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This Friday marks the pre-order date for Apple Watch. You will even be able to walk into a store and try on Apple’s newest device. In what has become one of the most anticipated Apple launches since the original iPhone, we are properly celebrating with Apple Watch wallpapers.

As described throughout the launch process, utilizing an Apple Watch will require pairing with an iPhone. The first time the Watch is paired with an iPhone, a short animation video on the Watch will confirm the connection. In a recent, lengthy, and very informative Wired article, a must read for any avid fan, a still capture of the confirmation image is portrayed.

Just beyond the fold, the confirmation image is displayed and our readers were inspired to make wallpapers. Starting with a push from @IanFuchs, we received several variations, which you can download for multiple devices.

Apple Watch Wallpapers

The wallpapers were inspired by the pairing confirmation image found in the Wired article. Immediately below, is the image upon which the following wallpapers took shape.

Apple Watch Rose Gold certification of authenticity image 001

Subsequently, is the collection of wallpapers by avid iDB readers. We greatly appreciate the speed and accuracy of your work!


By @IanFuchs | Download: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus


By @IanFuchs | Download: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus


By @iesight | Download: iPad; iPad mini; iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6; iPhone 5

EA_Roa_Apple Watch White iPhone 6

By @EA_Roa | Download: iPhone 6

SaleemUsama_Apple Watch White iPhone 6

By @SaleemUsama | Download: iPhone 6


Source Wired | Download: 2880 x 1800


Inverted by @Axinen | Download: 2880 x 1800; 1920 x 1080


As you can see by today’s example, many of our wallpapers are generated, designed, modified and submitted by our readers! Thanks again to those mentioned above for their work and dedication to the iDB Wallpapers of the Week section. To have your wallpapers and images considered for the section, find me on Twitter @jim_gresham. You can also follow me for a stream of images that I find throughout the week, but do not end up on the site come Sunday.

Thanks again for our submissions!

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  • Catoblepas

    Behold, the most beautiful Apple watch wallpapers I’ve ever seen.

  • These are really amazing. I wish I knew how to create something like this.

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    These are fantastic.

  • John

    These are fantastic, thank you.

    I tried to create one for my iPhone based on images already available…..and failed.

    Sincerely thanks to all who created these.

  • Brandon Higgins

    If anyone resizes the Mac wall for a 6 please share it.

  • I made a white version for my Silver iPhone 6 Plus :

    • What lockscreen clock and date widget is that? And font?

      • It’s my own LockHTML theme called akvo. You mean the system font ? It’s called Aliquam.

      • What should I do?

      • If you pirated LockHTML4 it might be the reason.

  • Vinny Perez

    These are nice

  • Quang

    do we have one with white background?? 🙂

    • :)

      Just invert it…

    • Guest

      Here ya go.

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      Here is the iPad one.

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      Here is the I6

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    The last one, wow.

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    Lol you actually listened to me when I said 2880×1800 last week. Thx

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    Now if someone made these as live wallpapers with working date and time, THAT would be awesome.