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For more than a decade, Apple users have entrusted their precious devices to OtterBox. The company has established itself within the smartphone community as the go-to source for ultimate protection. One of the first to market with extremely high protective capability, it seems other case makers are still trying to play catchup.

iPhone 6 launched last week and so did OtterBox’ protective series. Making sure iPhone owners do not leave their new devices open for damage, OtterBox debuted four complete protective case solutions and two screen protectors. Inside, we take a deeper look at the line up.

The cases

Below is a list and description of each item. We have not had the ability to personally test these cases. Consequently, their inclusion on our site is merely for informational purposes. This post is neither a review, personal endorsement, or sponsored advertisement. The language and descriptions are based on the content on the OtterBox product pages.


OtterBox DEFENDER Series for iPhone 6

The OtterBox standard, DEFENDER Series is a multi-layered case which prevents drops, shock, and dust. A high-impact polycarbonate shell includes an integrated screen protector. Inside, the inner memory foam cradles iPhone 6 while the exterior is built to take the elements. With the case, OtterBox ships a holster clip doubling as a stand. DEFENDER Series is available for both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus starting at $50. With a wide range of custom-colored slipcovers, shells, and holsters, there is most likely an option for everyone.


OtterBox SYMMETRY Series iPhone 6

Marketed much more heavily to female shoppers, the SYMMETRY Series case is offered as a combination in style and protection. A uni-body design, SYMMETRY is one of the slimmest protective cases in its class, according to OtterBox. A pocketable design offers wraparound colors and graphics making it a style conscious purchase. Dual-material construction still absorbs shocks and withstands drops while a raised edge protects the screen. In nine different colors and patterns, SYMMETRY is available for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, starts at $40, and may be preferred for customers with more than protection on their mind.


OtterBox Series for iPhone 6

The COMMUTER is a balanced between the SYMMETRY and DEFENDER cases. COMMUTER utilizes a more stylized approach but with bulkier protection than the SYMMETRY. Unlike DEFENDER’s built-in screen cover, COMMUTER comes with a stick-on screen protector. Port and plug covers keep the daily soil from building up in hard to reach places. A two-pieced design also means added shock absorption from a harder shell combined with a flexible interior. COMMUTER is available for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus starting at $35 and in a variety of color combinations.

OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet iPhone 6

For iPhone 6 users specifically, COMMUTER also comes in a wallet version. The only noticeable difference is the sliding back tray large enough for a few cards and a single folded bill. Wallet editions begin at $45.

Alpha Glass

Alpha Glass is only available for iPhone 6 at the moment. OtterBox boasts pristine image quality, reactive touch pass through, anti-shatter/scratch capability, and a precise installation with the included hardware. A privacy glass option is also available. Alpha Glass is coming soon, but does not have a release date.

CLEARLY Protected

Similarly, CLEARLY Protected is also not currently available. It will protect against scratches and clearly adheres to the screen with a dry installation. The main difference from Alpha Glass is CLEARLY Protected’s polyurethane build material. CLEARLY Protected will be available in Vibrant, Privacy, 360, and Clean for both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Other cases to look at

  • kplayaja

    I’ll wait for Tech21

    • I have the Tech21 its awesome!

      • Kurt

        Glossy cheap plastic. Hmm.

      • Look closer the one I have isn’t fully glossed. It actually has a rough sand paper like texture, the glossed ones do look cheap looking though..

      • Kurt

        Glossy cheap plastic. Hmm.


      • No cheaper than any other plastic used for cases or phones housings for that matter.. Its all about absorbing the impact, any plastic will do.

      • Kurt

        That is one of the number things I used to show how plastic is better than metal on a phone. It helps absorb impacts. Metal looks nice, that pretty much it. But all phones should have metal bezels.

  • Meh.

  • Benjamin Reynolds

    Rokform’s offerings are much better.

  • Adam

    I’ll pass on these cases.

  • The guy is not wearing protective eyewear, he needs an eyeterbox…..No? ok :/

    • Straw hat


  • Mike

    That’s a hefty markup on that Symmetry case. Thinking about getting an Urban Armor case. Anyone have experience with them?

    • Shakur Ali

      Try iPhone 6 spigen case I think they r the best

      • Mike

        Spigen’s cases are very affordable. Currently considering the Tough Armor model they offer, but still looking around at other manufacturers

      • Shakur Ali


  • R4

    I’d rather bend my phone instead of putting it in one of those.

