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It’s inevitable. Like clockwork, following each new Apple product launch, you can be certain someone, somewhere, will find a way to create a controversy based on an alleged design flaw. The controversy then makes its way up the chain, usually ending up being “verified” by some YouTuber. This is when the controversy gets appended the “gate” suffix, and becomes the mother of all weaknesses, the Holy Grail of Apple’s negligence.

The issue with these problemgates, is that they’re often devoid of good commonsense, or simply devoid of actual understanding of the most basic rules of physics. Take Bendgate for example. Who wouldn’t have thought that applying a certain amount of force onto a device mostly made of aluminum would actually cause it to bend?

With Apple Watch arriving this Friday, I’m already anticipating a couple problemgates that may or may not materialize, but for good measures, I wanted to get ahead of the game and address them before they even start, because you know, good old commonsense can go a long way.

Introducing #BandGate and #ShowerGate!

#BandGate (not to be confounded with #BendGate) will most likely happen when people start cleaning up their watch bands with chemicals they would otherwise use to clean their ovens or unclog their toilets. I may be exaggerating a bit here, but you get the idea.

Good commonsense would want people to think twice about what they are going to use to clean their watches, especially the bands, and if you go for the rubber fluoroelastomer or leather, you should expect these materials to react negatively to a wide variety of chemicals.

Of course, there is always the chance that someone might accidentally expose the watch or its band to a chemical agent not meant to be in contact with the material used on the device. How couldn’t Apple make those rubber bands Windex-resistant? In this case, chemistry is not working against you, but your good judgement might be.

#ShowerGate is bound to happen too when someone will put that Apple Watch IPX7 water resistance rating to the test.

Apple confirmed Apple Watch is splash and water resistant (not waterproof), but that won’t prevent intrepid testers out there to see how long you can really take this thing in the shower for before it starts showing signs water damage.

Although Tim Cook did mention he takes his Apple Watch in the shower, I really wouldn’t dare going past the 30 minutes of immersions as suggested by IPX7 ratings.

Once again, Apple Watch owners should use their best judgement to figure out what’s acceptable and what’s not. Chances are, if you’re thinking something might go wrong under specific circumstances, just don’t do it.

Commonsense vs. stupidity

All sarcasm aside, I’m sure all of you will have understood by then that most problems you may encounter with Apple Watch might not necessarily be design flaws, but rather lapses of judgement. Of course, Apple products aren’t flawless, but they’ve also been put to an incredible amount tests to make sure that whatever gets delivered to you is the best possible product the company could have shipped.

At the end of the day, it’s mostly how you treat and what you do with your Apple Watch that will really make a difference. Because commonsense is stronger than stupidity, I’m hoping most people will make the right decisions. For everybody else, I guess we’ll see them on YouTube.

  • iPhoneWINS

    lol … this post is funny… but the real gat is “too thick gate” and “lacking power gate” so i hope V2 fixes them lol

    • These don’t qualify as “gates” because you’re aware of them even before you get to own the watch though.

      • mp

        I’m not sure if people are entirely aware what combination bands are available, take my example. If the ordering is not done online and someone attends the store to see first and try on before ordering, there may be a few surprises when one can’t simply match a balck rubber I mean polywhatever to a silver aluminium sport.

      • John

        Which watch are you talking about? I preordered the stainless silver watch with the loop band, but then I also had the opportunity to order a black polywhatever band at the same time.

        Perhaps this is the reason why Apple wanted to control the initial sale of the product so people had a clear understanding of what could/could not be bought.

      • mp

        The base model sport in silver aluminium cannot be purchased with a black rubber strap. The other colours yes, but not black. The black rubber strap can be ordered with the space grey aluminium not the silver aluminium. Crazy! Of course you can purchase the black rubber strap as a secondary band so you have two bands when you only wanted one.

      • Chayuth

        Exactly my frustration when I ordered. White will not look good beyond 1-2 months. I want aluminium with black band but can’t get it unless paying extra.

      • mp

        You speak my language and understand. Those other colours are designed to look like crap with slight soiling in a short space of time. I call it ‘obsoilesence’.

