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Another slow week in the jailbreak community, but an interesting one nonetheless. These past few days have seen the release of seventeen jailbreak tweaks, including some very solid ones, such as OneHandWizard. As always, we list all the new releases here so you don’t have to scroll through Cydia to find the latest tweaks.

Android Wear Utility: lets you control music on your iPhone with an Android Wear device (free)

AutoUnlock to App 8: no need for passcode if your device is connected to a known Wi-Fi network ($0.99)

Auxo Legacy Edition: the original app switcher ($0.99 or $1.99 – review)

CustomStatusBar: hide items from the Status Bar (free)

EventOnStart: initiate simple events at startup (free)

exKeyboard: allows you to use third-party keyboards on Lock screen and when typing passcodes (free)

HideCCMedia: hides the media controls in Control Center (free)

Lock Saver: disables certain features when you’re not using the device to save battery life ($0.99)

Multify: side by side multitasking ($5 – review)

NCMeters: adds simple metrics to Notification Center (free)

NoKeyPop: prevent keyboard keys from popping when typing (free)

OneHandWizard: a different take on Reachability ($3.99 – review)

Parental: lets you restrict access to apps, settings, and more for added security ($1.50)

Secret-Lock: locks the Lock screen for added security and privacy (free)

ShareMe: create and share PDF, CSV, or Text files from your iMessage conversations (free)

Transition: provides 25 original unlock transitions for your device ($1.99 – review)

WritingALetter 2: seemingly useless yet awesome tweak that brings Clippy to iOS (free)

Did you download any of these tweaks? If so, which ones?

Top image: PlaceIt

  • Jonas

    You forgot vex

  • Jake Dai

    I remember that shareme isn’t free.

  • FreeGreezyDoe

    Yo dawg I heard you like locks so we put a lock on yo lockscreen so you can lock while you lock

  • Pablo

    still no news about an iOS 8.2 jailbreak?

    • HoodFlow

      I think they are waiting for iOS 8.3…

      • Walter White

        That’s a good thing

  • Gabriel Anaya

    I’m so irritated. I’ve been waiting for a tweak that lets me use a third party keyboard on my lock screen, and it only comes out after I lost my jailbreak… If another jailbreak doesn’t come out soon I’m gonna go punch some orphans…

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      We wait for 8.3

  • TotallySerious

    WritingALetter 2 is really awesome haha 🙂 it seems like it makes my phone crash significantly more though.. (iphone 5s, ios 8.1)

  • LeMerlot

    Since installing Lock Saver I lost my LTE/4G connection permanently – what a black day in my 3 years of intense JB experience. Nothing helped so far (not even the newest update of Lock Saver – see Reddit for more). So be careful with that tweak… !

    • have others experienced the same thing?

      • RoyBa

        Yes, installing “Lock4GLTE” fix it for me 🙂 install from cydia and use activator to turn it on

      • It’s crazy because not one time have I seen a review mention any of the issues a lot of ppl seem to have. The reviews are always perfect.

      • LeMerlot

        Thanks sooo much RoyBa, your hint really saved my a… !!! 😀

  • Yeah but is that article talking about what happened with this tweak? The whole 2g thing.