Apple A9 (mockup 002)

According to an article published by Korea’s ETNews on Friday, Samsung has now begun building the ‘A9’ processors after rival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) reportedly built the majority of A8 chips for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 devices.

The A9 system-on-a-chip is expected to make its debut in the next year’s iPhones and iPads, including the expected iPhone 6s, an S-upgrade to the existing iPhone 6 lineup.

Citing industry insiders, the article notes that Samsung began building A9 chips on its 14-nanometer FinFET technology this week. The chips are reportedly being built at Samsung’s multi-billion dollar foundry in Austin, Texas.

Although the South Korean conglomerate operates production lines capable of FinFET process production in Giheung, Korea, it’s decided to produce the A9 only in Austin “as it is in the initial stage.”

Meanwhile, TSMC’s own 16nm FinFET plus process went online in July.

Both the A8 driving the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and a faster A8X variant powering the iPad 2 are manufactured on TSMC’s 20nm process.TSMC has replaced Samsung as the manufacturer of Apple’s mobile device processors because the South Korean firm is thought to be responsible only for 40 percent of the current A8/A8X output.

Going from the current 20nm process to the latest cutting-edge 14nm FinFET technology will yield an even smaller die size while lowering power consumption further and increasing performance due to reduced heat dissipation and the electrons traveling shorter distance.

If history is an indication, Apple will again split latest chip orders between Samsung and TSMC to reduce its exposure to any single semiconductor supplier.


  • Anmol Malhotra

    Please Apple with 14nm chip iPhone will become more power efficient so dont make it more slimmer. With same battery as 6 and A9 chip it will be the monster. 😀

    • nonchalont

      That’s my main gripe with the iphone is the battery life.As a heavy user, I would love to go a whole day without a charge.

      • Rowan09

        Get a 6+. The thinnest of the phone doesn’t really matter because the camera is thick. Android phones didn’t find a solution by making thicker batteries, they made bigger phones. Apple did the same thing with the 6+ and hence the way better battery life.

      • ck125

        Not everyone wants a huge phone. No reason Apple couldn’t have made it a mm or two thicker and added a much larger battery. Then the camera wouldn’t stick out either

      • Rowan09

        Make what thicker? Why does this idea of a thick phone means a thicker battery? Wasn’t the iphone 3G/S etc thicker and I’ve fixed them all and the battery was the same thickness. People make bigger phones to make a bigger battery not making the battery thicker. To get a great battery life you’ll just have to purchase a big phone right now until battery tech advances.

      • ck125

        The phone thicker. Look at the turbo. Same size as iphone 6 yet huge battery. Apple could make the iPhone 2mm thicker and would allow for larger battery. But Apple cares more about the point on the slide saying its x% thinner than previous iphone

      • Rowan09

        Why aren’t all phones 5.2 inches like the Turbo with a 3900 mAh battery? I wish I could open up a turbo to take a look at its battery. The turbo is boasting a huge battery as its killer feature. I’m not sure if you’ve ever opened up an iPhone, but the phone is pretty cramped with hardly any space for anything since the 4. Nevertheless this idea that a thicker phone means better battery life is not true and that’s my point. If you want a great battery life you’ll need to purchase a bigger phone right now.

      • ck125

        Except I proved yor point wrong. Or the new Sony phones which once again are similar in size to the iPhone, not even the 6+ yet have large batteries in. So once again. Thin and being cramped=less space for internals and battery. Not sure why that’s so hard to see.

      • Rowan09

        My point was if you want a great battery life you need a bigger phone and you’ve yet to prove that wrong. I just watched a review on the Turbo and the battery life is average as reviewed by PocketNow, so a larger battery is also not the complete story. The 6+ gives me great battery life. I leave home 5:30AM and get home 4:00PM with 60+% left on my phone with me watching movies and playing games throughout my day. I don’t own a 6, so I can’t compare. The iPhone 5 is thicker and the battery thickness is same as the iPhone 4 and 3GS even though the 3GS was thicker. Thicker does not equal to a thicker battery and a larger battery isn’t all that matters for a great battery life.

  • Tim

    Power efficient A9!! I’m sure Tim Cook sees this as an opportunity to make the iPhone even thinner. RIP long-lasting battery.

  • singhay559

    Tim cook. Please make the s line model slightly thicker packing more mAh for the batter with a more durable unbendable shell clock at 1.9ghz with 2 gb of ram and true multitasking features. O and wireless charging would be the sales gimmick in this yrs production. Thx.

    • Platy

      Speed and ram maybe.

      Design (thicker) and multitasking will probably be spread out for later versions

  • Nex

    I feel like Samsung will sabotage the A9 processors. So that Samsung will reign supreme. My god, we’re doomed.

    • Dan

      they would of done it before now

    • Uhm, Samsung has been making many past A# chips for years now…you’d already be doomed if that was ever their intention.

      • Nex

        My god

      • GuyWithTheThings

        I am not very surprised that a LOT of people still don’t know this…

  • FrankensteinBlack

    BrokeTech Mountain “I wish I knew how to quit you”. LOL!

  • Ah bromance.

  • Justin Mitaritonna

    Quad or nah?

    • Matt Taylor

      Even the iPad Air 2 doesn’t have four cores

      • Tim

        But it’s a beast bro

      • Matt Taylor

        Just needs a beast of an operating system now then…

  • cybersat

    iGay phone.

    • GuyWithTheThings

      You do realize you’re on an Apple/iOS blog, right?

  • redjazon

    Samsung Galaxy “A9” is coming too, then.

    • GuyWithTheThings

      What about the Samsung Galaxy A8? Or A7, A6, or A5? Samsung has made pretty much every Apple A# processor.

  • GuyWithTheThings

    Typo. A8X chip powers the iPad Air 2, not the iPad 2.