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The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus don’t officially launch until Friday, but it seems that some users have managed to get their hands on the two devices early. YouTube channel UNDERkg, which appears to be based in South Korea, has posted hands-on videos for both a Space Gray iPhone 6 Plus and a Gold iPhone 6.

The two clips are 4 minutes long and 7 minutes long respectively, and are both shot in 4K for excellent detail. The videos do a good job of exploring the external hardware of the handsets, as well as some of the more nuanced features in the iOS 8 software. If you have the time, they’re definitely worth a look.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at a high profile media event last week, calling them the biggest leaps in the smartphone line since it debuted in 2007. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch display, and the 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch, and the latter costs $100 more, uses a bigger battery, and has optical image stabilization.

Again the two handsets will go on sale in several countries around the world this Friday at 8am local time. Apple opened up pre-orders for both the 6 and 6 Plus last Friday, but most models are now showing lengthy shipping times. If you’re looking to get one soon, your best bet is to head to a retail store this week.

[UNDERkg via iPhone in Canada]

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    What about the iPhone 6S? lol I saw a thread and thought was funny to include

    Some guy I saw on the iMore forums put some interesting ideas out

    – Wifi Calling for all carriers
    – Sapphire Screen
    – Single World Model like 4S instead of two models like the iPhone 6 because of unlocking regulations after Feb. 2015
    – Smell sensor for carbon dioxide haha (added to health)
    – Globalstar Satellite software so Satellite Wifi is possible for Celluar service (Apple buys out company $GSAT)
    – The sides of the iPhone where the fingers hold the phone will be fingerprint Sensored possible/heartbeat
    – More Hands Free features like the Moto X
    – More Apple Car OS with iPhone 6S / Apple Watch integration i.e. Auto Start & Diagnostic of Car health
    – Multiple Destination for Apple Maps (iOS 9)
    – New battery technology using Liquid Metal
    – New charging technology using heat/vibration/solar onto screen
    – Battery innovation from Kinetic Watches to iPhone 6S to truly out class the competitors
    – Support for ALAC/FLAC output from headphones
    – iPhone 6S+ iPad Magnet Covers support
    – 4k Resolution / Support
    – Apple Check out feature w/ Amazon/Ebay features
    – Airplay to Apple Car OS
    – Airplay to Apple Watch OS
    – Bluetooth Lossless APTX & Low Latency
    – Support for Airplay with DLNA technology
    – Temperature sensor
    – Humidity sensor
    – Artificial Intelligence responses w/ IBM watson & Siri
    – to be c…

    • Donovan

      *Samsung reads this tread*
      *Samsung releases this phone tomorrow*

      • The Afroman

        Then accuses Apple of copying them!
        GOLD JERRY!! GOLD!

    • BoardDWorld

      Nice list, what do you mean by support for ALAC from headphones? 16 bit ALAC plays just fine. Then if you want 24bit high frequency you just install the free app called Audiophile. Then if you want to go insane (like mwah) get Audiobus & Level 24.

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        Because Aux headphone jack vs lightning line out dock has two different dacs.

        The app, the line out, and the headphones has to be all at a higher level than the standard dock. If you use Aux you will get downgraded quality no matter the app or headphone.

    • jack

      “- New battery technology using Liquid Metal”


      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        Yeah liquid metal is owned by Apple and by using the technology it can stand up to about a days worth. Longer quality lasting vs lithium

      • jack

        it is not a battery technology amigo

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        It is capable of it. Research it.

  • Micky Ganon

    IPhone 5S much more beautiful and practical

    • Markus Hudobnik

      Practical is very subjective. I like the iPhone 6 better than the iPhone 5s just for the screen alone

      • Luis Barbosa

        that’s true.. the 5s may have a more elegant back but the front is better in the new one.. I can reach the entire screen on a HTC ONE M8 so the iphone 6 wont be different

      • Tom

        Maybe because of your big hands… Not all of us have them like big like that. I prefer smaller screen, why? It is more practical for carrying it in a pocket, or in a jacket and because it’s a phone, not a tablet. For daily use, or working in office calling to customers I prefer my 5s better of any other phone. For other things like watching movies and ect. I use iPad. Just my 2 cents…

    • Jack Wong

      I will use a case with that.

  • patrick

    “The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch display, and the 6 Plus has a 5.7-inch” correct me if im wrong but I thought the 6 plus has a 5.5 inch screen

  • Adam

    Why isn’t ANYONE showing the damn Control Center or Notification Center? We all may get an idea of what it looks like. But why don’t they show it? I mean, you are showing pretty much every single detail of the device, but not Notification Center or Control Center? I am talking about all Hands-on after the presentation of the device and these videos.
    I would also like to see how do you text while you are on the iPhone 6 Plus and in landscape mode, again, we may have an idea of what it looks like and how it’ll interact. But they don’t show anything. For me, that’s not a complete review. I’m sorry.

    • Martin

      True dat.

    • sdhn

      They did for the iP6 review… look right at the end

      • Adam

        I’m talking iPhone 6 plus which may have a bigger difference. .7 inches is nothing. I know everything on the 6 will be the same to the iPhone 5S including messages app. iPhone 6 Plus is 1.5 inches bigger, which I’m sure has a lot more changes than the iPhone 5S including the 6. What if the control center of the iPhone 6 plus is iPad like just like everything else? Or what if it is the same as the iPhone 6 but just stretched out?Wouldn’t bother me, but would like to know and see.

