f15 airplane wallpaper splash

The Wallpapers of the Week section continues to grown in popularity. In particular, wallpapers for WWDC 15, Apple Watch-inspired images, and new Macbook versions.

One trend in the section is having images that are chronologically relevant. Having just the right image on your device for just the right time of year seems harmonious in some way. Currently, it is travel season, at least in the northern hemisphere. People are taking time away from work to vacation or holiday. It is time to fly.

Airplane wallpapers

The top three images with naming conventions, were sourced from @iDeviceWall, which frequently posts new wallpapers being hosted on the same-titled website, idevicewalls.com.

Verticality wallpaper airplane splash

Download “Verticality:” iPhone

Jumbo engine airplane wallpaper splash

Download “Smooth Flight:” iPhone

Boarding Wallpaper splash

Download “Boarding:” iPhone

The remaining three images were merely sourced from around the internet. Take note, the following image is two wallpapers which are divided below for download.

Airplane wing wallpaper splash

Download: iPhone Left | Right

f15 airplane wallpaper splash

Download: iPhone


Feel free to share your travel pictures, but make sure they are already formatted for a specific iOS device. If you want to send them over, catch up with me on Twitter via @jim_gresham. I’m happy to take a look and they may just end up on the site!

splash images courtesy of placeit.net

  • Rares

    I don’t like them.

    • Mukund Bhatla

      Cool. Thanks for sharing you’re opinion.

      • :D

        I don’t like them either.

      • Mukund Bhatla

        Found the Perfect Picture for you, hope you like it now.

      • Lame

  • MrJohnBlaze

    I shot this on my iPhone 5s on my way down to North Carolina from Toronto

    • Jason Baroni

      Incredible photo. Congrats

    • Ali G

      Ahhh I love that place…. and this picture 😀

    • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™


  • Rakshit

    San Diego

  • cruzcontrol1001

    Taken on my iPhone

  • leart

    from my good old 4s 🙂

  • iNeedANameHere

    I really like the F-15 formation wallpaper 🙂

    • cruzcontrol1001

      Those are F-18’s

      • iNeedANameHere

        Definetly 15’s

  • Macroshot using iPhone 5s…

    • Mukund Bhatla

      What’s up with that black scratch like mark on the picture?

  • very BAD