t-mobile ipad

Folks still scrambling to find a Mother’s Day gift before Sunday may be interested to know that T-Mobile is currently running a promotion on iPads. For a limited time, the carrier is taking more than $100 off all iPad models including the Air 2, mini 3, and second-gen mini.

As always, there are a few stipulations. You can’t just buy the tablet outright and receive the $100+ credit—you have to purchase it on an Equipment Installment Plan, and you must keep a 1GB+ Simple Choice Mobile Internet plan active and in good standing for 24 months.

Should you meet those requirements, you’ll see a $5.50 “iPad Promotion 2015” credit in the “Credits and Adjustments” section of your bill each month. Multiplied over 24 months, that’s $132. So instead of paying $630 for a 16GB iPad Air 2 with cellular, you’d only pay $500.

Obviously the deal isn’t for everyone, but T-Mobile’s EIP service allows you to score a really nice present for mom without having to fork over a bunch of cash up front—and the $100 off makes it that much more enticing. To take advantage of the deal, or for more info, click here.

  • coLin

    Apple is desperate to sell those iPads because of the iPhone 6 plus’ cannibalism lol

    • Yujin

      Is T-Mobile who is making the promotion not apple. Purpose…get more revenue for their business…. You know like a normal business does.

      • T-Mobile wouldn’t be intentionally selling them at a loss, so what else is the possibility?

      • Chinch07

        It’s simply $5.50 off a persons contract a month. The iPads aren’t even being discounted. You have to sign up to the qualifying contract and T-Mobile will deduct $5.50 a month from the service plan.

        They are not taking a loss on the iPads. They basically lowered the cost of their service.

      • That’s a possibility; subsidizing the price just like their SmartPhones.