Pangu ios 8

The Pangu Team has released an update  to their iOS 8 jailbreak tool which was released out of the blue earlier today. Although no clear changelog is available, Pangu v1.0.1 brings a few bug fixes, including one that might have caused users who successfully jailbroke their device with the initial version to lose their photos.

Although promising, Pangu v1.0.1 is still more of a tool for developers rather than end users. As we noted earlier today, the current version of Pangu doesn’t install Cydia, which hasn’t been updated to bring compatibility for iOS 8. It simply allows developers to test out their tweaks and update them for iOS 8.

Saurik is currently working on an update for Cydia, with no ETA available at this time.

Pangu v1.0.1 is still in Chinese and compatible with Windows only. Although it is safe to assume an English and Mac version of the tool will be available at some point, there is currently no time estimate for such releases.

We reiterate what we said this morning regarding the usability of Pangu. At this time, we do not recommend casual users install Pangu on their device, mostly because there is no point so far. Once Cydia has been updated and packaged with an updated version of Pangu, we will of course recommend to go ahead with the jailbreak.

In the release notes of their tool, Pangu Team said this morning that it is recommended to update or restore to iOS 8.1 via iTunes, as the tool could cause issues for devices that were updated over the air.

Pangu icon by @vC1ould

  • MHCsk

    I’m glad we have these guys <3

    • Yes iDB team and Pangu team are life savers!

      • jgr627

        Meh (Jeff voice)

      • TwinSon

        You =/= Everyone.

      • No its not. I “jailbreak” mainly for customization. Also to add features that secure certain apps and the device it self a bit more.

      • redjazon

        Yep, jailbreak will make the iP6/plus even more awesome.
        Looking forward to gridlock, themes and widgets 🙂

      • Thomas

        I jailbreak only for two things: adblock and cursor control while typing text. The second one, Apple refuses to give it and I don’t want to use my phone without it.

  • Arturo Polanco

    ill wait for cydia and tweaks update to IOS 8………….. at the moment iPhone 5s ios 7.1.2 with jailbreak

    • Dan

      people are never bloody happy…

      • Diego Milano

        You missed the point though.

  • Matt Taylor

    Wow, this team doesn’t waste any time huh

    • Rowan09

      I know and that’s very encouraging.

  • Warmachine69

    I wish I had a test device!

  • Osama Muhammed

    my iphone 6 is now stuck on the restore screen with unknown red error from pangu, thanks.

    • BEDU

      Really should have waited for Cydia, if you aren’t a developer

      • Osama Muhammed

        im a dev myself who can use ssh, its completely stuck on the boot screen with restore loading.. i will not trust this ugly stuff again..

      • Tommy

        Ok. Don’t.

    • Arturo Polanco

      iDB team recommend to wait for cydia update -.-

      • Osama Muhammed

        i need urgent help before i restore it.. does icloud backup all photos ? i last time checked my icloud for iphone is around 3GB and most space for Photos app

      • yungcinnabun

        lol you should’ve waited instead of rushing now ur screwed

      • Guest

        welp; so far so good.. I tried to plug it in and try again.. it worked fine
        it was my fault for texting while it was processing, just dont use ur phone at all while its working… good luck 🙂

      • Osama Muhammed

        idk why it posted as guest but thats me, next step is to check on how clean this thing is.

      • Zzyzxd

        have you unchecked the “install PP助手” box? You should not have that pirate app store.

      • Osama Muhammed

        i just removed it from pangu app, its working perfectly atm,
        its pretty useless if you have no clue how to use SSH,
        here are few tips
        1) ssh password is “alpine”

        2) to connect you need ssh client ( for mac i prefer coda 2 // for windows search for PuTTY )

        3) to install tweaks you need free tweaks deb files you can find online, I’m not sure how compatible are they.. I’ll try major ones and let you know.

      • HouserM.D

        yeah a list is a great idea

      • Mago

        If you have a second could you test “TetherMe” is one of the main reason why I want jailbreak! Thanks in advance!

      • Osama Muhammed

        well, its totally useless atm since theres no mobilesubstrate installed, Saurik just released the ios8 cydia update, there are still issues installing it..

        dont jailbreak NOW, wait for next pangu update it should be there in few hours.

