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While jailbreaking an iPhone is legal in the US, Apple has always clearly stood against it, warning that it may void your warranty. You can’t criticize Apple for this policy because it makes lots of sense. Why would they try to fix an issue if the device is running unauthorized code on it, right?

Reddit user DurianNinja found an interesting paragraph tucked inside Apple’s retail store purchase policies that shows what I feel is interesting wording about jailbreaking an iOS device:

Making unauthorized modifications to the software on an iPhone violates the iPhone software license agreement. The common term for modifying an iPhone is jail-breaking, with a particular emphasis on the second part of that term. That’s why we strongly, almost emphatically, recommend that you do not do so. Really. Should you be unable to use your iPhone due to an unauthorized software modification, its repair will not be covered under the warranty.

I particularly like the punctuation around “really.”

This being said, if you ever have a software problem with a jailbroken iOS device and you want to take it to Apple for warranty service, you should always make sure you restore your device first, for two reasons.

First, they will definitely ask you to restore your device and set it up as a new phone. Don’t try to fool them because they can tell very quickly and easily when the device was last restored and if it has been restored as a new phone or from backup. Once you restore your device, there is absolutely no possible way for anyone to tell your iPhone was ever jailbroken.

Second, if they find out the device is jailbroken, and they will if it indeed is, they will refuse to service it.

Hardware problems that are obviously not linked to a software issue (ie. a broken Home button) might not require a restore, but some geniuses may or may not check for a jailbreak and service the device at their own discretion. Your mileage may often vary on that part.

  • Guest

    I walked in the Apple store the other day to get my lighting cable replaced for free my iphone was jail broken and had barrel all he did was show his friend next to him and was this is cool they mostly dont care

    • workin

      They care and will refuse you service. Just restore if you need help with a device that has a problem.

      • Gleesh

        Shut up already

      • workin

        Ah, someone needs some help learning to be social. Let’s all respond to YOUR needs and have a positive and constructive discussion about your deficiencies. How many do you have?

      • iceman600

        best comment ever 🙂

      • Gleesh

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      • Gleesh

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      • Матт Реякіпѕ

        Only troll is you. You’re the one who told someone to shut up but isn’t intelligent enough to say more than that. Just because you look bad doesn’t make the other person a troll. You tried to “troll” and it backfired on you, plain and simple.

      • Antzboogie

        You just have to be slick and give them the info they need without really going through your phone hide Cydia and turn off your tweaks if it’s just for a cable or charger.

      • gittlopctbi

        I’ve never had a problem. Twice with an iPod 2 and once with my iPhone 5.

    • Jason Baroni

      Try to replace your Jailbroken phone.

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        Just restore your phone

      • Jason Baroni

        Sure, this is easy. Apple won’t replace Jailbroken phones unless you restore it – then it’s not Jailbroken.

      • @dongiuj

        Exactly what I’ve done before.

      • I’ve done so successfully 😉

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Have done it 4 times.

      • Jason Baroni

        Eita Jailbreak running in your device or pre restored?

      • I traded in a jailbroken iPad Mini a few weeks ago. They tried to restore it and it got stuck. I told them to plug it up to restore and when they asked why. I just told them to use the computer.

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        2 times with JB, 2 times pre-restored.

      • therealjjohnson

        I have replaced 2 jailbroken iPhones.

    • Maxim∑

      they just don’t want to be liable because some idiots will jailbreak install malware even though it warns you and then blame Apple

      after a few hours its all over the news and android fanboys say iOS is the most insecure OS ever

    • Antzboogie

      It’s true you just have to turn off your tweaks and have all the info they need quickly.

    • Bizlaw

      You weren’t trying to get service on your iPhone, you were getting a lightning cable replaced. Big difference.

  • Michael Muchane

    What tweak is used for the current appearance of your cellular and internet connection in the thumbnail (at the top of the article)?

    • El Barto

      It’s Solstice’s stastus bar.

