“The biggest iOS release ever.”

SiliconBeat reports Apple has been hit with a class-action lawsuit alleging it doesn’t inform its customers how much storage iOS 8 takes up on their device, and then asks them to buy more space on iCloud.

The case was filed in a San Francisco Bay federal court on Tuesday, claiming iOS 8 can take up to 23.1 percent of storage on the iPhone 5s and 23.1 percent on an iPod. It says Apple isn’t truly representing the storage available on its devices. 

“We feel that there are a substantial number of Apple consumers that have been shortchanged, and we’ll be pursuing the claims vigorously,” said William Anderson, a lawyer at Cuneo Gilbert & Laduca, a Washington, D.C.-based law firm.

Sixty-four percent of Apple devices now run iOS 8, according to Apple’s Developer Center, and the plaintiffs in the case hope to represent “sweeping classes of users who bought Apple gadgets with iOS 8 already installed.”

Samsung faced similar heat, when fans of its Galaxy S4 discovered the 16GB version of the 5-inch smart phone actually only has around 8GB of useful memory. Samsung claimed it took up the storage to bring “more powerful features to our consumers.”

Furthermore, this isn’t Apple’s first time fending off such claims. In 2012, it beat a case in a Canadian court claiming it misled customers on how much storage the iPod truly has.


  • Saul

    This Lawsuit won’t get anywhere. I wish there was a way to force Apple into making devices that support MicroSD cards like every other device does though

    • Joey_Z

      A lot of other flashship devices are actually abandoning MicroSD cards, simply because people blame the phone when their ebay bought cards fail…

      • John Smith

        They are abandoning it because it is more profitable for them to sell the storage themselves.

        It also forces the customer to buy a new device when their capacity runs out. After all, what do consumers normally buy? What they are familiar with.

      • Joey_Z

        You don’t think I typed those lines with full on seriousness, do you? lol

        I don’t like the way Apple bumped 32 and 64 to 64 and 128 but left the 16G unchanged. But Apple implemented a textbook marketing this year by basically collecting 100 bucks more from everybody by doing nothing illegal.

        Saying it’s a scam is not true.

    • Jason Baroni

      I want more storage for apps, not content.

    • Manuel Molina

      This case just might go somewhere. I brought a 16 GB iPhone 6+ and received 10 GB of storage. I only need 16 and shouldn’t have to cough up an extra 100 dollars to get what I paid for from the get. And yeah, I know I won’t get 16 GB completely, but 16 GB shouldn’t be 10 GB out the box and you say 16. It’s bs. I think Apple needs to kill the 16 GB model and price point the 32 as the 16 if their OS will take almost 5 to 6 GB of the operating system.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        You have to understand that iOS is HUGE. When you download it, it’s 1.xx GB, that’s because it’s compressed. It makes sense why it’s like that, just like buying a laptop where you get 500 GB but Windows says that 467 are already used. They should make devices with dual memory, one for iOS and the second for content.

      • Manuel Molina

        I get this and understand you will not get the full capacity, but you’re putting 16 GB and offering 10 makes you wonder why would you offer or advertise 16. For that, increase the storage. And granted, it is up to the consumer to do the research, but if so, it should be put on the box that you aren’t going to get the storage you brought but will get this much (put the exact storage on there).

      • Svs

        Because technically it’s true that the device have 16GB of storage, Apple doesn’t put the number of storage “available” for consumer neither does any company for obvious reason ($)

      • Manuel Molina

        Of course, money is the driving force and companies, carriers and others do this. But it also loses money for them in some cases. If I knew my iPhone had 4 gigs off, I would have just said, “let me get the 32 GB.”

        While I wouldn’t have wanted to cough up an extra 100, if I had an idea iOS would rape 5 GB of HDD

      • Svs

        Wouldn’t that give them more money?
        Storage is very cheap nowadays (about 0.5$/GB)
        And they charge you 100$


        I couldn’t agree with you more! I think it’s bullshit that they eliminated the 32 GB version and kept the 16 gig version. It makes no sense to me.

      • NekoMichi

        They replaced the 32GB model with the 64GB one at the same price point. (in the UK at least, anyway)

      • Rowan09

        Exactly. I always buy the 32GB model so I was happy they replaced it for the same price as the 64GB. I believe they will eventually do the same for 16Gb. Once you go higher it’s hard to go back down.