      • I wonder why “alpine” is the default password. Is that related to Apple somehow?

      • The process is pretty long … It’s now moving some files or something…

      • Rowan09

        If you bought extra space or at least backed up your photos you’ll be fine. I bought extra space so I can restore my whole phone without a computer.

    • Thebestoneever

      If you were a real developer, you would quit crying and fix it yourself.

      • Niclas

        Just because you’re a dev doesn’t mean that you are supposed to fix all bug you encounter in the world yourself.

    • Jake Galloway

      If you’re really a developer, then this is the kind of thing you should expect.

  • rimzan

    good job Pangu team and thanks to iDB

  • Khan Rulzz

    R.i.p Evasion team !!!

  • NP92

    Guys? Should i mark the field ?????????? before i pres?

  • Light_man

    Who are these guys?? They’re beasts!

    • NP92

      u can call them gods animals….

  • Briggamortis

    I just want to rotate my iPhone 6 home screen like the 6+… That is all. I will wait for Cydia. Thanks for the updates guys!

    • Same for me, the dual pane screen for the messages app and others should look good too.

    • Tommy

      I want the faux dim in control center to be gone so it doesn’t confuse me when I try to adjust brightness!

      • Yes!! My are are like wtf.. have to adjust it after adjusting it.. But what it doing is showing how it will look one you swipe the CC away. It dims when swiping it up so it just looks wired when changing the brightness.

    • Blip dude

      Same here, having landscape iPhone 6 home screen would be awesome!!! (and one of the reasons why I really wanted the iPhone 6 plus). But at least it seems that a iOS 8 jailbreak is eminent now.

    • OrangeCone

      I just want my 6+ to rotate completly like the iPad does! Lockscreen, inside apps, everywhere!!

    • SBFlip was just released!

      • Briggamortis

        You da man!: Thanks for letting us know!


    Leave it to the Chinese ^_^

  • Nick

    Man this was extremely fast, Thanks Pangu Team

  • Tommy

    Damn. See a new topic on Jailbreak – thought cydia has ben released – bam, dreams dashed again.

    • Jonathan

      lol Saurik is currently traveling.
      So, dreams dashed once again.
      Give it a week, maybe. 😛

      • SkyFall

        …Two hours later…
        Saurik releases iOS 8 Cydia update

  • czarczarczar

    So it’s released a few days after apple pay , hmmmmm sounds like they’re after our credit card info……… -_- Please don’t do us dirty PanguTeam

    • mlee19841

      That would be crazy.

    • Keir Dicus

      Or they waited for ios 8.1?!
      Must you Always have to go for negatives?

    • Rowan09

      Your credit card information isn’t stored on the phone itself.

    • Mario Ortega

      I’m worried about this too, but it they might have wanted to presserve it since apple pay is a big feature and they didnt want the JB to get patched before it. Since Saurik released Cydia im going for it but im keeping an eye on my credit card data

  • Merman123

    I knew this jailbreak would come much sooner!

  • Matheus Lisboa

    At least now I can update all my devices without fear the jailbreak will take too much time to arrive

  • Walter White

    I’ll hope our creditcard info will be safe with the chinese…

    • Zzyzxd

      I believe Pangu is supported by a shitty but big Chinese company, PP助手, which provides pirate app. I don’t think they are interested in americans’ credit card info since there’s a much better way to make money from Chinese pirate app users.

    • Rowan09

      Apple pay doesn’t share your credit card information and it uses a randomized number anyways.

      • czarczarczar

        what if that Chinese writing says you’re agreeing for them to get remote access to ur phone and u just opened the doors for them to get your stored credit card info and they buy themselves A new Gucci jumpsuit and a new lambo with your money

      • Rowan09

        Lol. They would have to get encrypted useless data from the secure enclave. If they can decrypt it there’s nothing that will stop them.

  • Walter White

    I’m pretty excited to get my 6 jailbroken.
    But I’m sure most tweaks won’t be available at launch due to the larger screen size.