      • Magicalbob8

        Anyway to get the status bar icons without changing the app icons?

      • Zod

        install the theme, then go to winterboard and only use the status bar don’t click on the icons, then respring

      • El Barto

        Just choose the status bar theme in WinterBoard

    • Guest

      Looks like solstice theme’s alternative dots.

    • Guest

      They care and will refuse service. Just restore if you need help with a device that has a problem.

  • If you’re jailbroken and you need to get your iPhone replaced, just do a clean restore. They will never find out that you jailbroke before.

    • TheShade247

      That is not correct, last time i was there they had an iPhone 3g looking device in there hand and that guy was able to check that my device was jailbroken before without even touching my iPhone. But with that being said he still helped me with the issue

      • Yash Gorana

        He deduced it. There is actually no way anyone can detect if you had jailbroken your iDevice.

        I remember when i clean restored my jailbroken iPod 4 and still got a free replacement under warranty.

      • Juschan

        no they are able i called the service and by the second she knew what ist my phone she also knew i am jailbroken

      • Cody

        They run a diagnostics test on your phone. And by that diagnostic they can tell if your phone is Jailbroken, if you restore then you are all good.

      • iBanks

        To add to this, if you restore from recent backup that had jailbreak data, it can be detected. It’s best to do a clean restore, go to Apple Store, handle business, then restore from backup once you get home.

      • Yash Gorana

        Yeah ! That’s true.

        Backup data does include some of your tweak preferences and other stuffs.

      • I’ve used Apple’s live chat online dozens of times after jail breaking and not once have they mentioned the JB

      • TheShade247

        iPod 4 days are long gone, we are talking iphone 5s /6 here

      • Gleesh

        Lmao at the diss to yash

      • Yash Gorana

        Yeah long gone indeed. But i’ve seen many of the recent iDevices which were jailbroken get a free replacement after a clean restore.

        So just restore, but don’t restore from backup.

      • You can tell if a device is jailbroken if it has root access. I’m not sure if their diagnostics systems are capable of detecting root access but I’d imagine they can and will likely ask you to restore the device before Apple takes a look at it…

      • that would have been a lucky guess, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find out as you are basically flashing the phone and loading a whole new OS on it (not to get into to much detail on how it is done)

      • Abi Manyu

        ask him to prove it

      • Sebastian Godek

        What are you talking about??? How can someone tell that iPhone is jailbroken without even touching it??? I hope u r kidding because this is the stupidest thing I ever heard!

      • therealjjohnson

        Yeah, I thought that was weird too. They didn’t even touch it? They must have asked Siri…

      • TheShade247

        Lol are you living in cave or something?
        Go to apple store (If there is any close to your crib)with your iDevice, see how they do it without touching it 😀

      • Sebastian Godek

        Yo Pal?? Stop talking crap about me going to the store & just FKN answer my question. How they can figure it out that iPhone is jailbroken without touching it???

      • TheShade247

        Apple store employees have devices in there hands that would connect to your device wirelessly (Could be via bluetooth or there iBeacons service, i don’t know about that) but that device gives them all software and hardware information.

      • Sebastian Godek

        Well, now you are talking but the thing is that I don’t think they can connect to your iPhone without your permission! That’s a violation of privacy …
        The most important thing is that you can do JB and if there is any issue with your iPhone just restore it to factory settings and then you can bring it to Apple Store. End of the story 😉

      • Gleesh

        Lmao you got dissed

      • jack

        he meant without actually using the phone.. probably hooked it up on the PC.. n00b

      • Sebastian Godek

        How can you hook iPhone to PC without touching it??? WTF??? Doesn’t make sense … h0m0

      • Niclas

        Maybe he connected it himself ^^

      • Seba

        Yeah he sounds so stupid so probably that is what he did. LMFAO :))

      • jack

        lol without doing using iOS…… you h0m0

    • Jacob S

      Absolutely wrong! There is a log file in the phone and they will find out what day and time the phone was restored and with what firmware etc. I tooky iPhone 5 which was jail broken and restored just before taking to Apple Store. After hooking up the phone to their diagnostic software the guy told me exactly what date my phone was “jail broken” and restored.