      • NekoMichi

        Too true! I went from 16 to 32GB, and was glad they replaced that with 64GB. Now 16GB feels like nothing.

      • M_thoroughbred

        My daughter has an iphone 6+ 16gb but she only has 12.6gb available. Where did you get your iphone with just 10gb?

      • Manuel Molina

        Im not sure. I did a few restores and kept getting 10.5. When I jailbroke, I deleted language packs, useless carrier bundles, and stocks and other apps I never will use. I ended up getting about 2 GB back.

      • Mustang5Oh

        Have you ever purchased any electronic device with a hard drive? Stop crying about it and realize everyone does this and you should know by now in 2014 almost 2015 the storage claimed will always be slightly less due to the OS.

      • Antzboogie

        Well I hope this case wins so they can actually give us the gb we pay for.

      • Manuel Molina

        Don’t be such a tool. Just because “everyone does this…” does not make it acceptable to the consumer.

        And no, none of us know that the OS will take more and more of the storage every year because Apple doesn’t say that it does. You find out after you by it. That is the issue being raised here. Please read the article.

        So if iOS takes 4 to 5 GB and more each yeah, why does the download of the file come at 2 GB? It expands and takes more storage. So you’re raping the consumer on downloading it and if they buy a new device with the newest iOS. And I’m suppose to know what OS will take more or less? Makes sense.

      • Antzboogie

        The OS shouldn’t be taking up part of what’s offered to us as storage space. Make it exactly what you advertise it as. If it’s 32 gb and the OS takes up 6g b then give us a 38 gb and use your storage not ours.

    • jack

      It is called reliability

    • shar

      There will never be any MicroSD support in iPhone,
      because Apple’s whole business model revolves around user experience (ie how a consumer feels using an iPhone) and to this end they decide for you and they have sacrificed many features iPhone could have had including the MicroSD.
      why? because MicroSD means more crashes (compatibility, removeblity, accessibility to the content, etc…), slowed system performance (because ios has to load & map it and keep it in the memory in addition to it’s own storage) and other problems which at the end might create a less satisfactory impression.
      I don’t like it, but that’s how apple is, they limit what you can do so you stay happy with your experience,
      anything that might compromise that experience will be thrown out of the window.

      • John Smith

        Thats a load of hogwash.

        What it is about is controlling the experience for pure fincial gain.

        1. In order to upgrade your memory you need a new phone
        2. You can’t buy third party parts in which apple cannot profit from
        3. They can force the user to buy a more of their ridiculously priced storage then they need so they don’t have to fear running out

    • jack

      I’m sure you are not Saul Goodman

    • ck125

      Or make 32gb the base mode. Flash storage is cheap

      • john

        If they did then most ppl will think that it’s enough and then they won’t make as much money on the 64gb model
        Things aren’t supposed to make sense for US, but it alllll makes sense for THEM don’t u worry about that…it has nothing to do with the customer ur just brainwashed to think that it does, u apple suckers. Get ur heads out of the sand already

    • pyrodice

      There’s a reason Mophie is doing quite well with its “SpacePack” case.

  • NandoNY177 .

    I remember when it only took 2gbs lol is about time someone said something and took them to court

    • Manuel Molina


    • This lawsuit is dumb and a lot people don’t know understand how strange is calculated. My 128GB iPhone has 114GB of usable storage before the OS is installed. The OS only takes about 1-2GBs of space its the reason 8GB iPhones are still being sold. A 16GB iPhone has about 12.7GB capacity not including an OS The OS is not taking my 14GBs nor the 4S’ 3GBs.

      On a side note, I feel as though 32GB should be the standard for devices now. 8 and 16 is too low but its definitely not the OS thats hogging the space..

      • M_thoroughbred

        People that bought a 16gb iphone wanted to save money. The 64gb iphone 6 is being sold for the same price that a 32gb iphone 5&5s was sold for. So they could have just gotten that instead. My macbook pro has 320gb and I only get about 305 of actual user storage. My xbox one has 500gb but I only get about 385gb of user storage. what I’m trying to say is that this lawsuit will get thrown out cause if not every tech company will have to pay their customers back and I don’t see that happening. that’s why they provide options.

      • Antzboogie

        I disagree you advertise a 32 gb iPhone give us 32 gb you need space for the OS make it like 38 gb take 6 gb for yourself. It’s simple as that. People are buying smartphones and laptops and some people don’t care if their getting jerked I do. Some people work hard for their money and want to get what they pay for.

