iPhone 6 gray silver gold back camera

Apple has begun early production of new iPhone models with a feature called Force Touch, Bloomberg reports. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the outlet says that volume manufacturing is expected to ramp up as soon as next month.

Force Touch was first introduced in the Apple Watch last fall, and it enables a device to sense how hard users press down on its screen. The technology has since made its way into the MacBook, and has long been rumored for the next iPhone.

Bloomberg says that Apple is once again producing two different versions of its next-generation handset: one with a 4.7-inch display, and one at 5.5-inches. Unsurprisingly, the new smartphones are expected to look similar to the current models.

It’s believed that Apple will unveil its new iPhones in or around the month of September, as it has in years past. Other rumored features for the handsets include much improved rear and FaceTime cameras, and stronger Series 7000 aluminum.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Nush

    Brace yourselves,
    The leaks are coming.

    • As long as the leaks show an absence of those fugly antenna lines, i won’t mind.

      • Franklin Richards

        That probably won’t happen. Maybe iPhone 7.

    • Guy

      Quick call a Plumber.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        Dont call just any plumber. Call super mario!

      • Franklin Richards

        I can literally never read the words “Super Mario” without the tune playing in my head right after it.

  • Montgomery Tyler

    Boy apple sure know how to get into people’s pocket’s. lol

  • singhay559

    I rather wait for a oled display update if there’s gonna be any.

    • Gary le

      Along with sapphire( so i can go naked with no case)?

      • askep3

        I don’t know if you’d really want sapphire, it would be nice to have the option (like choosing the color of the phone)

        Sapphire is harder to scratch, BUT, it’s easier to shatter. People usually complain about shattered iPhone screens. Sapphire also adds extra glare so it’s harder to see in bright areas.

        It makes sense to have sapphire om the watch because you brush your arm on something’s and can easily get scratched, but you don’t really drop the apple watch so you don’t get shatters.

  • Ria1979

    First paragraph.

    “Citing sources familiar with the matter, the outlet says that volume manufacturing is expected to ramp up as soon as last month.”

    I assume its “as soon as next month” ?

  • Ali

    Does this mean the screen will be made of sapphire ?

  • Marly Marl

    ForceTouch means the iPhone 7 will be Thicker

    • Steven Honey

      maybe that will eliminate the extruding camera lens.

    • Franklin Richards

      iPhone 6s but we can only pray. The iPhone 6 is way too thin.

  • ck125

    Next article. “Analyst claims production delayed due to force touch in screen” lol

  • Bugs Bunnay

    whelp it’s been a good run. if you got apple stocks then pull out while you still can. also… 7000 series aluminum…? seems like idb is obsessed with calling it 7000 series and doesn’t want to elaborate for the simple folks.

    • Steven Honey

      They are calling it what apple calls it. Its the same aluminum used in the apple watch sport. 60% stronger than the aluminum used in the iPhone 6.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        that makes complete sense now. what apple calls for. surprised me when they elaborated about the sapphire with the mohs scale and everything when apple didn’t even make a peep about it.

      • And here’s the joke, people will still buy an otterbox.

      • Ray Pereyra

        Buying a phone is an investment, if people are willing to spend anywhere between $199-$999, what’s so difficult about a $50. Then people complain when the screen shatters.

  • leart

    samsushi make ready your photocopies

    • Force touch is Apples version of Samsungs air gestures, in case anyone was wondering. Instead of hovering a finger until your phone decides to detect it, Apple chose its best for you to just touch your touchscreen.. genius right. I don’t plan on using it but I think it’ll get the job done faster than using air gestures. Maybe Samsung will scrap air gestures for force gestures..

  • therealjjohnson

    But I don’t care about force touch…

  • n0ahcruz3

    I’d be more happy if they make it thicker for a more battery and non protruding camera. Faster ram and dump the 16gb for 32gb for entry level… But of course this is unlikely lol

  • Tom

    Hopefully iphone will have sd card and battrry lasts longer

  • Christopher Triffitt

    Noob question what is the point in this force touch
    It sounds like it records the pressure you put on the screen don’t understand why