twit tech news 2nite

Earlier this evening, I had the opportunity to join Megan Morrone over at Tech News 2Night on TwiT. We discussed Apple Watch, WWDC, HomeKit, the new Music app in iOS 8.4, Android smart watches, the Pebble and more.

Want to join in on the fun? You can watch the full episode right now.

It was my first time appearing on TWiT, and I must say it was a lot of fun. Megan was an awesome host and asked plenty of insightful questions.

So, what did you think?

  • Hot12345


  • GadgetQueenn

    It’s Jeff! No more mystery man. Btw, you have such a youthful look. Anyway, nice interview! I was like “uh oh” when Megan asked about the Jarvis thing, so innocently, not knowing it’s a jailbreak tweak. =))

  • Jamie Howle

    Nothing worse than a host that doesn’t really understand what they are asking about. So it was great that Megan clearly knows her stuff and of course Jeff did too. Great to watch, well done.

  • Elias

    Very interesting show! Also I like your hair.

    • gayfortimcock

      He looks like those who don’t age

  • The Fluffy Alpaca

    Jeff’s face!

    • gayfortimcock

      Isn’t he a cuté

  • James G

    Looking sharp, Jeff.

    Who is responsible for browsing iDB and running an ad blocker!!

    • gayfortimcock

      Eh what ?

    • gayfortimcock

      These ads here are good , I actualluly bought stuff from them

      • James G

        What I mean is, in the video there is a screencast of the website and whoever recorded it has an ad blocker running.

  • James G

    Jeff! You should check out the Amazon Echo, too.

    • Jeff you should get Echo and review it. I just got one and it blows Siri out of the water with voice recognition. I think devices like these will be future of voice/home automation. No need for clicking the button and it hears you from anywhere. It’s fairly limited right now, but I can see a lot of potential in the future.

  • marco1993

    Can we expect video podcast for Let’s Talk iOS and JB?

    • jpdls

      Lol that would be cool. I just want to see the look on Cody’s face when he says “PEACE!”

  • Great job Jeff!

  • gayfortimcock

    Feels like I’ve just seen God

  • Kurt

    Congratulations Jeff! This is very cool. You went on a great network~

  • Thanks for all of the kind comments folks. I’m glad it turned out decent and I didn’t make too many goofs. And yes, Megan knew her stuff, though I didn’t expect anything otherwise.