      • But you can’t blame just Apple for following this when all companies do it. Sue the hard drive and flash drive companies. They are the ones confusing everyone with the 1000mb =1 GB mentality.

      • M_thoroughbred


  • Guest

    Well, the Drioid Mini, Droid Maxx, Droid Turbo, LG G2, Moto X, and several others do not support an MicroSD card as some of its predecessors. These are VZW devices, cant speak on other carriers devices. But it’s something they seem to be going without. And yes I know the LG G3 supports one if someone decides to throw it out there.

    • Sunny

      Yes but latest Android itself is less than half the size of ios 8 😮

      • Nathan

        It’s also half as stable too.

      • Sunny

        don’t be ignorant now. i still use iphone as my daily driver but my nexus 5 on android 5 hardly any bugs compared to the bug ridden ios 8. i can tell your stuck in the past

      • Dan

        They keep saying that, but I’ve had my Note 4 since it came out, never crashed.

  • Juschan

    would be great if the os would be on an extra 4gb chip so u would get all the storage and it could speed up ur phone

    • Jonathan

      It’d be hard to do so. Each device has different OS sizes, and updates can change that. So, Apple would have to give extra space to allow for growth in the OS, and then users will complain they want that space that is dedicated to the OS because it’s just sitting there. You really can’t make everyone happy. I think Apple is doing the best they can.

      • Saul

        The best they can would be to allow us to use external memory cards. That way we could store at least photos and videos there that fill up your phone in no time. Online storage is crap. You require an internet connection all the time and you end up using even more data.

      • Burge

        Just buy a wifi hard drive then.
        Like this one. 500Gb of storage and your device links straight to it.

      • Saul

        For that price might as well pay the $100 extra and get the IPhone with more storage. And how is that any better than storing your files on a NAS drive? Plus is not something you will be carrying with you where ever you go. Plain and simple, built s freaking memory card slot on the damn phone and let people use that to transfer files like pictures and videos.

      • Burge

        This can be used outside away from home. You can have your device linked to it .

        I put up the wrong one. This is the correct one sorry.

        This links direct to the device. No router

        I myself also use a NAS drive. .

      • john

        I agree of course, I mean give me a fuking breaking, the ONLY electronic media devices today that DONT have a microsd is slot are Apples…ooooo I’m so fuken surprised! Their a greedy bunch which I’ve figured out mannny years ago. U fools

      • I think what he’s saying is have a dedicated OS memory chip in every phone and a separate chip for data(apps and media). Which is a pretty good idea, Im sure they’d fine a way for it to work.

      • john

        iOS 8 is 2gb COMPRESSED buddy. Have u ever downloaded the ipsw file?? That’s how much it is

      • Yep and it expands to 14GBs on my phone right? wrong. It would be impossible for that to happen on an 8GB iPhone 5C…

  • Great Scott

    All their moves lately seem to have been to just subtly show how outdated their devices are to consumers so that they’ll upgrade.

    You can’t downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7 or anything more stable because Apple stops signing those versions.. So if you’re on a 4S and upgraded to iOS 8 you’re stuck on a broken piece of crap until they update it many months later.

    They kept the base model at 16 GB STILL while raising the other tiers to 64 and 128 GB respectively even with iOS 8 taking a huge chunk of that space. Also, they decided to go with TLC NAND flash memory for their higher tiered storage models which has been known to cause a lot of issues but this saves Apple on cost and it’s cheaper for them to just keep replacing broken phones with refurbished ones than it is to have just used better quality components in the first place.

    • Saul

      Such bullshit. Base Model should have been 32GB
      They went from 16GB to 64GB just because people know 16GB is not enough. They should be sue for that lol

  • TwinSon

    I have to agree. Don’t pitch the storage size without mentioning how much storage the OS takes up. You’re not paying for 16GB, 64Gb, or even 128GB of storage because you can’t actually use that much. They need to let people know up front how much they are actually getting.

  • Burge

    In that case don’t be cheap and buy a device with more space. These feature that people want have to go somewhere. And if Apple are going to give more be prepared for less space.

    This is almost laughable.

    • TwinSon

      This has nothing to do about being cheap and everything to do with misrepresentation. You wouldn’t buy a car with 3 wheels when it was advertised with 4, would you? Apple needs to be more forthcoming with how much storage is actually available for the consumer, especially since App sizes continue to increase.

