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The Pangu Team, which has been responsible for multiple iOS 7 and iOS 8 jailbreaks, posted an open letter to its website on Friday. The letter is entitled “Jailbreak Should not Tolerate Regional Discrimination,” and it talks about discrimination, rumors regarding Pangu, and more.

It appears much of the motivation behind the post comes from comments made by hacker Stefan Esser, better known as I0n1c. The team says during his talk at this year’s Syscan conference, Esser made several comments that they felt were racist and “full of morbid imaginations.”

The letter is of course worth reading in full, which you can do here, but we’ve highlighted some of the more interesting tidbits below.

  • The $1 million rumor – it’s been said that the Pangu Team’s sudden interest in jailbreaking stemmed from the desire to make money—the rumored $1 million figure comes up quite often. But Pangu says this is completely untrue, and that the little sponsorship money it does receive mostly goes towards testing devices, software development and servers to facilitate heavy traffic and downloads.
  • Pangu doesn’t buy vulnerabilities – “in the first version of Pangu 7, among a number of other vulnerabilities, we used kernel information leaks discussed in Stefan Esser’s training course,” the team explains. However, Pangu removed these exploits after receiving criticism from Esser, and it has since relied mostly on its own exploits. “We have the ability and knowledge to continue to find more vulnerabilities and develop untethered jailbreak tools. We are very confident that we do not need to buy any vulnerability.”
  • Pangu doesn’t use stolen/leaked certificates – addressing rumors that it has stolen enterprise certificates from other hackers, the team says that it has only ever used expired/donated enterprise certificates. These certificates are used to initiate the jailbreaking process.
  • Regarding the obfuscation of its code – “we did obfuscate the code of our jailbreak tools,” Pangu says, referencing the accusations that it did so out of malicious or selfish intent. “But was mainly to prevent the jailbreak exploits from being used, and to prevent Apple from easily understanding and fixing the vulnerabilities, and thus far it has really worked.”
  • Moving forward without discrimination – “Yes, we are Chinese. We are grateful to the jailbreak community, and we are also proud of being a member of the jailbreak community and being able to contribute to the community. We were so excited that Pangu 7 and Pangu 8 were downloaded by many millions of times from all over the world. We hope the jailbreak community should not judge a work for its developers’ race, creed, color, or religion.”

To read more on the Pangu Team’s contributions to jailbreaking, click here, and for more information regarding the current state of the iOS 8.2 jailbreak, click here.

  • o_O

    Ionic is an asshole. Everyone already knows this. Nothing new.

    • leart

      Not everyone can agree with you

      • k8l

        Right, ionic doesn’t agree.

      • leart

        Haha, can we agree that people are calling iconic asshole just because he is not active on jailbreaking since in his opinion jailbreaking nowadays is just for piracy and has lost the original reason to exits. I, thinking the same, jailbreaking community is dead since iOS 6.x
        He is a genius , just read some publications he wrote in the past..

      • k8l

        A lot of people are fed up with his sarcasms, genius or not.

      • leart

        Yeah, but people don’t want to realize that he will never publish a jailbreak again , he made it clear in many occasion , but yeas using sarcasm is a very bad way to communicate

      • Ramone

        So let him take his ball and go home and cry in his room. His choice, his loss.

      • Ramone

        Sarcasm is one thing, demonizing an ethnic group because he’s prone to paranoid fantasies and has a massive chip is another.

      • SoylentGreen

        Being “Discordant” is the key….

      • Ramone

        Genius. lol Yeah, spouting paranoid nonsense and whining like a bitter milquetoast is a sure sign Ionic is on track to usurp Einstein and Newton. The jailbreak community has been dead, dying and/or taken over by pirates since at least iOS 5. The original reason was freeing iPhones from Apple’s locked down mobile OS. What’s changed since then? Apple’s added a few more _basic_ features (how kind of them!) but stock iOS is still gimped by Apple’s Jony Knows Best control freakery.

        Pirating happens of course but are free apps the motivation driving the vast majority of jailbreakers from freeing their devices from Apple’s paternalistic clutches? I don’t know but my guess is no, it is not. In my experience the “free apps!” jailbreakers tend to be younger (high-school age) while older jailbreakers are more interested in maximizing their premium priced iDevices’ potential. Nobody I know in their 20s and 30s is ripping off apps or tweaks. Check the sinful iphone forum, where pirating is the main attraction, and take a look at the posting styles and the profiles of the users there. Then tell me how many you think are younger or older than 20.

        Add up how much you paid for all the apps and tweaks you’ve bought in the last year. If you had pirated them all instead of paying for them you probably wouldn’t be much richer than you are now. A few hundred dollars, euros, pounds at _most_.

        My anecdotal evidence is just that and I don’t pretend to know how the numbers break down vis a vis pirating and other reasons for jailbreaking. If iconic or whoever has some credible evidence that pirating is or is not the jailbreak community’s raison d’etre…feel free to post links to the relevant sources.

        In the meantime a link to ironic’s genius publications so the rest of us can enlighten ourselves would be much appreciated. Cheers!

