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AT&T is pulling back on its throttling efforts against unlimited LTE customers, reports ArsTechnica. The site noticed that the carrier recently changed its policy to say that it will only throttle users with unlimited LTE data plans who have both exceeded 5GB in a billing cycle and are in an area experiencing network congestion.

Previously, AT&T’s policy said that unlimited LTE users could experience slower data speeds after reaching 5GB, with no mention of location. The change comes after customers complained the carrier’s throttling—some reported speeds as slow as 0.5Mbps—was part of its strategy to sway them away from their unlimited plans.

In fact, AT&T is facing a lawsuit from the Federal Trade commission over the practice. And despite the change, it could still face serious repercussions if it loses that battle. The FTC is seeking refunds for millions of customers who were promised unlimited data plans. Of course, the carrier denies that it’s done anything wrong.

The FCC could also get involved. The Commission’s new net neutrality rules say that throttling can only be done by carriers for “reasonable network management purposes.” FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has publicly criticized AT&T, Verizon and others for trying to use this as a loophole to force customers into more profitable plans.

Source: ArsTechnica

  • singhay559


  • Digitalfeind

    “both exceeded 5GB in a billing cycle and are in an area experiencing network congestion.”

    So what merits “network congestion” and keeps them from throttling use further?? Seems rather vague. I’m sure AT&T will find ways around this. I use 15gb a month AFTER throttling. I just turn my wifi off completely

  • Dante Arellano

    Who wants to be on att fuckk them

  • 10marcer

    Anyone else experience throttling before they hit 5gb? In November after i got my 6+ I was throttled when i hit 3gb but luckily it was towards the end of the billing cycle so i wasn’t worried. The next month i was throttled at 5gb like normally.

    • I used to get throttled after only 2gb and they used to threaten to kick me off the plan for tehtering, which I never have or will use. They even went as far as to make unauthorized changes to our family plan, back in January, that upped our bill $150 and kicked me off the Unlimited. Well I went in and threw a fit over this and they switched all our phone plans back to where they were. Only then took another 2 months for them to take the charges off our bill…

  • port87

    wow, what a bad service.

  • Krish Damany

    i think they should cut the crap and just allow unlimited data be a thing