      • Burge

        If you really need the space you wouldn’t buy a 8/16Gb device. It’s called a compromise. If you need the space your going to have to pay more for it. I’ve only ever had 16 devices and I don’t fill them up full of photos or crap. . I use OneDrive for that and the 40Gb it gives me for free. In fact I have 6.7Gb free on my device right now. All the music I need is on a iPod and that just for in my car. Like I said it’s called a compromise. After all this is a phone use it as such and if you can do more than good for you.

        Apple have moved on with the OS so it’s going to take more space. Just a shame that people haven’t realised that.

      • TwinSon

        That’s great, but that’s what YOU DO. Not what everyone else does. The fact you’re even commenting on this site shows that you’re in the minority of tech savvy users. Spending an extra $100 for storage you will probably never use isn’t a “compromise”. Being forced to use Cloud Storage which is only useful with a data connection isn’t actually a working solution either. Point blank, just tell people how much they are getting up front. It’s really just that simple.

      • Burge

        So telling people what they’ll get so they end up buying a larger storage devices. No one is forcing anyone so buy more storage in the cloud. It’s a option that you can if you wish take advantage of. This is after all a phone or a music player the fact it can do more than that is a plus. But as always people are not happy. Apple could say it will take up more space than older iOS’s but the best way is to let users decide on what iOS they have on there device. So if you got a 5s you can downgrade to iOS 7 because that’s what was on the device when it was launched and no one argued with the space then.

      • TwinSon

        A. How is that a bad thing? If you properly inform someone of what exactly they are getting, then you’ve done your job. If they want to pay more to get a larger device, that’s a bonus. Not telling them anything is the issue here. Cloud storage is an option, but it’s pitched almost from the start to new customers. Go in to any store or carrier and play the role of an average customer and tell us what they tell you. I just bought a 64GB iPad Air 2 ( hasn’t even shipped yet) from T-Mobile 3 days ago. I went in store to see if they had the 64GB in stock and the first thing reps try to do is pitch you the smallest capacity and supplement it with cloud storage.

        B. When was the last time Apple pitched the iPhone as just a phone or “music player”? It’s a multimedia entertainment device that just so happens to be a phone as well. Hell, even their recent commercials pitched to customers “You’re more powerful thank you think”.

        C. When was the last time you ever heard a company tell it’s consumers to downgrade to a previous OS? In addition, a new device purchase ALWAYS comes with the most up to date and viable OS available. Furthermore, restoring a device will force you to update to the newest available OS.

        Again, just tell people what they are getting up front and let them decide from there.

      • Burge

        I’am not saying I don’t disagree with what your saying. What i’m saying is , As the iOS’s get more features your going to loose space. You can not expect Apple to tell you what space on your device is going to get used up on the next iOS. And that’s what is has been mentioned in the post. It’s iPhone 5s users

        “The case was filed in a San Francisco Bay federal court on Tuesday, claiming iOS 8 can take up to 23.1 percent of storage on the iPhone 5s and 23.1 percent on an iPod. It says Apple isn’t truly representing the storage available on its devices. ”

        The device is a year old and this new OS uses more space than iOS 7. Let people downgrade to iOS 7 if they want that space back.

      • TwinSon

        Building up a cache of apps, music, photos, documents, and software updates are expected to happen over time. Apple knows this and they know consumers know this to a degree. At the very least, Apple should inform people the same way Carriers (which is actually really thoughtful) inform people of how much they can do with their data.

        Just as At&T has a nicely illustrated diagram of how much video you can stream, web pages you can surf, music you can stream, and apps you can download with the your monthly data plan….so should Apple inform you of how much you can store on your phone with the storage option you’ve chosen.

        Downgrading the OS promotes fragmentation which is never a good thing. They really just need to nix the 16GB option altogether that’s not enough storage for anyone whether you’re always connected to the internet or not.

      • Diego Milano

        I agree with you, especially on the car analogy- I believe it’s very valid.

      • Louie

        1.That’s a terrible comparison. 2. HDD’s for pc do the same as do microsd and basically any kind of storage so I don’t see a problem here.

  • jack

    Well, with an 8GB iPhone 4S, the GB-GiB scam, and iOS8’s large size, you end up with like 3 real gigabytes free. Glad I bought the 64GB iPhone6.

  • Does it say anywhere that you have 16 GB of usable space. Pretty sure it just says 16 GB of space.