    • Rowan09

      I’ve been playing SNES on my 6+ and it’s simply amazing

  • TwinSon

    Soon, no longer will you have to choose between having Date Trick apps or having Apple Pay.

  • NeftyCorrea

    When the unexpected Happens! Pangu Team Comes out of No where again !

  • Linton Findlay

    im glad theres a jailbreak now, was missng GBA4IOS and Moviebox on my iPad. Plus i prefer messages+ to stock

  • czarczarczar

    at if that Chinese writing says you’re agreeing for them to get remote access to ur phone and u just opened the doors for them to get your stored credit card info and they buy themselves A new Gucci jumpsuit and a new lambo with your money

    • Niclas

      gtfo already.

    • Slifur

      I thought the same. I’ll just wait a little more to see what will happen in a week, so I can decide to jailbreak or not.

    • Andrew

      This is not possible. The credit card info is stored in a dedicated chip called Secure Element.

  • In other news, Apple just noticed a spike in users restoring their 8.1 devices 😀 😀

  • Victor Molina

    Time to prepare my 5s to iOS 8. Most likely will jailbreak in a week or two. In the meantime will get used to iOS 8 an all it’s features. To see which types of tweaks will be for me

  • maarten

    and there goes you’re warranty, when you jailbreak you’re warranty is gone think before you jailbreak guys/girls

    • Slifur

      Just restore your phone and apple cant tell if you jailbroke your device or not.

  • HouserM.D

    BTW cydia_1.1.13_iphoneos-arm.deb is out

  • Cristian Bustillo

    Smart move by these guys! Now when we officially jailbreak, we’ll be able to install a couple tweaks. Hopefully, the the important ones like cydia substrate and activator!

  • justme

    I think, the Pangu team NEVER sleep.. thank you so much!! I’m so happy, and now Saurik releases the update of Cydia via package. that’s just AWESOME!!

  • hkgsulphate

    good luck with your private data guys.

  • Eli Montoya

    This is why I stick with idb

  • Niclas

    I wish they had waited for a more stabile version 🙁
    I’m having crashes on my AIR and quite a few big bugs on my 5s.

  • test_11

    How about iMac?

  • Tim Cook’s long lost son

    Pangu team basically gave Evad3rs a huge **** you, no wasting time just working around the clock to give the people what they want 😀

  • iDB is always up to date on the jailbreak news. This is one of the main reasons I choose them as my source of Apple news.

  • tanzeeeel


  • BangBang

    Have anyone tried to turn on FMI, Touch ID and Passcode after JB? My iphone 5S getting into bootloop if I am turning those options on…working fine if they are turned off…hrmmmm

    • xXGodpwnerXx

      ya… i got the boot loop after turning on passcodem restoring atm

  • Venura Edirisinghe

    I am stucked with this window

  • Mark Jones

    Managed to install it. Now iMessage doesn’t work and after hard reset I was stuck in apple logo….did manage to install some tweaks which worked though. Restored now until it’s more stable…


    used this jailbreak got stuck in bootloop cant even restore phone because it wont connect to the computer anyone have a solution?

    • Sivale99

      I was able to do a full restore to factory. Not a restore from backup.

  • Eddie Hines

    anyone know a workaround for the iphone 6+ boot loop? I heard about shining a flashlight in the front camera or disabling the passcode….which is correct?

  • Farhan Akhtar

    fully jailbroke my phone was all working fine ect until i turned off my phone and back on now stuck on apple logo ideas on what to do ? thanks

    • Sivale99

      You will probably have to restore. I went through the same thing, can’t have passcode or FMI active when rebooting with this jailbreak.

  • Rana Usman

    ( Ios 8 boot loop fix )
    There is a big error that i wass getting from pangu still not fix:
    After jailbreak and when we install cydia its go to boot loop and stuck on apple logo after reboot .

    How to fix:

    1: Restore your iphone with latest version of itunes
    2: After restore just disable find my iphone
    3: remove iphone passcode lock
    4: than jailbreak with pangu
    5: after jailbreak do not enable find my iphone and iphone passcode lock otherwise you will go to boot loop

    ThankYou 🙂 🙂