    • eXoguti097

      This is thinner than the Moto 360.

    • Antzboogie

      Tim Cook takes his watch with him in the shower, but it’s not recommended? Lmao don’t worry Samsung did the same thing but not a good sign. This watch at $350+ Tax should work under water like what am I paying for?

  • becoolyolanda

    I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the taking a shower with a watch on thing.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      I rarely take my watch off unless I’m wearing one of my nice ones. It’s not so much that I have to have it in the shower than that I just forget about it.

      • Byron C Mayes

        I’m guessing an Apple Watch would count as one of the “nice ones.”

        Unless you’ve got it like that. In which case shower on, bro!

      • Jeff Maxwell

        Ha…no. Among watch afficienados, a $350 watch is generally not considered “one of the nice ones.”

      • Mustang5Oh

        While I’m not buying an Apple Watch because I don’t want to pay $350 for a watch I have to charge daily, you are 1000% correct. In the grand world of nice watches, $350 wouldn’t buy a few links for some watches lol.

  • TechLove

    Sadly, commonsense is not so common…

  • mp

    How about ‘ordergate’. The pic provided appears to be a silver aluminium sport with a black rubber, I mean fluroelastomer band, yet said watch cannot be order with the black band. Meaning it becomes an ‘extra’ purchase and a ‘fault’ as far as I am concerned. A very first world problem fault. By first world problem, I mean a ploy to deprive one of more money necessary done in a calculated way here in our first world. No as far as Apple is concerned the black band can only go with the space grey aluminium model. I should do as I’m told. ‘Ordergate’.

    • TJ

      actually it’s a stainless steel Apple Watch with black sport band, not the Sport model.

      • mp

        I stand corrected on the picture TJ, the order scenario doesn’t change though.

  • Black Jesus

    Its inevitable . Haters have already preordered “gate” units already.

  • TechLove


  • Chindavon

    #ButtHurtGate by all the haters.

  • Eni

    Who takes a 30 min (or more) shower anyway

    • Wolfer

      Maybe some people that use their ”electronic friend…the one that pulses, vibrates, looks like a part of the body of a human being…; and sometimes Manuela hand powered” in the shower so both get clean together helping each other. I think those are the human beings that takes 30 min + showers…

    • Tyler Smith

      me every single time i watch netflix in the shower lol

    • Soy tu papi

      Bobbi Briown does…

  • TheShade247

    I wish apple manufactured some brain for these idiots, and included with watch just for these idiots. Like come on use some common sense people, try drinking these cleaning chemicals instead of water and soak your face in water for 30 mins and let me know if you survive.

    • mp

      How much extra would Apple charge for selling brains? Can you return a used brain within 14 days and would there be an extended warranty offered? 🙂

      • TheShade247

        Now thats the question for Phil Schiller. Also the battery life. #BatteryGate

  • Eli Montoya

    I feel like if I were to use this, I’d probably take it off of my wrist and use it as a tiny little iPod.

  • Wolfer

    Im sure there will be those that will forgot to rook it off before going into the pool party or beach party, and later will blame Apple. I think this world is so full of people without commonsense…there will always be something with the haters and idiots that do not use their minds and comonsense. God bless us all

  • Wolfer

    Im a diver, so that means I have a waterproof diving computer wristwatch that cost me one month salary, And I always took it off before going into the shower, because how the heck Im gonna clean my wrist with a watch on my wrist? Or I want to get it full of barsoap and damage the buttons and the stainlesssteel and rubber. Yes regular soap damages any steel and rubber with time!!! It will loose it color and luster

  • Gary LE

    Those people just want publicity and attention. Either that or they just hatting on those particular products.

  • Guest

    The problem with common sense though is that it’s not very common

  • Tyler Smith

    life proof for apple watch lol

  • Alexander Sundiev

    I knew it was you, Sebastian, after finding rubber crossed, haha..


    I went swimming with my pebble for like 2 hours. Still good.

