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YouTube channel EverythingApplePro posted an interesting video this weekend, showing multiple side by side speed comparison tests of all 10 iPhone models. This includes the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and the original iPhone.

The clip, which is about 4 minutes long, shows a wide range of speed tests such as shutdown, startup, webpage loading, and even a GeekBench benchmark test. For the most part everything works out like you’d expect, with the newer devices outpacing their predecessors, but there are a few surprises.

Again, there’s nothing too crazy here, but the video does provide a unique look at how the iPhone has evolved since 2007. Apple updates the handset on an annual basis, so we obviously see the incremental improvements each year, but it’s easy to forget how far the device has come as a whole in the past 7 years.

Apple announced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus earlier this month, and they both officially went on sale last Friday. Apple called the two smartphones the “The Biggest advancements in iPhone history,” and they both include larger displays, thinner design, improved cameras, and of course the faster A8 processor.


  • Capirexz

    Haha, iPhone 4 suffering.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      Yup, then in 5 years iPhone 6 will be suffering.

      • Waleed

        it hurts to imagine that 🙁

      • coLin

        If you update. But if you don’t you should be fine

      • Capirexz

        And then , Bought>Damaged>Throw Away>Bought new one>Damaged>Throw away again>And so one.

        Technology in the future?

    • funkybebel

      Yes mine sucks ! Lol

    • rockdude094

      Haha I’m sure the hardware isn’t the problem

  • eKoknight

    A bit crazy to look back and think how the iPhone’s has changed through the years. Yet little can be said about the iPod touch line except the iPod touch 5g was an amazing upgrade over any model of iPod touch in my opinion.

    • Capirexz

      I wonder what’s happened to iPod Touch now?

      • rockdude094

        The sales are rather disappointing since younger generations now buy iPhones instead

      • you mean parents buy it for them lol

      • Kurt

        I’m gonna give my kids pagers.

      • Jose Gonzalez

        This made me laugh and imagine giving my daughter one for the sake of seeing her reaction!

      • Kurt

        Did you ever have one? I used to think no one but Doctors needed them, but I loved mine when I got it. Lol

      • Jose Gonzalez

        No, by the time I had some sort of communication device it was a flip phone. lol My father had one though and that thing was old!

      • rockdude094

        Yes you got it

  • Matt Taylor

    The 5C benched lower than the 5 lol.

    • Juschan

      yeah it has 0.05 ghz less 😀 still loving mine because its blue hahahaha

  • Willie

    I didn’t even realise apple has actually released 10 iPhones already!!

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      Technically it’s only 8, given that 5C is identical to 5 and 6 is identical to 6 plus (despite the screen size) it would only count for the flagship models.

      • Kurt

        “Technically” :p… there are some differences in specs of the 5C and 5. But I forget what. Maybe a different wifi chip and one other difference.

      • Elias Chao

        True, iPhone 5c has a slightly better front facing camera, andbetter battery, than the iPhone 5. I’m not sure there’s another upgrade between those models.

      • coLin

        The LTE chip

      • Juschan

        slower processer bigger battery better frontfaceing camera and lte for all carriers in germany 😀

  • Rares

    Unlocking all those devices at the beginning gave my chills

    • ishatmypants

      I can’t even imagine what will happen the first time you pound some vag

      • kron1k 


      • MaxCox

        Oh you don’t got to worry bout that. The man said unlocking all those phones gave him chills. That’s the peak right there. Ain’t nothing else that’s gone do it for him. Not even straight up pussy… give this man a few iPhones and he’s set.

      • jilex

        Take your upvote, my dear friend!

    • kron1k 

      Imagine slide to jailbreak!

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    This is false information. It states iPhone 5s, 5c and 5 all carry the same processing speeds, which 5s is 5X faster than 5. Same with 4 and 4s, wouldn’t hence the S for speed if the processors were the same speeds.

  • Frozen Bee .GFKS

    lol, for me, this is just confirmation that 5S is best of all iPhones yet…

  • Dado

    I would like to see the same comparision, but only that all iPhones have their original shipped firmware.

    The iPhone 4 is suffering so much from iOS 7 that it appears to be much slower than the older devices. With iOS 4 it wouldn’t.

    • Kurt

      That would be really interesting!

    • leart

      Probably the fastest would be the iphone 5 on ios 6 and iPhone 4S on ios 5 😉

    • Arjan Vlek

      If apple is signing each and every iOS firmware, this would definitely have been done

  • DevXav

    I’ll stick with iPhone 5S. 😀

    • Waleed

      and i will stay stuck with iPhone 5 😛

  • kron1k 

    They should’ve had each one on its original iOS that would’ve been interesting

    • Bibek Ghimire

      Yeah, but unfortunately even if he could find phones that were on their ship-date iOS versions, he wouldn’t have been able to restore to factory settings for a clean and unbiased test. But I definitely agree with you.

      • iNeedANameHere

        Could always reset all content and setting from Settings app. Assuming they had no jailbreak. Haha

      • kron1k 


  • Alexander Gold

    5s before 6 plus why???

    • KsbjA

      Screen size, probably.

  • M Last

    very nice
    I really liked!
    imagine if you guys will do it with samsung’s phones , you will need the backyard :))LOL

  • @sexyhamthing

    And legacy support … apple 🙁

  • kron1k 

    Um hello? I mean imagine slide to jailbreak all the phones like that….not I wish there was a slide to jailbreak….not saying I don’t wish there was one for iOS 8 but it’d be more so press Touch ID to jailbreak now

  • Arief Halisa Putra

    Not fair for iPhone 4 he’s suffering on iOS7,maybe you must use iOS pre installed on each iPhone,not upgraded latest iOS

    • KsbjA

      True, but it would be hard to find older, non-updated iPhones today.

  • Austin

    Is it just me or the Iphone 6 screen more yellow than any other the others, especially the plus.

  • Janappriya

    How to pair a iphones to a car hands free set

  • pieternel d

    it is