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One of the biggest public concerns regarding the Apple Watch seems to be its battery life. While other smartwatches, such as the Pebble, claim life of up to 10 days, the Cupertino wearable is said to last for less than 24 hours.

But John Arrow and ex-Nike staffer Lane Musgrave are looking to change that with the ‘Reserve Strap.’ It features embedded lithium polymer cells and an inductive charging cradle to keep your Apple Watch going strong.

Since the Watch hasn’t officially launched yet, the Reserve Strap isn’t a real product yet. It’s currently in the prototype stage, and the team is still trying to iron out details, such as how long the band will extend battery life.

They have submitted patents for their band though, and are already accepting pre-orders, so clearly this is more than just a concept. The current price is $249, but they mention that could change hinging on market interest.

Unveiled in September, the Apple Watch will launch next month with a starting price of $349. It’s rumored that the device features a hidden port for diagnostics, which would open the doors for even more band accessories.

We’re expecting to learn a lot more about Apple Watch at the media event on Monday.

  • Fanboy 

    OR, you could take 2.5 seconds to connect your magnetic wireless charger to your Watch right before you go to sleep ….

    • I charge my iPhone 5 every night before going to sleep. People are just lazy to charge their devices at night and then figure out why it’s dead by midday.

  • abbyruleover

    249$ battery for a 349$ watch?! Madness.

  • L J

    $249, are they mad??

  • NeftyCorrea

    Looks ugly not worth the price !!!!!! And they only have to colors

  • So you pay $350 bucks for the Apple Watch and then plus $250 for this? No thanks. Stop being lazy and charge your devices at night before going to sleep. It’s not that.

    • George

      Stop being lazy and use your 180 billion to create better battery technology.

      • Theres always a group that expects way too much. Money doesn’t buy everything.

      • George

        Um no, money buys research. Apple thinks let’s put this peice of crap watch that isn’t at its fullest potential and the isheep will give us their $$.

      • Victor

        it’s not really that simple. You can pour money and years of research into better battery life and still get no results.

      • Not only defending them but the fact that on this tiny device that does that much its quite amazing. It still has the ability to last a full day. Somethings just are not possible yet and you folks that have no idea about how things like this work shouldn’t criticize ANY company.

      • George

        I’ll be happy to continue this when you get the watch and see it die in 6 hours.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Jay don’t mine this one, everybody is an expert here, but they can even get a job in the cafeteria in any of this companies but yet they have the balls to critique them

      • Yea I try not to let it get to me.

  • Husam Hamed

    Or.. Get a 16GB iPad mini 3 + a Pebble time with a built in 7 days battery life with that same insane price.

  • AppleNewsiDBIntentionallySkips

    In other news, check out this iPhone 6 design from 2012…guess where Apple got the idea from.
    Samsung ATIV S:

    • And heres the rest of the phone that looks nothing like any iPhone but just like all other samesungs.


      • AppleNewsiDBIntentionallySkips

        Well the iPhone 6 looks as much as that as the S6 looks like the iPhone. If you consider that to looking nothing like the iPhone, then by the same sense, the S6 looks nothing like the iPhone, just an advancement on Samsung’s old design.

      • Advancement? Removing the ability to remove that battery and SD is not really an advancement.. To be fair the S6 its an advancement on Apple iPhone 6 design. It does look better and probably bends less.

      • Cameron

        what a fail, whats your beef? that phone looks nothing like the iphone omfg, try harder.

  • George

    Wow lmao, a $350 watch just turned 600$.

  • Straightshoota

    apple knows how to separate fools and their money…meanwhile the stainless steel watch will be $550 for women $600 for the mens version. Pony up for a product apple made obsolete 8years ago lol

  • Haha, the low battery life is clearly intentional business…such master marketing of ripoff products.

    • So Apple products should cost less and samsungs should cost more? I just think all of them should be cheaper.. No phone deserves to be $850 +..

      • George

        Especially with 16gb storage, you get a 1TB PC for less than that.

      • Victor

        A pc is literary 20 times bigger than your phone…

      • Dan

        True but you can get a 128gb micro sd on the cheap, so there’s not excuse for 16 GB

      • Victor

        I was just trying to say that you cannot compare hdd pc storage and flash iphone storage as they are two different things.

      • Dan

        I agree. Although I don’t think the storage prices are justified though.

      • George

        And the point is? You can make a 128gb iPhone and it costs them barely anything.

      • “So Apple products should cost less and samsungs should cost more?”

        Where did I make that statement? Didn’t even mention Samsung.

        “I just think all of them should be cheaper.. No phone deserves to be $850 +..”


      • The first was just a general question hence the question mark.

  • Cool idea. Way too pricey.

  • Nice solution; short of a nuclear powered watch. Expect next years edition of the Apple watch to use a more efficient battery

  • WaterTrooper

    If only Apple would make their products a tad thicker for a bigger battery. What a concept.

  • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

    a fool and his money are soon parted. $250 for a wrist battery pack? really? I mean really? are people that stupid? of course they are 🙁

  • Steven Honey

    Hmmm. Seems like this would possibly get in the way of the sensors on the back of the watch. I know the band had holes for the sensors, but I thought the watch had to come in contact with a body and keep contact for Apple pay to work with watch. Maybe it’s made of materials that will transfer body signals.

  • Xavier Du

    Why would people need extending the battery life of Apple Watch? Is there anyone would wear it whilst he/she is sleeping?

  • ravinigga

    249 is just ripoff only for battery. For 100$ more You get battery And much more than An watch.

    But 1 day sound not great. But is handt when You get up fully charged mayby end of THE day empty or little more battery. Just charge if You go to sleep. In 2 hours is easy.

  • bigzjoseph

    Will it come with a handy J for that price

  • Ethan Humphrey

    Just spend another $100 and get yourself another apple watch!

  • Dante Arellano

    This apple watch is how Apple slow down the technology in out life we know already there is smart watches with more of one day of battery life apple come up with this product that is around less of a day of battery life,why realese a product that ain’t realistic to use then one year letter realese another apple watch witn better battery life we seen this market tactics with the iphone as consumers all this is bullshite

    It should be a new an iPhone evry 12 or 18 moths no a stupid s’

    New products in between