      • sdhn

        I doubt… Apple want consistency, which is why iPad/iPad mini have similar OS designs… should just be like normal

  • Dan

    I’m just looking forward to installing iOS 8 on my 5S, tomorrow if I’m not mistaken?

    • Max Rojas

      Yes tomorrow.

    • Mike Chu

      I’m not, happily jailbroken 🙂

      • TwinSon

        God I wish iOS 8 was JB’d. Going to have to get used to not having Themes, BiteSMS (still better than new iOS 8 Messages), other tweaks.

      • Youssef Lourayad

        BiteSMS, SwipeExpander, SwipeSelection, iFile, Activator! I can’t live with an unjailbroken device!

  • DarekSlaby

    “Hey Siri” still needs to be plugged in to work?

    • sNick

      I guess so.. but wait for the iOS 8 jailbreak and you’re getting helped for sure.

    • Miqdad

      Yes it does, I’m on iOS 8 beta gm. It sucks that you need to be connected to use such an awesome feature

      • DarekSlaby

        Current iPhones will obviously need to be plugged in but the new iPhones have a new m8 chip. I was wondering if it enables them to have that “always-on” functionality.

    • Jason Baroni

      Yes, and it comes turned off in settings by default.

  • Martin

    Personally, I think that 6+ is the phone for me. It has a huge screen (real estate, imagine what the jailbreak community could do with that), longer battery life and iOS 8 enough is programmed perfectly (all the new features and software really suit the hardware). Also I’m a fanboy and to all those Shamesung lovers “nobody cares what you think of the new iPhones”

  • Joseph Silva

    You guys should do a post on iPhone 6 & 6 plus shipping confirmations from specific carries in the US !

    • Archigos

      Doubt it helps… but I got my shipping confirmation from Verizon and UPS shows my phone is sitting in Nashville TN (on it’s way to upstate NY)

      I know a few others on Verizon that have all gotten their confirmations… don’t know of any AT&T ones in this area (but AT&T beyond sucks around here unless you drive about an hour away)

      • Joseph Silva

        Thanks ! Still waiting on my sprint confirmation here in California lol ordered at 3am so kinda worried

      • Archigos

        The Bad… they made East Coast wait until 3:01am

        The Good… Verizon goofed and I finished my pre-order at 2:57am 🙂

        The ‘probably not good’ waiting until 3am PST… Wish you luck.

    • Jimmy Velletta

      Still no confirmation for me from T-Mobile…

  • sNick

    I think the jailbreak will enable all the features of the iPhone 6 Plus to the rest of the iDevices (software side) ..hopefully.

    • sdhn

      Yep, should be easy to get landscape mode on iP6… considering there are tweaks that have this ability for the springboard already (SBRotator)

      • sNick

        yes I got this on my mind. I’m excited for what is coming.

  • Gate

    I love his accent.
    Can’t wait till I get my 6 Plus ^^

    Thanks Cody!

  • Mel

    Accelerometer appears to be sluggish getting into and out of landscape mode. Sheesh!

    • It’s a lot bigger phone, so it looks like it just needs more of a tilt than our 4 inch phones. More than likely nothing to worry about, but who knows.

    • jack

      camera angle

      • Mel

        Camera angle? You can clearly see the reviewer remaneuver the phone to get the display to orient properly.

  • john diaz

    I don’t own it yet i’m already in love with it (6plus)

  • Tevo

    Am I the only one wondering how do you multitask if double pressing home button does something else

    • Tevo

      Nevermind realized he was tapping and not pressing

    • avd98

      Actually it is not a double press, it’s just a double Touch ID tap. You don’t need to press the home button, only touching it twice.

  • DopamineAddicted

    I keep touching the the top of my 6+ for the power button. fml

    • John Tremendol

      First world problems

  • Duc T-ra

    Look at how black the iphone screen compares to other shamesung phones, it’s definately best display rn tks for the retina hd 🙂

  • Jason Baroni

    Even with these horrible antennas lines the gold looks stunning. Will be my choice for sure.

    • Gustavo Mirabal

      It will match your panties..

      • Jason Baroni

        I don’t wear them, but I like women who do. Don’t you?

      • Jason Baroni

        I am sorry if I turned you on.

      • @dongiuj

        You couldn’t turn on a light, yet alone a person.

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        jason 0, Gustavo 1, Donguij 1

      • Jason Baroni

        You again? Really?! I must have turned you on too, because boy, you stalk me more than any girl I have ever related!

      • @dongiuj

        Yeah right! You could only wish that somebody would stalk you. Like I just said “you couldn’t turn on a light yet alone a PERSON”. Don’t try to flatter yourself because you’ll only make yourself look like more of a fool than you already are.

  • @dongiuj

    I like the way he mentions the one handed use is not so easy so he taps the home button to lower the top icons. He uses two hands, one to hold the phone and one to tap the home button. Wtf? If you’re going to use two hands, what’s point in tapping the home button? Lol
    Oh and that “gold” colour phone looks fugly and I would imagine women only would purchase that model. Black it is for me…..again.

  • Lance Baker

    I’m still torn. I have an iPhone 6 preordered at Best Buy. I really want to hold both phones in my hand. I like the larger display of the Plus but I feel like it will look ridiculous when I hold it to my face.

  • mav3rick

    It used to be to put no case on it as it will hide the beauty of the design. Not it’s “here are some cases to hide the antenna plastic lines and protruded camera…”.

  • So fugly for an apple product, but Tim surely doesn’t care; it’ll always sell.

  • 3l Principe

    Am I the only one to notice the iPhone 6 has 6 rows of icons in their adds, yet he only has 5?..