Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

As much as we want to keep our iPhone 6 screen totally unobstructed by anything that takes away from the smooth look and feel, we still want to protect our display from unfortunate accidents, like scratches or cracks.

Tech Armor has a Ballistic Glass Screen Protector that keeps your iPhone 6 screen from accidents while maintaining the feeling of smooth glass and clarity of the HD screen.

The screen protector is made from super strong glass with a hardness rating of H9. So, it can take a hit pretty good before it suffers any damage. When it does, it will take the impact of drops so that your screen doesn’t. And, to add a little frosting to the cake, if your screen protector cracks, you will be able to replace it for free thanks to the company’s lifetime warranty.

The glass is about 3 mm thick. It is super protective, but has been known to affect usage with some cases that tightly fit the iPhone 6. So, do a bit of research before investing. Depending on your case, it might be better to do away with what you have and buy a new one that is compatible with Tech Armor’s Ballistic Glass Screen Protector.

There is an edge-to-edge version that the company claims uses a special “flex bend” that is guaranteed not to peel. However, the company notes in the non edge-to-edge summary that glass screen protectors that fit to the edge of the iPhone 6 don’t work well. Keep that in mind when considering which glass screen protector to purchase.

Tech Armor is rated very highly on Amazon with a four-star rating on the ballistic glass screen protector out of nearly 10,000 reviews.

The standard HD Ballistic Screen Protector costs $10 and the edge-to-edge model, with either a black or white frame, costs $15. There is a version for the iPhone 6 Plus in standard for $11 and edge-to-edge for $15.

What do you think of this glass screen protector? Let us know in the comments.

  • Tyler

    I recently purchased one of these from Amazon and installed it. I had it barely a month before it cracked. It was sitting in the passenger seat of my car when I had to put the breaks on hard and a half full gatorade bottle rolled over it. The thin part under the home button cut-out cracked and over the next couple of days continued to get bigger. Tech Armor refunded the purchase. But that’s just my experience with it.


    3mm thick huh…, you mean to tell me it’s half the thickness of the iPhone 6? Try .300mm

    • socrates

      Maybe 3mm think depth wise. As the screen protector is curved, it is deep.


        Go look at a ruler and tell me if you can see how it could be 3mm thick anywhere. And it doesn’t wrap over the curves of the edge. Even if it did, that’s not how you measure thickness.

      • socrates

        There are /about/ four millimeters in an inch, so that’s my only logical guess as to if the author purposely used that measurement.

        I do agree thickness is not traditionally measured that way, and screen protectors in this category are typically 0.3 millimeters thick. This is probably the case.

        But is it logical to waste such time debating over a typographical error from an online post that establishes nothing?


        Yes it is logical because you just said there are 4mm in an inch. You mean cm bro. And plus I’ve got nothing else to do on break.

      • socrates

        As I’ve got nothing to do after this Calculus class, I revised my answer in reply to another commentor. Hope it makes sense. ✌

      • mp

        There are 26mm to an inch. (Or 2.6cm) approx. The glass measurement should be .3mm as Lagissuez mentioned.

      • socrates

        I encountered a calculation error. That post was made during the halfway point of a calculus lesson and my brain is dead tired.

        The calculation corrected is 2.54 millimeters in a centimeter. With 10 centimeters in an inch, there are 25.4 millimeters to that inch.

        In that case, it seems plausible that the given 3mm point of measure is for the depth of the screen protector in the case that it is curved.



      • Joseph Myerson

        1 inch = 2.54 cm. 100 cm = 1m, 1000 mm = 1 m
        centi= 1/100
        milli = 1/1000

        I have the HD ballistic glass screen protector. It is about 300-400 microns thick; about 0.3 – 0.4 mm.

        The only thing I found off putting was the gap around the edge.

        peace & good things.

  • dudeimmexican

    Never had trouble with TechArmor. Bought it for a 6 and 6+. Worth buying

  • Angeline Hardin

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