      • Niclas

        That might depend to if you allow to send diagnosic info to apple.

      • Jacob S

        I was talking about incident in the Apple Store. You don’t have to send any info. They will get it from your phone directly.

      • Niclas

        No information remains on device after you successfully do a clean restore.

      • Jacob61916

        Your Apple ID is still there because of Activation Lock after the iDevice is restored. Maybe that’s how they keep the jailbreak information.

      • Niclas

        No. Then you havn’t done a proper clean restore. You must log out of find my iphone before restoring.

      • Jacob S

        No personal information remains. But device system log remains.

      • Niclas

        Sorry but you are wrong. No information remains. At all.

  • Grolubao

    Do they even realise they sell more iPhones if a jailbreak is available? At least myself I don’t buy one without an available jailbreak

    • iBanks

      I don’t think that’s why people buy iPhones.

      • Mark Kramer

        That’s the only reason I bought the iphone 6 plus is because a jailbreak was available.

        I can’t be the only person out there buying iphones because of jailbreaks. It’s naive to ignore people like this.

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        They sell hundreds of millions of iPhones, a few people not buying iPhones doesn’t matter to them

      • EthanM054

        You make it seem like everybody on the planet has an iPhone.

      • rexology

        You make it seem like YOU THINK the whole planet is only hundreds of millions people. There’s 6.X Billion. Calm down, 100M out of 6.XBillion is a drop in the ocean.

      • iBanks

        The jailbreak has been out some the beginning of time. If the reasoning people purchased them just for the sake of the jailbreak, Android devices would be in the slump. So again I say, a jailbreak is not an primary reason or a reason for them to sell a whole lot more. You and a couple others may be the exception.

      • Cody

        Maybe jailbreak is not the reason they buy them, but it may be the reason they keep them and buy a new phone 2 years later.

      • iBanks

        That could be but I still disagree. The jailbreak isn’t released until some time after an release of an device. Could be days, weeks or even months, but yet most have already purchased their new device. So again, it wasn’t because of the jailbreak, they wanted the new device and also looking forward to an jailbreak. But the point he was trying to make was they will sell a lot more devices because of it, and that’s simply not the case.

      • Mozaik

        You are the exception.

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      Lol trust me it doesn’t affect their bottom sales at all

      • Gregg

        “bottom line” or “sales”, not “bottom sales” 😉

    • Jeffrey

      Might be true but Apple also loses income of their App Store purchases if people jailbreak and Apple also tries to protect their developers from losing income to jailbreakers.

  • Serge Bodin

    I took my phone into the Apple Store Two years ago to replace my EarPods. I knew they would check my phone for the warranty info. I disabled all the themes and tweak, and hid all the jailbreak apps in infinidock. The worker took my phone, and went into Safari and settings, and didn’t check anything else. So if you hide your stuff, they won’t find out, unless you need a phone replaced.

    • Rigs101

      I’ve done that before I hid everything with poof got to lazy

  • HeavyComponent

    I’m pretty sure Apple Store employees have jailbroken devices.

    • Gleesh

      So trueeeeee lmao

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    This has been there for so long

  • Cody

    I can do whatever the hell I want with my phone.

    • Gleesh


  • Turnt Jones

    I literally just walked out the apple store with a new iPhone 6 plus under warranty because I tried to update my phone to ios 8.1.1 from a jailbroken 8.1 and bricked it. They don’t care

    • You probably should have just restored your 6 plus…

      • Niclas

        DFU-restore. Done.

