iPhone 6 plastic Free screen protector

So you just got your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Or, perhaps you’re waiting for it to arrive via the mail. Whatever the case may be, you just got (or are getting) a new device, and you’re thrilled.

Now, the question that all of us have to ponder at some time during the day: What do I do with the plastic screen protector that wraps around my iPhone?

If you’re like most people, the answer to this question is simple: Remove it as fast as humanely possible, and let your hands enjoy the build quality and curves of Jony Ive’s latest creation.

But for me, and no doubt, others, the answer to that question is a tad more complex. Sometimes I find myself removing the plastic, yet at other times, I like to keep it on my device. It is free, after all…

You basically have four options, and here they are:

Au naturel: Do like most, and get rid of that disgusting plastic film, and enjoy your iPhone how it was meant to be enjoyed.

Aluminum lover: Remove the plastic form the front of the screen completely, and leave the plastic protector on the rear of the device, sans the little tab, to keep scratches in the anodized aluminum at bay.

The  wrapper: Keep the plastic on the screen to act as a screen protector, and remove the bottom portion that covers the Home button, Touch ID sensor, and ear piece. Keep the plastic on the rear of the device as well, except for the little tab.

The traditionalist: Remove the plastic from the rear of the device, and the portion that covers the Home button, and keep the plastic as a traditional screen protector, removing the portion for the ear piece.

Whatever you choose to do, know that there’s no wrong choice. I’ve personally done all four, and I tend to change my mind with each new iPhone. That being said, it would be wise to consider the pluses and minuses of any of the methods listed above.

So what type of person are you? Are you Au naturel, an aluminum lover, a wrapper, or a traditionalist? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Cameron Chao

    This one really weird article

    • thecrack101

      finally… everybody acting normal….

    • Rohit

      Makes more sense than grown ups 2..

    • BoardDWorld

      It’s very Jeff… I meticulously remove it then place it back in the box. When I resell it it’s meticulously placed back on the device to add resale value. People actually like the idea of receiving a device as if it were new despite knowing it has been used for a year.

  • seanodotcom

    Weird, perhaps, but admittedly, I’m a wrapper.

  • CS

    Last year when I got my 5s, I also had purchased a new roof rack for my car. I used the screen protectors to protect my paint. A year later, still there 🙂

  • Merman123

    Hey that’s pretty neat!

  • whodakat

    Seriously? People leave the wrapper on their iPhones? Get outta here!

  • Fevostone

    I take it off slowly and place it back in the box then a year later I bang it back on the phone to re sale to get the next big thing

    • Danial

      The next big thing is already here lol

  • Andre Grey

    what happened to the video that Jeff attached to this Post?

  • hkgsulphate

    some people come to the apple store and claiming there are issues with their cameras
    you know what i mean…

  • Scott Carter

    My dad always told me, “if you’re going to take out to play, you better wrap it up.” wait…what are we talking about again?

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    I really did not get this post

    • KungFu



    I wish to be one of them, I didn’t get my iPhone 6+, I got in line since 2am at an apple store no luck when I finally got in . iPhone 6 plus sold out

  • What kind of random ass article is this?!

  • Frozen Bee .GFKS

    I have suggestion for another article!!

    What to do with plastic bag of chips?

    The originalist: Leave your chips in the bag and eat them out of it, no big changes. Are you afraid?

    The plastic lover: Do like most, and throw away chips and eat the raw bag. Hmmmm, delicious, isn’t it?

    The old fashion maniac: put the chips into the bowl and throw away the plastic bag. What a retro, right?

    The hipstery hipster: put the chips into your shoes and use plastic bag as a beanie….because eating is too mainstream.

    The try-hard: If you want people to see you as badass freakin bad boy, dont buy any chips and go skittles instead! Girls gonna love it, nobody will notice you with chips.

    I’ve personally done all 5, and it’s definitely not a waste of my, and yours, time writing this article. So, what person are you?

    • Andrew Roth


  • Mark

    Is this for real? People actually use this as a protector? I am still in shock I just read this. There is seriously something wrong with people if they leave this on their phone. Not trying to be funny or sarcastic. This is weird. WTF.

    • Mark

      Seriously, WTF! Weird man, weird.

    • Tommy

      You do know there are retards in this world dont you?

    • What’s weird about that?
      Why go and buy a protector when it ships with one? THAT’S weird!

  • rafaelpz

    I remove and immediately smell both of the films. I also smell the cable, the charger and the box itself. Is that weird?

    • ThoseCurves

      pervert ! lol :p

    • MereUser

      guess that makes you a “Sniffer” lol

  • I’m usually a huge fan of iDB posts, but I think you could have wrote an article about cups and it would have been a more enticing read -_-

    • Tommy

      Haha same here.
      Well at least the comments were worth the read.

  • William Z. 

    Jeff, did you forget to take your medicine? just kidding~~

  • Andrew

    Next up:

    What you can do with your used condom

  • Gil Roman

    As a Virgo with self diagnosed borderline OCD I support this post and can identify with you 100%. Neat freaks unite!

  • JerseyD

    take it off! it’s to protect the device during shipping. Once you take it out of the box it’s useless, it covers the camera lenses, the flash, the front speaker, and touch ID. This is not supposed to be left on the phone. Buy a case or real screen protectors.