  • Melma

    Its crazy if you think about it, my 6+ 128gbs goes down to 114gbs after installing iOS8, so if you do the imath i128-i114 = iphone 14gbs <~~das -almost another fuck*ng just wondering those people with iphones of 16gbs how much space do they get after installing iOs8 ?…just asking/saying.

    • The OS is not taking your 14GBs My iPhone is the same way. Any formatted drive has a significant drop in usable storage. For instace no mater what OS you use a 250 GB hard drive calculates to 232 GBs of usable space. That not including an Operating system.

      This is the simplest explanation. Hard drive manufactures measure using 1000 MB per GB, but the actual conversion is 1024 MB per GB. That is why us end users ALWAYS end up with less space.

      • Melma

        Yea its true

      • TwinSon

        Very true that extra 24mb adds up quickly.

  • J. Rockwell

    The only lawsuit should be apple charging $100 for each models storage increase.

    That is all

    • This is what the lawsuit should be lol. I couldn’t agree more. The difference in the price of chips are dollars/cents different.

    • TwinSon

      Hell yea.

  • TK421

    Lawyers see 150 billion dollars, not gigabytes, to bring this class action.

    • Diego Milano

      Hahaha, well said!

  • singhay559

    Sue them all. Fukers makn too much $ n rippn us off.

  • SMFH

    Excellent. It’s about time someone took these tech companies to court over this BS. If you selling a device with 16GB. Then i should fkin get 16GB not 13.1Gb not 12 not 10 not 8GB WTF is this shiit? If you need 2GB for or whatever for the OS then you ship the device with 18Gb. You dont fkin eat up MY space.

    • Diego Milano

      Well, that I agree, but you know… marketing crap takes over common sense these days, I guess. 😉

  • Manuel Molina

    I know that, bro, and I understand iOS is a big OS. But don’t put 16GB and give us 10 GB. We should get 32 as an entry-level iOS device then or tell customers we won’t be getting 16 GB and what you will be getting. Advertise what’s real: put 10 GB on the box b

    • XZavier

      I agree that we should get 32 as entry level, also it is not fair we do not actually get all the space on our phones for what we want, but technically we are getting 16 GB, just some of that storage is being used.

      • Gary LE

        Agreed. The total storage is what it says. But it would be nice to have more usable storage for the user lol. Anyways i have a 64gb 6 plus so i aint trippin lol

  • Stefano Polo

    All of our iOS devices in my family had to upgrade to the 20gb iCloud storage with the iOS 8 release when updating OTA. Never needed that much space with previous iOS releases. We basically downgraded back to the free 5GB storage after the upgrade….ridiculous.

    • Diego Milano

      Have you tried restoring via iTunes and do a fresh install without restoring any backup and see how it goes? I’m pretty sure they just like with computers, there is a lot of unneeded/unused files that can be wiped from the filesystem.

    • john

      Can u guys believe how small the first iOS was? I mean that on the first iPhone? It was like under 200mb ipsw file! Now it’s 2000mb! 10 times the size! I think it’s over the top! It’s just a mobile OS not a full blown desktop OS like windows or mac. iOS 9 will grow even more exponentially, 3gb of bullshit or 4? THIS is how much I need so I can browse the web and read books? Fuk u Apple u lying thieves!

  • Saul

    That’s using Wifi. I mean something you can carry like a MicroSD card. Something that will always be available

    • Burge

      You can link your device to it direct. Wifi to it direct. No router needed.

    • Burge

      Sorry wrong one.

  • NekoMichi

    The packaging of iOS devices does state that formatted memory would be less than the listed capacity. Granted, not significantly less. But it’s still common sense for us to expect the operating system to take up some space too. With more and more features added to iOS each year, it shouldn’t be any surprise that iOS 8 takes up so much more of the device’s storage capacity than the original iPhone OS.

    • Diego Milano

      Agreed, and this is valid -I’m sure- for Macs as well.

    • Mark Kramer

      You have missed the point. We are talking about OS space, not space lost to formatting.

      • NekoMichi

        I did mention about storage capacity lost to the OS. In fact, most of my comment was about that.

    • john

      I’m sorry but iOS take up several more gigs of space compared to iOS 7 and for wut??? I don’t see practically ANYTHING new in this version! Like seriously how much better is iOS 8 than 7?? In fact most ppl can say it’s worse cuz of the plethora of bugs it brings! It’s bullshit! Plus it comes with iBooks preninstalled which u cannot remove! All this bloatware adds up. Trust me this was done on purpose to force ppl to buy their more expensive models it’s that fuken simple stop kidding urself.