      • popoldu25

        I jailbreak to pirate programs, that’s it. I never buy them its too expensive

    • Antzboogie

      I support Pangu the Jailbreak community will always back you up. Thank you for everything Pangu!!

    • yup! he has right not to work for jailbreaking community! but should keep his attitude to a limit!

  • Virus

    if you’re not making money, you’re not making sense

    • Rowan09

      They make money but not that much as stated in the article. If they want to do it for the love of the community I’m fine with it and I always donate.

    • Sad but mostly true in this day and age. Hard to find people doing a lot for others without demanding money…until you hear about tiny organizations like Humanity First.

      • Ramone

        Lots of scientists aren’t in it for the money. Think CERN, for example, without whom the modern Internet would not exist.

      • SoylentGreen

        Yes, fully signed up and “found” member of the human race here!
        With the love of humanity in heart[ref: Chaplin. the Great Dictator]
        Peace (;
        Why ppl forget they are humans?

    • Michael Sweeney

      Very true, especially because creating an untethered jailbreak isn’t sometbing the masses can do.
      Skills should be used to make you money if you’re good at it.

      • Ramone

        Is that true, you think, in every situation where a unique skill is required? Are there exceptions?

      • Michael Sweeney

        Of course there are and should be exceptions, but you’re unique skills are yours and would you always want to use it for free?

    • gittlopctbi

      Uhm…I’m guessing that you were being humorous on the word “cents.” Am I wrong, or are the other replies to your comments correct? 🙂

    • Ramone

      If you’re parroting nonsensical cliches, you have no sense. I bet you nodded earnestly when you first got tricked into believing “time is money”…

      • SoylentGreen

        +50 (:

  • FreeGreezyDoe

    Lol sad they had to ask for acceptance for being Chinese.i remember when the JB first came out a lot of people were talking shit about using a Chinese tool and how chinese people arent trustworthy…..some of yall need to get it together

    • hkgsulphate

      they are not trustworthy, that’s true
      no more jbing since iOS 7, especially with the introduction of Touch ID
      p.s. im a Chinese

      • Chuck Finley

        You’re a complete idiot for blankly stating an entire race can’t be trusted.

        Every country has people you can’t trust and people you can trust, that’s not a factor of race, that’s a factor of humanity. Moron.

        Source: I’m also Chinese and not braindead stupid.

      • Jake Dai


      • mobilemann

        Don’t worry, us westerner’s are just as vulgar.

      • Jake Dai

        Oh well, yes, that’s just the reason that you are doubting whether Chinese are trustworthy

      • mobilemann

        no, i was only commenting on vulgarity. Please take your own advice on politeness and not assume you know my stance on Chinese jailbreak teams because i called westerners vulgar, as the two are unrelated. (i’ve jailbroken 8.1.2 with Taig, although i’ve since upgraded to 8.2.)

      • hkgsulphate

        its you mainland people who 丢中国人的脸 outside china

      • Jake Dai


      • hkgsulphate

        如果有去過外國 你就會明白只有傻的先會書本以外咁著重語法

      • Jake Dai


      • Jonathan Sum Astraea

        你不明白香港那邊了,香港那邊是仇大陸人,看不起大陸人,仇大陸人是因為很多貧苦的大陸人一天只能賺 一到二元, 然後到香港賣水貨或生活最少就少賺百元一天,所以現在島嶼的香港年年增加上萬人口,一張床大小的空間都要月租萬元,人人都難找地方住,而看不起大陸人不是大陸人的錯,是因為被人看不起就會被踢來踢去,而外國人就是我種族白人就是最偉大,自然在英治時間不單白人看不起,便是工作上的頭,所以怕被香港人怕白人看不起,就看不起大陸人

      • Shaw

        You just did the same thing ‘丢脸’.

      • Ford

        Yu self-hating trash. You disgust me.

      • Ramone

        He’s probably not even Chinese. Its a common tactic for bigots to post in forums pretending to be “Chinese” or “Black” or whatever. They are simple-minded, sad little people.

      • hkgsulphate

        你同我講緊野? 🙂

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        You idiot you can’t say a whole ethnicity or race is untrustworthy just cause you hate how u look. I bet you’re one of those Chinese people that wish u were white. Ur a real POS and don’t deserve to live homie

      • Ramone

        Sure you’re Chinese. Nice tinfoil hat, btw.

    • Ramone

      Yeah, how many of those “don’t trust the Chinese!” posters ended up using that jailbreak when it became more than obvious it was legit. How many felt stupid or ashamed afterwards for being bigoted fools?

      • hkgsulphate

        i have an iPhone 5s and iPad mini
        none have been jbed. sorry.

  • Rondog

    WHY does rascism always have to mess things up for everyone, isn’t there anything that can be done without it? I THOUGHT the meeting was to talk about jailbreak in general, not to talk a bunch of CRAP. Thanks to the Chinese jailbreak team or teams for making it available. I for one have my idevices on TaiG and am grateful for that , so stop bitchen guys and lets keep other crap out .

    • iPhoneWINS

      cause humans are natural racist

      • George

        I’m human and I’m not racist.

      • Sleaka J

        Wrong. We’re taught to be racist by other peoples intolerance. We aren’t born like that.