  • Alex Nicolai

    Not a bad idea of leaving the plastic on for the back…wished I did that with my iPad Air.

  • Anonomous.TECH.man

    What a strange artical.


    No son. Read the manual and remove it carefully. oh, there you go.

  • ousmanesokona

    I keep mine in place until I get my full body protector in the mail.

  • Milad


  • Stevealot

    This makes sense to me!
    I still have the neon price tag,
    And MPG sheet on my car windows,
    You know, in case I decide to resell.
    I’m sure the next owner will appreciate it!

  • Y4VIN

    I LEAVE THE wrapper on until an invisible shield arrives.

  • s0me

    Jeff its almost a month since your last video. Where are your ios 8 videos ?

  • Tommy

    “Now, the question that all of us have to ponder at some time during the day”

    Seriously. All of us?
    Lol dude, I love your posts but are you high on this one?

  • Chris

    Safety in mind leave everything on there to I get protector and case for phone

  • Qasim

    I totally get it, i just bought a year old iPhone 5S from a guy who kept the phone in the wrapper this whole time, and i am thankful to him coz i just got a phone which is 100% scratch free for a very low price, u cannot tell a difference between it and a brand new iphone 5s even with a microscope, so i totally appreciate the wrapper people.

  • Rook HD

    how about just cut the lid of the box so you can see the screen and use the whole box as a case for the phone. This way it will maximize the resell value since you won’t even touch your $1000 phone

    • @citzjustice (Temecula, Ca)

      Now that right there is hilarious!!! I seriously googled this to see what people do; the original protector is nice & thick & stays in place with a couple small slivers of invisible packing tape; from there –> straight into the new case. I researched this because i went from the fully waterproof/twistproof Lifeproof case (black) to an Otterbox Survivor case (blaze orange RealTree camo (was always losing the black case because it blends in no matter where you set it). It may be “fugly”, but at least I can spot it from across the roof; God bless blaze orange. Also didn’t I didn’t like the special Lifeproof specific 4″ screw-in audio jack lead (seats & retains waterproof via a little green grommit waterproof ring seal once screwed in). You have to use that one built for that case EVERY TIME YOU plug in headphone or AUX cable – talk about a pain & easy to lose and/or forget @ home. Lose it & you’ll pay $25 for a replacement lead (if you can find one now that Otterbox acquired Lifeproof). Sorry for the novel & back to my original reasoning for looking this up (so I Do appeciate this article): the Lifeproof dramatically lowed my signal, so with the new case & a new 6 plus, i wondered if leaving the front and/or back stock plastic protector have any adverse affects on signal. What better place to check. Anal? For sure. OCD? Guiltly. However, $800 for a phone is a lot of cake & if it’s my $800, I’m damn well gunna try to protect it the best way I know how. Thanks to all those that posted serious responses and also to the comedians who posted stuff that made me laugh out loud. Final decision; live life dangerously & remove the front/back stock protectors & see if it gives me an extra bar or two of signal (keeping the film for resale though; great idea I’d never thought of hadn’t I found this article/comments. Then, addition of the non-waterproof Survivor orange case that still meets the military MIL 801 (or whatever it is) drop/rain proof toughness specs , but minus the matte front plastic cheesy protector that the Otter Survivor & Defender are known for (which IMO suck as they leave what feels like an 1/8″ gap you have to tap through to contact the screen – carefully cut out thanks to a careful cut with a X-acto razor. To button up the front, I’ll finish of with the addition a Tech Armor Ballistic glass front cover. Obviously, it’ll no longer be as damage/water resistant, but hopefully a good compromise between durabilty & fuctionality via a bump in signal quality. I guess we’ll see.

  • Will Mason Moses

    I keep it on the back of my phone (X-Acto around the camera and remove that piece) and have an apple employee install a screen protector on the front after removing the film in-store (They’re pros at this and if you’re lucky, they’ll do it in the back, where there’s less dust.) Then put on a bumper case and you’ve got a completely protected phone that’ll look brand new when you resell it in 2 years.

  • This has to be the most pointless article I have ever read. I did not know you could write conjure so many words of utter fluff to talk about something as mundane as the plastic that’s wrapped around a new iPhone.

  • jaysoncopes

    Au naturel all the way.

  • Jamie N

    Y’all are hating, I liked this article. People do different shit, good insight and info. I’m gonna keep mine on for awhile

  • Paul Schkud

    lol who make this ???? WHO KEEP THESE FILMS PLEASE ?

  • Shelly Schmidt

    Who in the hell uses the shitty plastic screen guard that comes on the phone? The first thing I do is take it off and trash it as soon as I take the phone out of the box. This article is useless.

  • Jayaram Narasimhan

    Excellent article. Just what I needed as first time Iphone user struggling with earpiece sound being low . I just cannot believe that it will be left covered by manufacturer with no instructions. I am gonna quickly try wrapper option . Thanks Jeff

  • Dee Forbes

    Okay now fast forward 9 almost 10 months later…How many of you have scratches or broke your iPhone 6 or 6+ because you didn’t have a screen protector?