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United Airlines announced today that it plans to equip its flight attendants with Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus next year. The airline says that the move will put important safety and service information at flight attendants’ fingertips and enhance their ability to meet customers’ needs.

Attendants will be using the handsets for a number of tasks, including onboard retail transactions for food, drink and other purchases. They’ll also be used for accessing important info via email and the United Airlines Intranet, as well as their policy and procedure manuals.

“iPhone 6 Plus will enable an even higher level of flyer-friendly service and will offer our flight attendants simple, one-touch access to valuable work information,” said Sam Risoli, United’s VP of inflight services. “We are thrilled to make this investment in our flight attendants.”

Risoli says future enhancements will enable flight attendants to completely replace their printed safety manuals with electronic versions on their iPhones, and will include various other customer-facing tools. United recently renewed its iPad pilot program with iPad Air 2 orders.

The rollout will begin in the second quarter of next year, to more than 23,000 flight attendants. Up until now, Apple had been having trouble meeting demand for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, but lengthy 3-4 week shipping times have been trimmed down to 7-10 days for most models.

[United Airlines]

  • Guest

    Are you talking about those women/men that use way too many make up and think are way better than you? and can even control some FAA rules? I call them cart pushers.

    • William Melendez

      Someone is a little bitter . Bad flight experience I see ?

      • jack

        Not “someone”. Most of us has bad experiences with waitresses

      • InfinitePlusOne

        Try premium class

      • Jonathan

        Only if I may borrow your wallet.

      • Rehny

        “waitresses”?? !!! really? Wow. Just.. WOW.

      • therealjjohnson

        Ive never had any issues.

    • yungcinnabun

      I always get good flight attendants and they never have “too many make ups” on and their always hot sooooo sucks for u

  • WiseBlasian

    Watch them play candy crush instead of attending passengers.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      2015, candy crush 3. And I’m sure that if any personnel was playing a game on the job they’d get complaints and probably fired. They wouldn’t risk that for a good paycheck and a new iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Jonathan

    Already sent them my resume..

  • pauleebe

    But they still can’t get me to my connecting flight on time.

  • Gary32283

    seems like a horrible purchase. ~$14 million + support $. Sell United Stock right now.

    • jack

      They’ll get a deal

      • Gary32283

        oh ok. $12mil. Either way huge waste of money.

  • Serge Bodin

    Haha all the android fanboys are butthurt.

    • Matt

      Tell me about it

  • George

    What a complete waste of money, use the damn iPad mini, not a $800 phone!

    • Companies are run by old folks who don’t know any better. unfortunately they are the ones making these dumb decisions. I agree the iPod would have been a better choice. On a side note, the Apple store doesn’t actually need iPads to show off their devices I think it looks tacky. Perhaps a costume device for these types of things need to be developed :/..

    • therealjjohnson

      Unless it also doubles as…a phone!

  • Dhaliwal Singh

    I can see a lady with beautiful smile using iPhone 6 Plus in AIRPLANE MODE ;;))

  • Rodney Coleman

    Ha no android ever lol

  • Awesome employee perk !!

  • Snailpo

    Looks like soon we will be the ones saying “sir/madam can you please put your device away for take off?”

  • Eli Montoya

    Horrible investment

  • urrl

    Makes sense; a reliable and restricted OS for the employees….unless someone jail breaks.