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In his secret history of the Apple Watch story, David Pierce concludes that the device might be able to help us reclaim small moments of our lives, something I’ve tried to explain several times in my posts about the best Apple Watch features Apple hasn’t told you about, and a day in the life of an Apple Watch user.

If the Watch is successful, it could impact our relationship with our devices. Technology distracts us from the things we should pay the most attention to—our friends, moments of awe, a smile from across the room. But maybe a technology can give those moments back.

This is the killer feature of Apple Watch, and again, it’s something you can’t really grasp until you’ve used a smartwatch.

If you haven’t read this piece on Wired, I urge you to.

  • CtKiDd78

    exactly what I was trying to explain to a friend of mine that hates the idea of a smartwatch. It is so convenient to just glance at your wrist when you receive a notification or need to change a music track, instead of having to reach for your phone in your pocket or purse for that matter. I have used the moto360 before and loved it and I now own an iphone and can’t wait to have the apple watch on my wrist.

    • :)

      Not worth $350. nuff said.

      • CtKiDd78

        I won’t deny it is expensive for a smartwatch, but I have sold other gadgets I have to cover the purchase.

      • John

        $260* for a Pebble Watch.
        $129 for a heart rate monitor.

        *approximately, currency conversion from U$199

      • John

        In your opinion.

        Nuff said.

  • Sofakingstepwit

    I love how people are acting like this watch is going to solve this huge societal problem. I think it will probably just have people looking at a different screen sometimes. Maybe it’ll even make people double down on your screen usage. After all, there will now be two screens to look at. I’ve got a Pebble now and I love it and I’m sure I would/will love the Apple Watch at some point but let’s stop acting like this device is going to save lives or something…It’s just a smart watch.

    • CtKiDd78

      It’s a convenience for me more than anything else but surely not life changing and I can live without it. People tend to exaggerate anything apple related these days.

    • With ResearchKit, you probably will save lives.

      • Sofakingstepwit

        ResearchKit is a big deal. It will hopefully save lives. I have no beef with ResearchKit but that’s not what I’m talking about. Im just talking about the tech press acting like the watch is going to give people their lives back. It’s not going to do that. Its a watch.

      • That_Fruitarian

        Perhaps this watch will motivate some people to start exercising. With a healthier lifestyle, you can reclaim your life. Maybe it won’t have that impact on everyone but I’m sure for some, it will be great.

    • ck125

      Agree. Think it will have people constantly staring at their wrists now. Maybe you know just leave your phone in your pocket when you’re with someone.

      • Sofakingstepwit

        Yes. People could just stop being self absorbed and just leave their phone in their pocket. That’s not to say that the Apple Watch won’t be great. I’m sure it will. I’m sure I’ll want one sooner rather than later. I love my Pebble for the fact that it lets me see what notifications I need to pull my phone out of my pocket for, at a quick glance. The Apple Watch will do this and more. It’s beautiful and and I’m sure it’ll be fun to use. But please, can the tech press stop with the precious, “reclaiming moments” crap. It makes me want to puke.

  • That_Fruitarian

    Back on topic!! I loved the Wired piece – great read. Can’t wait to get mine.

  • It will not be successful

  • hkgsulphate

    Apple Watch 2 – with facetime