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The Apple Watch is changing the way a lot of people communicate with each other, thanks to features like Digital Touch. It even handles emojis a bit differently, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of animated images to help you get your point across quickly.

In fact, as German site Giga Apple points out, there are 153 different animated emojis you can choose from on Apple Watch, ranging from yellow and red faces to hearts and hand gestures. They can all be accessed via Messages, and can be customized to fit any context.

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Starting from the far left in the Emoji panel, you have faces, then hearts, then hands and of course typical non-animated emojis. Each one can be tailored to your liking: scrolling the Digital Crown up or down alters the look of the graphic, and force touch changes its color.

The faces are the most customizable, with 56 yellow options and 56 red options, combining for a total of 112 different faces. The heart is available in red, purple and blue, each with 9 options, making for a total of 27 different hearts. And there are 14 white hand gestures.

Obviously, there’s nothing too ground-breaking here, but I have to say I’m a fan of this feature. In my time with Apple Watch, I found the animated emojis fun and even handy for quick, concise responses. “I’m grabbing a milkshake, do you want one?” Thumbs [way] up.

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To see all 153 emojis, in all of their animated GIF glory, checkout Giga Apple’s post here.

  • Merman123

    This must be torture for you Cody!

    • Melvco

      oh believe me it is. It is.

  • CtKiDd78

    I wonder if the other person doesn’t have the watch, do they show up like that on the iphone?

    • Rowan09

      I’ll try with my daughter later and see what happens.

      • CtKiDd78

        cool…mine is arriving this week and had that doubt. thanks

      • Merman123

        Yes it still shows it animated on the iPhone.

      • CtKiDd78

        cool…thanks bud!

      • Rowan09

        Its even animated sending it to any phone that accepts it. I sent it to my wife’s S6 edge and its animated.

  • Freemz

    Maybe Apple should allow these to be sent from the iPhone too.

  • Ricky

    Thanks! I didn’t know that a force touch would change the colors.

  • How do you add new ones to your watch? i only have 3.