John Legere

“UnCarrier” T-Mobile CEO John Legere has posted a lengthy prediction post for 2015 – you guessed it – he’s incredibly bullish on his company for the new year. He expects things to go so well that T-Mobile will officially overtake Sprint to become the third-largest wireless company in the US sometime in 2015.

“T-Mobile will – officially – become the No. 3 wireless company in America in 2015,”the eccentric CEO wrote. “This summer, I said we’d blow by Sprint by the end of 2014 to become the No. 3 wireless company in the US. They have been swinging the bat since I made that statement, so we won’t know where things stand until we get the final score after we both report Q4 earnings, but whether it is now – or soon – I’m telling you, it’s a done deal.”

T-Mobile, with Legere leading the way, has been trying to reshape the wireless industry by ending two-year contracts, and adding plans to allow customers to upgrade phones when they’d like, unlimited data, messages, and voice, and free data roaming in worldwide. Here’s T-Mobile’s graphic breaking it down.


In his note to customers, Legere also said the company plans to cover 300 million people with “our blazing-fast LTE network” closing in on Verizon’s current 303 million reach.

He was quick to throw his AT&T bash: “In fact, I predict that AT&T will collect more in overages in 2015 than anyone else.” A Verizon bash: “Verizon will keep trying to baffle American wireless customers with BS promos”. And a Sprint bash: “Sprint will continue throwing out campaigns, offers and promotions – anything to see if it sticks.”

A chart released by Business Insider Intelligence earlier this month showed just how close fourth-largest mobile carrier T-Mobile is on closing in on Sprint’s market share.


For the industry as a whole, Legere sees the Apple Watch having a big effect on the wearables market, and “will mark the tipping point when wearables go from niche to mainstream.”

I’m seriously starting to fall in love with T-Mobile… at least their CEO’s tenacity.


  • Anthony Nguyen

    T-Mobile is amazing with everything, but they need more coverage though. That’s when T-mobile would #2 or #1.

    • ck125

      Until they expand to rural areas, they will pass sprint (which isn’t saying much how sprint has been lately) but they will seriously lag behind verizon and att.

    • Kilroy672

      I agree. They need to expand their coverage to attract more people. I’ve been with T-Mobile for almost 12 yrs now. At this point in the game I don’t think I want to switch to any other carriers. We pay $99.99 a month total unlimited + phone payments. Still a better deal than the others.

    • Max Dale

      I live in a somewhat rural area and used to have horrible problems with connectivity on T-Mobile. Those problems have become less and less prevalent as time goes on. I can tell that they are seriously expanding their network, because I used to have absolutely no data coverage anywhere but school. Now I have next to no problems at all. WiFi calling doesn’t hurt, too. 🙂

  • Annie Leonhardt


  • Scott Curry

    Adding unused data rollover (especially starting off with up to 10 GB) is certainly a step in the right direction.

  • Tom

    there coverage sucks but unlimited 4g is good

    • Mike

      It’s not unlimited 4G…there is a more expensive unlimited plan…but the typical plans with 1-5 GB of high speed is then throttled down to 64-128 Kbps which is so damn slow browsing the web absolutely sucks.

      • James G

        2 lines with Unlimited, Unthrottled 4G/LTE for $100. AT&T and Verizon can’t beat that.

  • jack

    I hope they do I hate ATT

  • Lol

    Lol they make such a big deal over carriers in the US. In the UK no one really cares. All the carriers are pretty much the same and they’re all cheaper than anything in the US.

    • Cody

      Don’t forget that the UK is the size of California. So I don’t expect a lot of people to complain about coverage since I am pretty sure that with 10% of the towers that T-Mobile has in the US, that would do to cover the whole UK in almost if-not perfect coverage. That is another reason why prices stay low there as well.

      • George

        That just blew my mind lol

  • Cody

    I should buy T-Mobile stock soon..

  • n0ahcruz3

    Go tmobile.. Im out of US and im using unlimited data roaming right now! Although it’s only 3g-4g its enough for chats, read emails and maps.

    • 9to5Slavery

      With 128kbps speeds.*

    • Chris

      same here. I am surprised they aren’t charging me anything other than phone calling.

  • James G

    I sure hope so. They deserve it.

  • Nex

    I seriously love T-Mobile. Only thing I hate is the coverage. Constant Edge when I should be getting LTE.
    Unlimited text and data (5GB LTE)
    100 Calling minutes