Cydia Update

As promised by saurik, and as we reported on a few days ago, Cydia has received a modest visual update. The update, which makes the interface look a lot more modern and flat, has rolled out automatically, hence there is no need to download any updates.

Cydia Update

Is this update a response to iMods and Comex’s surprise involvement with that project? I don’t know if we’ll truly know the answer to that. But what I can say is that this update looks like it has been in the works for quite some time. Maybe its release was fast-tracked due to the news of Comex coming back to the scene, thus making iMods look like much more of a credible threat than it was previously, or maybe this was in the cards to begin with.

At any rate, the update is a welcomed change, and hopefully just an additional step in a total UI overhaul that I think Cydia will benefit from. The underlying functionality of Cydia has remained the same, but what do you think about the upgraded optics? Do you like it? Sound off down below in the comments section.

  • Vatsal Manot

    The new design looks very rough and sketchy on my iPad mini. I don’t like it. Hopefully some optimization will follow.

    • JayDee917

      It’s such a subtle change, if I didn’t read this article I probably wouldn’t have even realized there was an update.

      • Agreed, I was hoping to get a more visual upgrade. I loved the way Rock your phone looked and worked.

      • Vatsal Manot

        Pffft. Non-perfectionists.

    • Xee

      Looks a bit better on the iPhone 6+ now.

  • Rusty

    Hope some functionality changes will soon follow.

  • Zain Elsell

    Will they added some more recent tweaks i see but omg it looks strange really really strange…(#_#)

  • hkgsulphate

    what took him so long

    • Anmol Malhotra

      He created jailbreak. He’s giving you everything for free and still you complain?
      Such an a**hole.

      • Martin

        Devs are giving you everything and this year pretty much nothing is for free.. So you are the a**hole.

      • Joostiphone

        Don’t want to sound like an **shole to, but mister Freeman is making big bucks with Cydia due to commission per paid tweak/theme which we buy. So I guess an updated system is not to much to ask. So please go back in your corner, a**hole.

      • Actually, Saurik once wrote one of his monolithic essays discussing just how little money he actually earns from Cydia. He takes a meagre percentage of tweak sales and with that, he had to pay for all the server costs and his own costs, his net profit from Cydia is told to actually be very small

    • Chris Wagers

      seems he waited on a serious competitor that might take a lot of his business. Once that happened it really didn’t take him long. Or maybe I’m just totally off base.

      • Buzz { Light:Year; }

        You right

  • Ahmed Karoui

    I thought it was a glitch when i launched Cydia earlier haha

    • Fouad Ab

      Me too

  • ilikeiphone

    (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Wow, i did not even know about this update until i saw this post. I barely tap on the featured tab but this looks nice on my iphone.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    It’s nice but it’s barely a start. The skeucons still need to be updated, including the restart springboard button. iModz is still looking much more promising

    • Gabriel Anaya

      *Looks at bottom*

      • Haraesh Jayalingam

        Same here. Found this out only after seeing your message :p

  • Smeltn

    I am still interested in seeing what iMods is going to bring to the table. Do we have any expected release date yet?

  • Christopher Robin Hernandez

    The visuals are nice, but i dont like how that was the ONLY update made to cydia. That doesnt make cydia any much better in functionality. I was expecting something bigger due to the fact that this is going to be competing with iMods. Please add some more functionality that we really need. Like popular tweaks, trending, and most downloaded tweaks and themes. I really want to know what everybody is downloading directly in the app.

  • theapple99

    cydia Loads faster

    • Inseltraeumer

      also, Safari feels snappier

      • theapple99

        Is anyone having lagging issues with loading idownloadblog?

      • Inseltraeumer

        I do, actually, I suppose their servers are overwhelmed by the number of visitors.

      • theapple99

        thanks i almost thought it was me. i thought i would have to dfu restore. the two websites that do act up are phonerebel and idownloadblog

      • You’d have genuinely restored your phone just because two websites load a little slower?

      • theapple99

        i haven’t done it yet but phonerebel kept reloading and was crashing safari. And i’m a little worried

      • Hmm sure it’s not a tweak? Pirated tweaks tend to mess with Safari quite a lot

      • theapple99

        I don’t pirate

      • theapple99

        Fixed it!! uninstalled showcase

  • Smartest Dev

    look at Saurik panic. Trying to improve Cydia, ehh? it’s too far out of date.

    • Cristian B

      How is it out of date? The whole foundation of jailbreaking is centered around Cydia. Just because some dude who is trying to make a new “Cydia” you think it’s outdated? And where is iMods! They said a fall 2014 release and now it’s February in the climax of winter. One of the main developer of iMods is a 19-year old who seems to dislike…. no…… detest Saurik.

      • Joey_Z

        It’s not outdated, but it could be better. The whole internet in the US is centered around cables and infrastructures, it’s still usable, but it could be better, think internet in Japan 10 years ago, or today’s Google Fiber.

      • Smartest Dev

        Look at Cydia iOS 1 and look at Cydia on Current iOS… exactly the same. Even includes the SAME iOS 1 plugin’s that no longer work. Why? It’s dirty, unorganized, and outdated. 90% of the tweaks don’t even have screenshots. Screenshot button doesn’t work 70% of the time. It’s so far outdated it deserves to be destroyed.

  • Rex

    See… competition from iMods is making Saurik fix up and it aint even dropped yet. Can’t believe people still complaining about competition being bad. SMH. Cydia been in stagnation for ages and then all of a sudden Saurik chose now to say that he has many ‘updates coming to cydia’ what convenient timing.

