Normally, when you connect your headphone to your iOS device, it will start to output the audio from the headphone rather than the speaker and there’s no way you can switch to the latter. AudioOut is a brand new jailbreak tweak that aims to save your day by fixing this issue.

Developed by vibez, AudioOut allows you to listen to a song from the device’s external speaker even when the headphone is plugged in. Not only this, but the tweak also lets you control the audio from the headphone’s controls such as its volume. This means that you can listen to a song from the device’s external speaker and at the same time control the sound with the headphone’s remote control.

The tweak will particularly come in handy to those who have a broken headphone, but still want to continue to use the headphone’s inline remote control. At least you’ll put it into a better use. If you think controlling audio via the headphone’s controls is more comfortable than interacting with your device, then this tweak is for you.

Once you install AudioOut, it comes with a preference panel where you can enable or disable it on demand and use the external speaker along with the headphone’s control only when needed.

If you think AudioOut is a tweak that you’d want to try, head to Cydia now and purchase it for $0.99. The tweak supports all devices running iOS 7.

  • Ajax

    this seems very useless

    • Osama Muhammed

      NOOO !, most external headphones have built in microphone, sometimes you only want to use its mic and put speakers on, happened with me several times especially on skype

      • ChaCha Abapo

        Mic is not working on Skype 🙁

    • Not at all! This is partially what I asked for; it’s a methodology for gaining almost the same function as CarPlay.

      Here’s what I proposed earlier (http://bit ly/1mqYRjx):

      “CarPlay could be some-what replicated and be much more flexible (i.e. not limited to buggy Apple maps) with a Bluetooth headset ($25), windshield phone holder ($5) and Auxiliary cable ($3) if there were some jailbreak tweak that routed outgoing audio through the iPhone’s headphone jack and incoming audio through its mic (or the Bluetooth headset’s mic) even when a Bluetooth headset is connected…at this moment, toggling Siri via a Bluetooth headset reasonably routes the feedback to the headset and there’s no option to change that officially…make it happen devs.

      Only differences are you’ll need to ensure your headset is charged for
      the trip, and you’ll be reaching for your ear (or neck in my case) when
      you want to activate Siri, depending on which Bluetooth headset you use (Bluebuds X in my case). I’ll trade fanciness for flexibility, anytime…”

      If this could route audio out through the headphone jack (to your car’s AUX input) when a Bluetooth headset is connected, then CarPlay has been somewhat replicated.

      • sourabh parashar

        U r so right ! I paid for this app to realise that apps like (blue2car) already exist in App Store

  • johndhynes

    Dammit, I’ve been needing this forever, and it comes out the day after I upgrade to iOS 8! I haven’t been able to use my iPad’s speaker since my wife broke the headphone jack.

    • Shockster

      You can still downgrade iOS 7.1.2 is still being signed.

      • Justice and Malice

        I’m surprised they have kept the signing window open this long. But thankful because I’ve downgraded because of it

      • Perhaps this is a new Apple that touts a lack of fragmentation yet still gives users the power to downgrade whenever they want. I doubt it but it’d be awesome if they were doing this.

      • eisforme

        I hope that they are doing it for that reason! It would be nice to have the option to downgrade if you don’t like the new iOS. I mean, if it lags on an older device, then why force someone to have a shitty experience when they could downgrade and be happy? Sure, then that person would be less likely to buy a new device sooner, but most will eventually anyway. No reason to force someone’s wallet out of their pocket every 6 months. :-/

      • johndhynes

        Done. iOS 8 didn’t work well on my iPad 2, anyway.

      • smtp25

        New iPad coming out next month.. with a non retina ipad2 might be time to upgrade?

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        iOS 8 is ment for newer gens. Just like installing iOS 7 on iPhone 4, expect a poor performance on older tech that don’t have the processing power to handle newer software.

    • sourabh parashar

      Dude blue2car in App Store does the same work

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    I don’t understand why they make tweaks that have no purpose, or features that are already default inside iOS.

    • gittlopctbi

      Well, read the other posts here and see how this tweak is what some users have been hoping for. And the function that this tweak provides is non-existent in iOS if any version, so we don’t know to what you are referring.

    • sourabh parashar

      My iPhone is stuck in headphone mode . This is my last hope

      • sourabh parashar

        Should have searched a bit more or waited . Blue2car in App Store does the same work . Paid for this use less tweak 🙁

  • Wooow your carrier du so you in Dubai 😀 me tooooo even I have du and also etisalat 🙂

    • nyangejr


  • Ralph Colyn


    Could you possibly add a pet-app option ?

    When I have my headphones in, and put the phone down, i forget to remove them but I NEED to hear my medication reminders, but not ALL other apps !!

  • Mohamed Infaz

    anyone help me
    i jailbreak my iPhone5 and its changing the colors when the phone is turn on whats the problem may be it is ? contact me here please someone let me know why s that

  • Guest

    i jailbreak my iPhone5 and its changing the colors when the phone is turn on whats the problem may be it is ? contact me here please someone let me know why s that

  • johndhynes

    AudioOut works great! My iPad works right for the first time in a year.

    • sourabh parashar

      Congrats , my iPhone works good but Siri and voice call don’t work

  • Adhy Bae

    off topic, I got problem when I susscesed jailbreak my Ipad Mini2 ios 8.1,after jailbreak my input audio can’t running, i put on my headphone [works on iphone] but it doesn’t work at all the sound still loudspeaker, any idea to resolve this ?

    • Marko Velickovic

      Have the same problem

  • Marten

    Where can i find a link to download this?? Ik keep going from site to site, and I cant download it anywhere

    • sourabh parashar

      Blue2car in App Store does the same work . If u want this only , then jailbreak and go to cydia store

  • Aero Windwalker

    This is so useful! My iPhone charging station comes with an audio plug and I must plug in the audio when charging. This means I can’t using the speaker on the phone! This tweak saves the day!

  • sourabh parashar

    Blue2car in App Store does the same work