      • mobilemann

        even attempting to mount a fight on nature vs nurture in a disqus forums get’s a laugh from me. wow.

        (also, put two babies in a small confined area with one toy, humans are naturally nasty little things if you want where i stand on that epic and ancient debate)

      • Ramone

        That’s because it’s nature _and_ nurture..and nurture and influence and change each other over time.

      • Ramone


  • iPhoneWINS

    why are they surprised,,, that all human nature

    • Gabriel Anaya

      Just because it’s human nature, doesn’t always instantly make it okay. Racism is NEVER okay.

      • @dongiuj

        He/she is not saying it’s ok. He/she is just saying it happens because it’s human nature for some twats.

      • Digitalfeind

        It’s okay when talking about Eskimos.

  • Tommy

    It’s either the race or religion card that always gets played.

  • Alberto Espinal

    So what if they wanna get money from the jailbreak, everyone benefits from it, Pangu charge money please I don’t mind paying for a jailbreak, nothing in the world is for free, specially this kind of skills!

    • So what if they wanna get money from the jailbreak

      You aren’t supposed to profit off of a community and should instead invest any of the money you’ve earned from the community back into the community…

      • Alberto Espinal

        Says Who? You? And you are who? They don’t have to give nothing back! Once again we benefit from the jailbreak and that’s how they are giving back, I don’t mind paying, there is a bunch of leeches in the jailbreak community that wants everything for free, do you work for free?

      • Rigs101

        True my boss pays me money I give him hard work the second he tells me he can’t pay me anymore and wants me to work for free I’m out

      • There’s a big difference between working for a communnity and working for money. When you work for a community you do so because you want to contribute to the community. If you do it for the money you might as well seek traditional employment with a big company that will pay you big bonuses (these hackers could definitely pursue such a job with their skills). I’m not suggesting that they should work for free I’m suggesting they shouldn’t work for the money (which they might not, in fact they’ve stated they don’t yet have not shown any proof – this was what my initial comment was in regard to).

  • I agree with everything said except the money part and the discrimination part. On the subject of money you really can’t go saying you aren’t motivated by money without proving it and on the discrimination note people being wary of a Chinese jailbreak is not discrimination this is people either just being cautious or uneasy due to the stereotypical image of a Chinese hacker. Whether it’s Pangu, Taig or anyone else I’ll alway wait for third parties to A-OK the jailbreak. Although I will not condone actual racism in terms of causing harm to Pangu if anyone has actually done so or thinking of doing so…

  • Marcus

    This isn’t racism. This is just a stereotype that offended the Pangu Team. Based on the blog post, i0n1c seemed skeptical of the Pangu jailbreak because it was made by Chinese developers. They were anonymous and it was the first non-western jailbreak. I don’t know if he is continuing to spread these stereotypes, but I’m siding with his original comment. I was skeptical about the Pangu jailbreak at first too. However, I eventually used the tool because other prominent jailbreak developers said it ok. Now, I tip my hat to Pangu for doing such a fine job with the jailbreak. It’s sad if this stereotype is still being spread around at this point in time. Thank you for everything Pangu Team.

  • gaucho

    I think this ridiculous discrimination chat in time we live in, rather cautiously, dicriminação racismo not. In that involves money of who we work for free, or watch works for free, I jailbreak on all my devices only have a certain caution when downloading the program once launched, always wait a bit to be more stable in order to use the jailbreak

  • Straightshoota

    Ahhh those racists Germans never have had those before ever in history spreading racist hate and lies…… oh wait

    • Rigs101

      I was picturing cartmen in his hitler outfit LMFAO

  • singhay559

    If your skeptical about things dont use it. Plain and simple. No need to blah blah blah and make others look bad when you dont even know the truth.

  • Vladimir BJ

    Hate those who dare to utter or post rasist remarks. I wish pangu team all the best!

  • Theo Teichert

    I dont care about anything above.
    So whens the jailbreak coming..?

  • Lipkiss

    All i know is i did not pay for the jailbreak.Also if they used exploits from some1 else then they had the power to release a JB but they didn’t.

  • Guest

    don’t like it? think it will blow up your decide? simple don’t use it to many scars people these days who think everything will kill them gee!!!!

  • stylesbeyond

    don’t like it? think it will blow up your decide? simple don’t use it to many scared people these days who think everything will kill them gee!!!!

  • SoylentGreen

    Very surprised, that in this day and age, someone as high profile, in opsec, like mr: s.esser would be a rascist but he is descended of nazi (lo,l no hate please!), just saying, i like a truthing session, but man im easy who supplies anything anywhere especially free, who gives a flyer about what colour ppl are?! If they do, blank(ignore) them, they must be ‘stupid as’ lol. Rascists man, ffs, ive no even read the lot but anyone whos dumb enough to think this bs and actually believe it has lost the plot. lol. Simples!!
    White man here, lover of human beings all rascist are anti-human !!

  • byronchurch

    Thanks Pangu for the comunication and all you do !

  • Discus

    I would really like to know who are the sponsor

    “the little sponsorship money it does receive mostly goes towards testing devices, software development and servers to facilitate heavy traffic and downloads.”