  • “Take Bendgate for example. Who wouldn’t have thought that applying a certain amount of force onto a device mostly made of aluminum would actually cause it to bend?”

    You’re wording it like it’s only hand-forced bends that existed. Many have reported it bending in their front pocket, including popular review-site writers (http://bit. ly/1OEwDK0) and some consumers (http://bit. ly/1sQlf29), that’s nothing but cheaply flawed design on Apple’s part. Thankfully, they have plans to atleast fix that (http://bit. ly/1OEvbr9), even though it’ll cost you yet another overpriced device to get the fix.

    Unless you live on some other planet, you’ll realize that most people have always been storing their phones (since dumb mobile phones) in their front pocket. Why should it now be acceptable for Apple to just create cheap junk that’s too weak to store in the front pocket without worries? ‘Cause they’re Apple you just bend-over and accept whatever they make as the “right” move? I think you should take your own advice on using common sense…

    • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

      Yeah I’ve always had stuff bending in my front pocket. Pens, steel rulers, even wallets stuffed with 10 cards!! For the life of me I cannot understand why Apple can’t use a simple cast iron body for their phones. My staircase railings are pure cast iron and they don’t even have a scratch. Bro who’s gonna make a man purse for guys like us who have stuff that bend because of the pure strength of our chests? My friends all have cast iron android phones and not one of them have any scratches, let alone bend. One of my friends drove over his S6 with his Mack truck and nothing happened bruhhhhhhh

      • Dan

        Way to use sarcasm to discredit a valid point.

      • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

        Yes I am using sarcasm to get the point across that material design should be seen from a purely technical standpoint. I hope you realize that your car isn’t a car built with cheap material just because it has crumple zones. The crumple zones prevent you from death due to massive internal organ failure when the impact of the crash reaches your innards, unseen to you. Without crumple zones, your car cabin is a virtual death cage.
        Do you understand the significance of metallurgy in material design?. planes uses aircraft grade aluminum for obvious reasons. Is it really that he to understand that you can in fact bd something which is 6mm thick with your bare hands? Yes you can. But does it bend like that in real life situations? NO. It never has and never will. Bend gate was a flop they the media floated it. It has never happened in he real world, and do not trivialize the hundreds of hours spent by engineers designing the chassis before final release. Apple has and never will release a flimsily made product for mass consumption. That’s why they’re Apple.

      • Dan

        I didn’t bother reading your entire wall of text, your posts always come off as arogant/angry and it’s unpleasant. I doubt that most iPhones ‘bent’, but it seems like some did. If Apple is truly going to invest in a more solid design, good for them, and you (the consumer) down the road. A phone should not be bending in your front pocket.

      • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

        It’s quite natural that losers like you will resort to not reading ‘walls of text’ when you cannot substantiate fact. Wish you all the best finding yourself a durable cast iron plane to fly in. If an aluminum phone bends in your front pocket, you know how dangerous it gets when you fly in a plane made of one.
        If my posts are unpleasant lol, don’t respond. A simple as that.

      • Dan

        I wasn’t trying to prove anything. I simply agreed with him that a more sturdy phone would be a good thing. You just proved my point bruhhhhhhh. Name calling is the resort of the true ‘loser’. Have a grea day.

      • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

        Sorry I didn’t read your wall of text lol.

      • R Maganti

        One factual error. Apple did release iPhone 4 and it had antenna problems. Remember the famous antennagate, when Steve Jobs was still alive. iWatch with a 18 hour battery life is just not going to cut it for most folks. Pebble time steel on Kickstarter collected $20 million when their initial goal was $500k. Its functionality though limited compared to iWatch, can stay uncharged for a week.

        If you are vacationing, the last thing one wants is to look for a charging point to charge your watch. The basic premise for any watch is to show time, how much ever smart you make it. At the end of the day (24 hours) if it stops showing time, IMHO, it is an epic fail.

  • Yaclexx

    “Apple Watch might not necessarily be design flaws, but rather lapses of judgement”
    sport watch???
    I guess triathlon, swimming ,,,,,,etc, are not sports anymore.

  • Joonyaboy