  • Red

    I paid for it and it is my phone. I can do whatever the hell with it! 😉

    • Siddharth Desai

      Yeah. They’re not saying you can’t do it. They’re saying don’t do it and if you do they won’t help you if anything goes wrong. So you can do whatever the hell you want with it 🙂

      • Red

        If anything goes wrong just restore my Phone and a whole new story!

      • Siddharth Desai

        Easy peezy

  • Mark Kramer

    Well Apple as long as you are recommending to me the customer what I can and can’t do once I purchase something I recommend to you as a company that you stay out of politics and “issues”. You are a company and I don’t care what you think about issue x or issue y or what your political stance is on anything. Get back to work making better phones, computers and dreaming up new technologies.

  • m1n1cooper

    MuscleNerd tweeted about this 10 days ago and stated apple had that there for a while

    • That’s ok, I never pretended this was breaking news.

      • Diego Milano

        Indeed; I’d say it’s more of a trivia or a general friendly reminder. Besides, I agree with Apple on this one, even though I also jailbreak my device, however if I break it then it’s my fault, why blame others for it? 🙂

      • deepdvd

        On the other hand, you did credit DurianNinja with finding it and seemed completely unaware of MuscleNerd’s tweet about it, which I found surprising.

      • I was indeed completely unaware of musclenerd’s tweet until today.

  • Vatsal Manot

    Reverse psychology much?

  • Regarding the last bit Apple replaced my 5s a while ago with a new one due to a fault (it wouldn’t take a charge). I’m not sure without booting the device if they can tell if it’s jailbroken but chances are when it comes to hardware faults they won’t care.

  • Noah Mospan

    Apple TV UI updated!

  • iPodDroid

    My device=My RULES

    • Diego Milano

      Their service and warranty, their rules.

      • iPodDroid

        True, but considering you BOUGHT it and you know how to take care of it properly, then their services and warranty will not be needed (To some people that is). In the years I’ve owned an Apple device, I’ve learned to troubleshoot problems on my own and never needed their service and warranty. But that’s just me.

      • Diego Milano

        Exactly, warranties and policies are not established for individuals rather for the masses, so they apply equally to everyone.

  • I want to unlock the power of the Supercomputer in my pocket. Apple dumbs it down for the masses.

  • Chocolatewe


  • Toon

    apple just have to open the system a little, music and photo’s is still terrible thats why i always have jb

  • I took my old iPhone 4 into the Apple Store when it was jailbroken because my power button died. They didn’t seem to question whether or not it was jailbroken and replaced it on the spot. I’m guessing this is only because without the power button, they couldn’t do much to check within a short amount of time.

  • m3nphls

    After I jailbroke my 6+. Every time I get a incoming call when the phone is on standby, the phone rings for about 2 seconds first before the screen comes on for me to press answer. Anyone have this issue?

    • Alex Blaha

      I have this issue on my 4S, but I thought it was just because it’s old and slow.

  • john diaz

    Of course they don’t recommend you to jailbreak because jailbreaking means you’ll get many different features stock iPhone won’t have and so when apple releases its iPhone with “new features” like the iPhones rotate feature which we all jailbreakers are used due to SBrotator we won’t be impressed anymore with apple.

  • john diaz

    Lets face it without jailbreakers and tweaks from awesome developers apple wouldn’t be able to implement so many features to their new iPhones they need cydia and the ideas of the developers and their tweaks in order to keep growing.

  • iPhone Hrvatska

    Where would Apple pick up new ideas for iOS 9 if there’s no cydia tweaks to steele

  • Apple will always want to be in control like a dictator…wonder if installing any software from outside the Mac AppStore will also violate your warranty. If not, I don’t see why doing the same on a SmartPhone should be any different…

  • JulianZH

    I found it pointless to jb now since I can change keyboard.

  • Tom

    att prepaid just came out with unlimited talk text web 4g 1 gb after 2g for 45

  • Conanap

    Probably up to the person servicing you, but when i tried to hide it they found out by just looking at the home screen (I swear i uninstalled everything) but they just restored it on the spot and then replaced the iPhone. They told me if it bricks they won’t replace it (how do you brick this stuff when you’re just restoring??)