  • Jensen

    Alpha glass is available for the 5/5c/5s

  • Jamessmooth

    Absolutely not. I got a few spigen cases I’ve been playing with, but I’ve been super impressed with apples silicone case for the 6+. Light weight, gives decent protection, and has good grip.

  • Jacob S

    Otterbox on iPhone is like covering Mercedes Benz with Hummer body. Thanks but no thanks!

  • eisforme

    I agree that the Otterbox isn’t the most elegant case. But it is strong. I’m very hard on my phone. Not on purpose, but because of my line of work. I operate machinery and I’m constantly leaning on the equipment with the phone in my pocket. The dirt and dust is another problem. Also, if I didn’t have the plastic screen protector from the defender series, my phone’s screen would be demolished. You should see the plastic screen protector after 6 months, it’s scratched all to hell.

    When I’m not at work I take it out of the case and enjoy the phone in its natural state, like it should be. If anyone has a recommendation for a better case that offers the same amount of protection as the Otterbox, let me know! Thanks.

    • Shakur Ali

      Spiigen thin clear case

    • Jake1047s

      Lifeproof are amazing for when they come out for the 6 and 6 plus

  • Rupinder S

    I really dislike OtterBox cases because of how hideous they make the phone look.

  • Micky Ganon

    This is for woman’s

    • Manuel Molina

      Or anyone other person who really wants to protect their phone.

  • Shrey Gupta

    I have been using the Alpha Glass and Resurgence on my iPhone 5, got them at their product launch party. Just one word ‘Awesome’

  • Paul Williams

    Thumbs up for the blond girl 🙂

  • n0ahcruz3

    I dislike otterboxes. Too bulky, this type of cases are for those who climb mountains or skyscrapers.

    • mlee19841

      or skydive

  • Maxim∑

    Apple’s silicone case has been great so far

  • Carlos Maanuel

    I want the lifeproof case

  • Tom


    • mlee19841

      on the floor or in mouth

  • Jamin

    Holy crap those cases are ugly af!

  • Past0rB

    Just bought the all black commuter. My first OtterBox. I like that it’s tough and doesn’t add lots of bulk. Plus the hole over the Apple logo on back allows me to see some of the actual design.

    So far I’m loving my iPhone 6 and the commuter case.

  • MadeInNY

    Why do companies create cases that purportedly protect your phone and cut freaking hole in the back of it to let dirt and well placed impacts in? Apple doesn’t. (Though they’re the only ones that can put an Apple logo on the case). I’d rather not see the Apple logo anyway, who cares? I buy a case to keep my stuff shiny.

  • Wamid


  • Boogaloo Burrito

    Yes, it’s quite the deBENDable phone

  • @dongiuj

    Got a question and sorry for off topic but….
    How much actual space does a 16GB iPhone 6/6+ have? Only 6/6+ owners need answer this, please.
    Again, sorry for an off topic question.

    • Adam

      A friend has the 6+ and it only has 12GB left out of the box.

      • @dongiuj

        Ok, thanks.

      • Kurt

        Think 14 is right. Leo Laporte, the tech guy was talking about it recently on one of his shows

  • Unicorn Drank

    Otter box cases are ugly, even if it protects my phone I would never spend my money on them. I did like the AC+ recommendation, thats something I never thought about.

  • Kilroy672

    I ordered a Body Glove a few nights ago on Ebay. I had luck with it for my 5S until my dog got ahold of it, if it wasn’t for that case I’d have no iPhone 5S or a dog. So I’m going to give them a try with my iPhone 6.

  • iNeedANameHere

    OtterBoxes always seem to do more damage to my iPhones than if I left them case free. They always leave these scratched outlines of where the screen cutout was at on the front glass of my iPhone.

  • Eddiepradom

    Still waiting for the Lifeproof series

  • Using a $20 Survivor series case; good grip; simple. Case is a must lest you let the phone slip easily behind your pinky finger

  • Brandon Piening

    can you guys review some slim flip/wallet cases?

    most pics of ones i’ve bought in past are misleading on online shopping sites

    my preference iwould be slim as possible, wallet option if doesn’t add bulk

    • mlee19841

      When your thinking about buying a case from amazon or eBay or where ever. Head to YouTube and type the case name into the search bar.

  • Brandon Piening

    can you guys review some slim flip/wallet cases?

    most pics of ones i’ve bought in past are misleading on online shopping sites

    my preference is slim as possible, wallet would be great if not making bulky

  • JasonL1C4

    Am I the only one here who likes otterboxes?

  • mlee19841

    Screen protectors were nice.

  • Kejuan Thompson

    Are they going to make an armor series for the 6? I’ve loved it for my 4 and 5