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In what could be the most uneventful week for Cydia in months, we have a very scarce selection of tweaks that were released during the past few days. It’s very unimpressive to say the least, and this is hopefully not something that will set a trend.

AKMessages: automatically show the keyboard when selecting a conversation in Messages (free)

BioBoot: lets you unlock your device after reboot without entering passcode (free)

DockWare (iOS 8): allows you to hide and show your dock anywhere ($0.99)

Ember+: an extension for the Tinder app (free)

LockBlur: lets you apply custom blur effects to the Lock screen (free)

MoreSiri: adds extra languages support to Siri (free)

Nourania: a bunch of additional features for the Twitter app ($0.99)

PersianSTU: adds the current Persian date to the Lock screen slider (free)

PhotoUploader: share and upload images to a variety of services ($0.99)

SwitchManager: various options for the App Switcher (free)

If I had to pick the tweak of the week, I’d go for BioBoot. What’s your pick of the week?

  • Justin de Vreugd

    Mehh only like moresiri

  • Taterload

    What is the purpose of BioBoot, wouldn’t it make it possible for anyone to reboot your phone to get access?

    • iPhone 6 users understand why.

    • Tyler Smith

      No it requires Touch ID on reboot. Most times you would need to put in your passcode.

      • Oh that is awesome then! I was avoid this for the same reason as the OP but if it still needs my Touch ID that is what I want for sure.

  • Alberto Espinal

    BioBoot makes my phone go into safe mode, iPhone 6 Plus here!

  • Tyler Smith

    I wouldn’t use bioboot because it takes away deniability if the police take your phone. They can ask for your fingerprint. Not your passcode. Not saying that I plan on getting arrested but this is something everyone should know.

    • JayDee917

      Really? That’s good to know

      • Tyler Smith

        Yeah and it makes sense considering when you “get booked” they take your fingerprints. So recommendation is to hard reboot your phone

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Nothing outstanding lately. Hoping Multify comes out asap, and the impending 8.2 jailbreak should hopefully spice things up.

  • Robert Goldberg

    Love BioBoot. Thanks!

  • Chris Ryan

    couria, by far the best tweak this week, and in the past seeeeveral weeks:)