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    If Apple didn’t take a the safety net more people would jailbreak now.

    The safely net is the ability to download old iOS updates and still jailbreak

  • Tom

    arent u guys tired iphone we all know iphones are stable faster but they get boring with android u can watch sd card videos u feel free like pc

  • Exstinction

    we have no choice Apple, since Craig Federighi handle the ios, the version is getting terrible. Man that guy is professional in Mac OS, not iOS, get back Scott Forstall.

  • Ben

    Where’s the picture taken from? As in which post?

  • Kieran Lark

    They wont service your phone under the Apple Limited Warranty, but under statute, in my case the Australian Consumer Law, they must.

  • John Cooper 

    Why you idiots want jailbreak your iPhone in stead get an android and your problem will solved. #Truestory

    • Toon

      android sucks

      • s0me

        Says a person who never touched Android.

    • Alex Blaha

      Haha. Has it ever occurred to you some people might prefer the physical appearance, operating system, and community of the iPhone and other iOS Devices over Android. When you jailbreak you get the best of both worlds. So you might wanna consider those statements before you go calling everyone idiots.

  • Xee

    Maybe Apple should concentrate on the ‘jail’ part of jail-breaking more?! We users don’t want to be restricted (jailed) so much on our iPhones.
    Wish Apple would allow you to set a admin password to effectively allow you free reign over your own device. Like a Mac.

  • Antzboogie

    I will keep Jailbreaking no matter what without a Jailbreak I would leave to Samsung sorry it’s a fact.

  • Ottawa Gamerz

    Well when apple goes the android root and stops caring than yes show it 2 them but we all know they won’t so be extra careful because u don’t want u r 600 dollar note rip off to not be fixed because of what u did now do we 🙂

  • Diego

    My iPhone 5s got wet and my Home Button stop working after a day, the touch is working but the press isn’t.

    When I unlock my iPhone the Whatsapp is open, and I can’t close the app and go to Springboard to active the Assistive Touch.

    What can I do?
    How close a app without press the home button?
    And how to fix my home button?

  • illydahan

    someone know’s whats the name of the theme that shown above ?

  • Matt Goodwin

    I used to work at an apple store and one time when I was doing a repair for a customer I helped them jailbreak their phone… : )

  • alex

    It depends on what store you goto and what person you talk to, some geniuses are more lenient than others. I’ve had someone try to void my Apple care when they saw my phone had Cydia. Another time they told me they can’t run diags:// until I restore but they would be happy /to restore it for me/!!!

  • Kara_Brewer T

    If this is the case, then he should begin to “get unusual” as time goes on. Specifically, that Oreo phase can attended immediately from The Colbert Record script and was demonstrably something (Trumpgasm!) that Colbert had wanted to do for weeks and months of waiting and expecting Trumpet wouldn’t peter out before he got the opportunity to.

  • joe valenzuela

    Of course they won’t service it duhh! A computer needs to function just like this society that we live in. An operating system is the government. It has laws to follow and the term “jailbreak” is definitely the infamous “outlaw”. Yes your computer can get sick with a virus and also cancer. Your firewall is gotta be the National Guard and yes you can attack with a nasty missile with a “ping”. The network is the highway. The settings or system that’s your oval office. Having said all that. I wonder which operating system is leaning towards “Communism”? Apple’s iOS, Google Android or Windows. Is Blackberry is alive? I heard Obama still use it.

  • eyelostmyname

    Apply wants you buying their apps and their apps only.

  • Steve

    Whether or not they will service a jailbroken phone depends, largely, on the employee. Some don’t care and will service your phone regardless. Others will refuse because it violates policy or simply because they are true Apple fanboys and consider any modification to the device sacrilege. My brother-in-law works at Apple and is one of the latter. He isn’t just drinking the corporate Kool Aid; he’s mainlining it.