      • NekoMichi

        If that’s how you feel, then you could just not update and stay on iOS 7.

  • john diaz

    False marketing if you ask me! if an iPhone is 16gb and the firmware is going to take up to 3 or 4 gigabytes of your storage then they should be honest and say it’ll be 11 or 12gb iPhone.

  • Rigs101

    They sell internal memory cases for iPhones not sure about newer devices though just delete the space in the link http://www.mophie. com/shop/space-pack

  • Mark Kramer

    I agree it’s nuts. Have a special partition for just the OS and the advertised size (less formatting) is for the user.

  • Warmachine69

    This hahha

  • Disasterpiece

    I have a 32 GB Galaxy S 5 (extremely rare to find) and I use the SD card mainly for music and movies (64 GB). If I had an iPhone, I would go for the 64 or 128 GB version, as the 16 GB is for novices. I bought a 128 GB iPad Air from Gazelle and I can’t get past 105 GB. I comes with 120 GB available for storage, so I can see if I purchased a 16 GB how I would be angry.

  • James G

    Love the pun at the beginning of this article.

  • iKhalil

    If only we had the possibility of delete stuff just like the yellow app tips or the possibility to install iCleaner Pro without the Jailbreak

  • john

    iOS 8 takes up considerably more amounts of space than iOS 7 and I have NOOOO idea why?! When u download the firmware (the ipsw file) it’s 500Mb more than iOS 7 was and this is compressed! So this is wut they do: Whenever a new iOS comes out they add a shitload more of space-eating bullshit bloatware to it so that u GET pissed off and are then “forced” to buy a newer model with more storage.
    You must understand that the number one thing that they concentrate most on is their marketing strategy, the rest is second place.

  • PhilT

    I know lots of people are moaning about space, but if you bought a brand new iPhone 6 or + don’t forget it comes preinstalled with i movie – 700mb, pages – 300mb, numbers 250mb, and so forth….. delete these if so, we never used to get these.

  • springer85

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!The storage has been like this SINCE 2007 with Iphones and NOW people are only starting to cry about it?LMFAO!
    The reason you do not get 16gb OR 32 OR 64 right out of the box is due to the IOS and PRE LOADED APPS!!
    People who buy 16gb phones and then complain they do not have enough storage is PATHETIC YOU are the ones that bought the product Apple did not tell you which GB device you should buy!
    Seriously if you just use your phone for calls and a few albums and few movies then 16gb IS fine DO NOT get a 16gb and then expect to put loads of movies,tv shows and music on it but then cry when you do not have enough memory!
    I have just bought a 64GB Iphone 6 Plus as I have loads of movies and music and after IOS and pre loaded Apps I have 58GB left like WHO CARES?
    There is a REASON Apple gives you the choice of 16 32 64 and now 128 GB!

    • George

      Apple is greedy and cheap, 16gb devices shouldn’t even be made.

  • soundmanbrad

    I agree, there’s something wrong with the person buying the phone if they think that the operating system takes up no space.

  • jay

    If they say 16GB that should be the storage available and not in total! I tried a 16GB iPhone and for my needs its enough however I prefer 64GB and be on the save side

  • Rodney Coleman

    Good… They shouldve offered 32GB instead of 16GB.

  • David Custer

    Ignorant consumers are to blame, not apple. Stupid people bug the shit out of me.

  • yzjustdatguy

    Technology has always been like this I believe. When a buy a hard drive, it doesn’t come with the amount of storage it says on the box. I have a 1TB hard drive in my Mac but I can only use 993Gb of the 1000Gb. This is nothing new. Theres always a portion of a hard drive you can’t use

  • John Smith

    It really wasn’t much of an issue before because manufacturers weren’t so blatant misleading consumers about the usable capacity of their devices.

    The other sinister aspect to all this is that in most cases the User doesn’t even have control over removing what was previously placed on the device so they have no means of recovering that lost space other then jailbreaking or hacking their phone.

  • John Smith

    But they can’t remove the OS. Manufacturers can’t have it both ways they can’t install bloatware lock it down so it can’t be removed by users and then say hey moron our os takes up xx.

  • broom

    any new news on this? cuase now there is MORE of it

  • Ben

    and nothing came of this…

    • Ben

      I have a 16G Ipad 4 with nothing on it and only 5.9G available space…its bullshit