Cydia Redesign

Like every Sunday, we bring you a roundup of all the tweaks that were released on Cydia during the week that just passed, so you don’t have to scroll through dozens of font packages to find the one tweak that’s worth your time.

A couple interesting tweaks were released this week, my favorite being Andrios. A very well made tweak, if you ask me. But that’s not the only one. We have about a dozen of them here on this list.

Andrios: an Android-inspired experience for iOS ($3.99 – review)

AppRun: lets you schedule an app to automatically run ($1)

Combination Lock: replaces the number pad with a combination lock (free – review)

Don’t Kill The Beat: forces apps to keep the currently playing music going (free)

HackInApp: lets you customize apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp ($1.49)

LockTate: rotates your Lock screen (free)

NotiAction: launch Activator actions based on notification keywords (free – review)

QuartzSettings: customize the appearance of the iPhone’s Settings app (free – review)

Vibratekeyboards8: adds vibrations to third-party keyboards ($1.50)

WACallConfirm: asks you to confirm before making a WhatsApp call (free)

Did I miss anything?

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I think you should do a review of the “BatteryLife” jailbreak app/tweak on ModMyi repo. It’s a jailbreak app actually, gives you detailed information on your battery (remaining capacity/life, temperature, charge cycles, discharge/charge rate, serial #, etc.). Also, Sebastien, I know you’re a huge fan of hiding battery % sign and the battery icon and just having the number show on your status bar, this tweak does it perfectly (tried it, but I like to have the battery icon). Also the tweak can display other information in the status bar such as remaining mAh, discharge rate and others). All this with NO resprings required and Ads can be disabled from within the settings of the app. And it’s free. Highly recommended.

    • I will write on of these up for my site.

      • Rahimo

        What is your website ?? I wanna visit it !!

      • It is linked in my Disqus profile!

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Maybe slightly off topic, I do have a question related to jailbreaking and Genius Bar battery replacements. My iPhone 6 battery has not been the best for the past month, if I took it to an Apple Store and asked for a battery diagnostics, will the diagnostics tool be able to determine if my device is jailbroken or not?

    Feedback appreciated, thanks!

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      Apple has no way to know unless they have visible changes. Also, Apple has no means whatsoever as flagging a jailbroken device. If they see it is, then if you go in tommorow and they can’t tell, you’re OK. Just hide Cydia and disable any noticeable tweaks and you will be fine.

      Hope this helps!

    • Juschan

      would recommend you to restore. if the worker is telling you to update or just wants to send in the phone ur trip could be ether useless or they might find out.

    • 1. Yes their tools are able to tell if you’re jailbroken or not.

      2. Genius will usually manually check in Spotlight to see if he can find Cydia.

      3. As with all potentially software-related issues (like your battery problem), the first thing genius will ask is whether you tried to restore your iPhone and set it as new (not from backup), which is something that usually fixes most problems. If you lie to him, his diagnostic tool will show it. His tool will be able to show when the last restore you did was and whether it was made from a backup, or set up as a new phone. In short, you can’t trick them.

      4. Especially because your device is fairly new, I am 100% sure genius will tell you to first restore and set your iPhone as new before even trying to diagnose what the problem could be.

      This being said, do as you see fit 🙂

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Thanks for the feedback. Just as a reference, I NEVER restore from backup, never have never will, ever. Also I don’t use iCloud, ever. No background app refresh, no location services, use cellular ONLY when out and about IF needed, no animations, no transparency, never have more than 3 apps running in background (and is never one of them), no glitter no bells or whistles. My last restore was with iOS 8.1 then the jailbreak took place (as a fresh new device). I did take it in for a different issue however, it was the front facing camera being slightly out of place. Cydia was hidden, in fact, I was booted in safe-mode so no Cydia extensions. I assume that’s still an issue? The Genius staff in the Apple Stores in Paris can be quite thorough at times and in fact was just a half inch swipe up away from seeing Cydia in my list of ‘Battery Usage” apps till I took the phone away.

        Last question, will they be able to flag an iPhone as jailbroken to refuse me of any future in-warranty repairs, even if I come in later on with a fresh restore??

        As for those who took the time to answer my query, thank you very much. Getting as many opinions as possible is always a good thing. Thanks!

      • Juschan

        i am not sure but with my 4s years ago which i never handed in the woman on the phone even was able to tell me that this device has been jailbroken so i guess any further repair could be refused but i might be wrong

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        How was she even able to tell remotely without physical access to your device? Interesting. Thanks for the feedback though.

      • Juschan

        thats what i was confused about too

      • I don’t know if they would refuse future support. I don’t assume so

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        I simply won’t risk it. iOS 8.4 is bound to get jailbroken and released publicly. I’ll be restoring as soon as that drops, take my phone in for the necessary repairs, restore again, then jailbreak. Problem solved.

        Thanks for your feedback Sebastien!

  • Shakur Ali

    Missing the jailbreak come on

  • Rahimo

    Hey guys !! I have a question !! Androis is great for iphone !! , but does it support the iPad ??? Please answer me Sébastien !!

    • I don’t believe so

      • Rahimo

        So bad !!