my Apple Watch every night rather than spending $250 for a band.

  • M2

    Yeah. Way too much. I think 50 is about max I’d pay.

    • iBanks

      Don’t be so cheap.

      • M2

        Will you buy it for me? To you it seems inexpensive.

  • $250? I’ll pass…just get a dock and put your watch to charge before you go to sleep. Easy.

    • iBanks

      Just got the Griffin stand earlier today, haven’t used it yet but looks nice.

    • johnsm

      stop being cheap and get the scorpion out of your pocket once in your life

  • Franklin Richards

    Charging whilst you’re using it? Isn’t that going to be a bit hot?

  • Xellos Metallium

    seriously? i hope mophie join the club soon.

    • iBanks

      And will probably cost more.

  • Andrieux Querido

    Haha $249 i See bankrupt ahead

  • Jordan Lewis

    1. $250 for a < 1000mah battery when I can get one that is 10000mah for $50? Are they crazy? I'll wait for the generic Chinese one thanks.
    2. It doesn't adhere to Apple's Watch band guidelines as Apple doesn't allow bands with built in batteries or chargers, and removing the hidden port cover is not supported by Apple.

    • Garry

      For invention i gove them 100 points as they are trying to think outside the box but at the same time i would rather just get a POWER BANK which are dirt cheap now adays and use that instead