    • Martin

      He is one ugly fat $*A*$#$@#$. For how many years he did nothing to make it look good.. It’s not only about creating something..

      • Smartest Dev

        Agreed! xD He just sat there collecting donations like a BUM

  • Brian Brown

    Thanks for the heads up, Jeff.

  • This mostly affects the front page. There are some things within the apps that are different but for the most part Cydia looks the same. Not saying it’s not a wanted update though. Anything is something.

    • iPhoneWINS

      look like they just removed the borders and let it flow to the

    • Rahimo

      I like that “anything is something” !!

  • Steve Ferreira

    I don’t care how cydia looks. As long as it’s working I’m happy.

    • Michael

      And you are the guy that will buy a Chevy instead of a BMW because you look at a car just as a point A to point B thing.

      • Steve Ferreira

        Yes pretty much. Also because I think that BMWs are ugly but that’s another story 😉

      • Dan

        As with the car analogy, maybe there are other things more important to invest your time/money in?

  • Slifur

    Thanks iMods for the pressure you’re giving to saurik. Im sure there will be more updates to come from saurik, since iMods is right in the corner.

  • Rob180sx

    Bytafont works in Cydia now? That’s cool.

    • It always did for me? I’m pretty sure it did

      • Rob180sx

        Oh really? Mine definitely did not. Is now tho

  • JayDee917

    This proves competition is a good thing in the jailbreak community.

    Also, this update made realize how rarely I go to the home tab on Cydia. It really needs a major overhaul. They need a “Made for iPhone 6” section or “Top iOS 8 Tweaks,” but instead just show the same sponsored apps. Saurik is really missing an opportunity to expand the jailbreak community by not making Cydia more user friendly and making it look a lot more like Apple’s App Store.

    Hopefully the pressure from Comex pushes him to finally do it.

  • Joey_Z

    A smell of competition is doing good for the end users. A real competition will only make things better for the end user. For anyone saying cydia is free so we shouldn’t complaint, are you using paid tweaks?

    • LeePattison

      Obviously they don’t or else they wouldn’t think Cydia was free.

  • Tom

    Still horrible.

  • ♋JULY 17♋

    Can’t complain awesome just keep doing what yu love Saurik

  • iPhoneWINS

    eh … look rushed and incomplete.. dang just pay a real UI designer to hook it up and be done

  • Edwin

    Cydia is so outdated

    • iPhoneWINS

      cydia works and enables us to mage our jailbreak so why complain?

  • iPhoneWINS

    everyone is just bored… fact is the iPhone is boring…. the iPhone basic blocky UI is boring and most software that runs on it conforms to tat boring them.. even the jailbreak stuff… but iPhone works so well that we put up with the boringness

  • Jamessmooth

    Looks great on my 6+!

  • Rahimo

    Q-Is this minor update good ?
    A-Yes, it looks more flat and modern!!
    Q-Is it making change on the “Featured” tab?
    Q-Has it improved the performance of Cidya?
    A-Nope! Not as I noticed!
    Then it is not useful !!

  • Ian

    Bug ?

  • Fanboy 

    Who is he trying to fool? Literally only 1 element was changed, which does look nice btw, but it’s clear this was a really quick change he made upon pressure from iMods.

  • Vvbreaker

    Jeff, can you spread the word about The Digital Millennium Copyright Act mentioned on Home-Cydia ? Jailbreak needs our support right now!

  • Buzz { Light:Year; }


  • Martin

    Cydia is still ugly as f$%#… It’s been forever since it’s online and no design changes (major).. It’s time saurik to do some work..

  • Lagax

    It’s literally 2-5 lines of code and everybody is like ‘visual overhaul’, really?

  • Rest assured, this update is not a thing because of iMods

  • Nathan

    The design looks awful in my opinion..

  • Tyler Smith

    Does this look like this was done overnight? no. was this a bit rushed? yes. why? because of the competition. its not that hard to understand and you people are very hard on a man who is trying his best. At first i thought that i was going to make the switch but with the recent events I won’t. The creators are very rude and unprofessional. People need to realize that Cydia is what jailbreaking is.

  • Smartest Dev

    People donate money to him. Not really all that free. You think he’s coming out of pocket for the thousand+ dollars a month for the servers… he’s not. We are.

    We have the right to complain about whatever we want. Just wait until iMods gets here 😉

  • Joey_Z

    Obviously Saurik did a very good job on distorting the law of economics…

  • Andrew

    It looks great, but I have three beefs with this update:

    The My3G ad-thing should be at the top. It looks weird there. It should be with the rest of the ad-things underneath.

    The “Restart Springboard” (or whatever) button when you install/update/remove a tweak is off-centre.

    And ^that button is also still ≤ iOS 6-styled (the Pangu app on iOS 8.0.x had a nice installation interface and button; he should use that as reference).

  • Ryan

    I was so sure the look had changed as I was looking at it last night! Well early this morning. I welcome the new look but hopefully more is definitely on the way! Still will probably try out that new iMods anyways whether or not there’s major changes to Cydia.

  • Allen Greathouse


  • Nathan Michael Dreggors

    Sadly being that I am new to jailbreaking and using mods and tweaks, this update really is not user friendly. All the videos retaining to how to install things like siri and dictation on the input 4 7.1.2 version all work with the previous visual layout. I understand the videos, but the steps do not transfer over to the newer interface. I wish I understood how to use source to add sources and download and use the tweaks and features that I want on my phone.