iPhone 6 gray silver gold back camera

Several supply chain reports have indicated that this year’s ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ releases will feature Apple’s pressure-sensitive screen technology called Force Touch that debuted on the Apple Watch and now a revered analyst has given these reports an aura of credibility.

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities wrote in a note to clients, a copy of which was obtained by the Japanese blog MacOtakara, that Apple’s implementation of Force Touch on the upcoming phones will make them slightly thicker than the present-generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

According to Kuo, the iPhone 6s will be thicker by 0.2 millimeters versus the current-generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that measure 6.9 millimeters and 7.1 millimeters thick.

In addition, he is expecting the forthcoming phones to be slightly wider and taller by about 0.15 millimeters compared to the existing iPhone 6 generation.

Back in April, Kuo called Force Touch “the biggest upgrade selling point” of the forthcoming handsets, one that will mark the most significant change to date for the iOS user interface due to “more input methods and support of handwritten signatures.”

In today’s note, the analyst also reiterated his previous position, echoed by recent supply chain reports, that the new handsets will address the bending issue “by using different casing materials and internal mechanical design changes.”

He is adamant that Apple will switch from standard aluminum chassis to the company’s custom Series 7000 aluminum it first used for the Apple Watch Sport.

Apple says the custom Series 7000 aluminum alloy is 60 percent stronger at just one-third the density of stainless steel.

Lastly, the analyst reiterated that this year’s iPhone refresh will introduce a new rose gold color option. The current gold model is said to become more yellow tinted while the space grey one should adopt a more darker appearance.

Though Kuo originally predicted mass production of the phones would kick off in mid-to-late August in time for a fall launch, he recently revised the timeframe saying the yield rates for the new devices are so good that Apple has apparently moved the release date for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus from September to August.

Source: MacOtakara (Google Translate)

  • Jason Baroni

    And it can’t be thicker for battery? That would FEEL way more revolutionary on the iPhone than the Force Touch.

    • Cameron

      yes just Feel, because its not revolutionary at all.

      • Jason Baroni

        The concept is not, but the experience is.

    • Chris

      That would be to easy for Apple to put a better battery in tbh prob worse battery to make phone slimmer

  • mp

    And to cover the silly protruding bump that is nowhere to be seen on any photos supplied by apple. It’s as if they’re ashamed to display a photo of the bump protruding.

    • Chris

      Like the one from Apple right before the article?…

      • mp

        Not on apple’s website

    • Jose Gonzalez

      They actually do, wasn’t too hard to find it. Just go to the main page for iPhone 6.

      • Jiří

        I think he meant from an angle in which a protrudion would be visible. In the second photo there are both iPhones and you cant see the camera even though it should be visible.

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Wow, good point, didn’t notice that.Only payed attention to the iPhone in the middle of the page but now looking at what you are talking about blows my mind.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Johnny Ive will be having a field day now that the upcoming iPhone is rumoured to be marginally thicker. “Thicker”…that’s one word that he abhors most!

    And I’m inclined to agree with the fellow commentor before me, they couldn’t have made it thicker due to better/larger battery capacity? Just add more novelty tech rather than practical tech that will just probably guzzle away at what little battery remains.

    • Rowan09

      Larger battery does not equate to a thicker battery, there’s a reason these companies went to larger phones to fit bigger batteries.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        I understand, but judging by the sizes of the current iPhones (6 and 6Plus), can they really go bigger than 4.7″ and 5.5″ just to keep the same thickness to fit in larger batteries? Sorry but I’d rather the former, have the phone slightly thicker but same form-factors (4.7 and 5.5) to accommodate larger batteries. I understand when this was the 4″ iPhone-era but not when the phones are large enough.

  • totallymichael

    Well, Olloclip is going to be making a killing if this is true.

  • Sect

    I wish the iPhone 6 was had the iPhone 5 design and thickness that would look so sexy. Well maybe the camera won’t protrude outside the phone now?

  • Cameron

    0.2mm is basically nothing and correct me if im wrong i think they have done it before in one of the ‘S’ models. i think it was 4 to 4S but it could have been 5 to 5s i dont remember.

    • mp

      I’m certain they were all the same dimensions. I could be wrong, hiwever the ipad mini 2 put on some weight as well as the ipad 3.

      • Cameron

        yes it could have been the ipads, silly me. Still 0.2mm is Nothing, even case wise i think most case will still fit albeit not as well.

    • It was the iPad 3, slightly thicker than the 2 because of the higher res screen. The iPhone 3G was actually thicker than the iPhone 2G (first iPhone) too.

  • Someshwar

    this just can’t be happening! Jony Ive would never ever let such a thing happen.

    • pauleebe

      Did you forget about iPad 3?

  • pauleebe

    And hopefully due to “Bendgate” and better battery!

  • oralarts

    What “bending issue”?

  • Manuel Molina

    They must be going crazy at Apple. 0.2 thicker? Oh, no!!!

  • Chris Tangler

    so they can make it thicker for Force Touch, something that IMO isn’t needed but they cant make it thicker for a bigger battery!!! SMH!!

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      Next thing you know upcoming iPhones will crack under thumb pressure due to ForceTouch (since you have to apply force for it to register and work). I find this completely nonsensical and unnecessary to have on the iPhone. Just make the thing solid, robust, and longer-lasting. What added-value is this ForceTouch going to bring anyway? Apps are going to need to be updated to accommodate that new feature, which will take devs forever to do (especially for apps that we all actually use) and by the time they do, ForceTouch will probably be just be another dead-in-the-water gimmick and some other gimmick will come along to take its place.

      • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

        I agree. I don’t see any advantage in having such feature on iPhone. A long hold on screen replaces ForceTouch function!

        0.2mm should be used, if possible, to a larger – and heavy – battery. However, iPhone’s body will be lighter.

  • Dion

    About the color though, have you guys watched the apple backstage video? In that video, there is a scene where a guy asks the director which colour of the iPhone he should use for the app promo shot and the director said that they(silver and gold) are too confusingly same with the stage lightings. Isn’t that a hint for a new colour ?

    Sorry for my English though.

  • singhay559

    Everyone loves thicker products. Especially her.

  • Matt

    So they make it thicker for a gimmic like forcetouch, but not for something a lot more useful such as a larger battery?!

    • Its most likely going to have an improved battery too. and the .2mm could be enough to get rid of that protruding lens too. Can wait to see some case leaks.

      • Matt

        That’s a good point. I also hope that the camera won’t protrude.

      • Jason Baroni

        “can’t wait to see some case leaks”
        You spoke for us all, pal

      • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

        Nope, the camera protrudes by a whole 1mm. Still short by .8mm lol

      • I’m not giving up hope lol.

    • Alberto Espinal

      Have you ever used Force Touch?

  • George

    I can only imagine how many people will hate force touch, hopefully there is a way to turn the feature off.

  • HamptonWalley

    That ia major step back, I do not want thicker and bigger phone. I do not need force touch either. For what? Just give a better camera along with A9 CPU

  • DevXav

    Just do it Apple, make it thicker, give us way more battery life, give us force touch, get rid of the camera protrusion while improving it’s capabilities/megapixels with even more quality, give us a better aluminum alloy reinforced case AND FINALLY SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! 😀