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We spent several Let’s Talk iOS episodes chatting about fraying cables. Many people suffer from OEM Lightning cables that over time fray near the tip. Arguably, this happens from bending, flexing, and tugging on the cable. Personally, like Cody, I have never experienced this problem. However, most of my cables remain in place, whether in the office, kitchen or car, I do not tote them around. Also, I am careful to pull them from the pin head, as opposed to using the wire as my tugging point.

Here to resolve several issues, including the fray, is AwesomeCables. The newly released 6′ Braided Cable showed up for review, thanks to their offer. I am a big fan of the build quality and, most importantly, MFi certification.

Braided for toughness

To offer a bit of background, the MFi licensing program is Apple’s certification process for official compliance with hardware. Anytime you see the “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad” logo on a product, the manufacturer is part of Apple’s certification process to guarantee the item will properly operate.

When Lightning first released, there were many cables sold without applying for, or waiting to receive, MFi certifications. Because Apple built a microchip into OEM cables required for them to operate, any non-MFi versions show(ed) an error on Lightning capable hardware devices.

AwesomeCable Camo 6 foot

AwesomeCables were thoughtful enough to make sure they are selling cables with MFi certifications. Therefore, I can recommend them in this review. Using a durable braided outer cable, the 6′ Braided Cable will stand up to prolonged usage and should prevent the fraying issue caused by Apple’s own Lightning cable. The C48 Lightning tip will work with almost all cases, even Lifeproof, and with a 2.4 amp passthrough to charge iPhone or iPad.

Personally, I have been using braided cables when possible. For example, my most used cable is a 3.5mm headphone braided cable in my car. I really prefer braided cables for their flexibility. AwesomeCable is no exception. The 6′ Braided Lightning cable is offered for $25 in Camo and Black, through the AwesomeCable website only. Considering an Apple Lightning cable is $19 and only 1 meter, the AwesomeCable is arguably the better deal, coming in approximately twice the length.

I do wish the cable tips were aluminum. Some competitors in the space offer competing cables with metal tips for durability and matching class to the Apple computer line. Other than the aluminum preference, I can still recommend the AwesomeCables. Sure, there are way cheaper options on Amazon, but the key is MFi certification.

  • a3yu

    which cover model is?

  • Ricky

    Quickdraw Cabke is better(kickstarter) not delivered yet cuz some MFI cable problem but still its better

    • So you’re telling us that something that has MFi certification issues, and that hasn’t even been released yet is better than this?

      • The issue is getting hold of lightning connectors. From they’re last update on KickStarter:

        We are still awaiting news on the Lightning connector delivery from Avnet (the official Apple supplier) but are really in the lap of the gods, or Apple. We have had some heated discussions with our suppliers and they are searching for any spare supplies even if we can only start production on small scale, so we can at least get some cables shipped. Of course Kickstarter backers will be supplied first.

  • Gate

    This cable makes me want to charge my iPhone inside a tree… wait.
    That header image though. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Thanks Jim!

  • Tommy

    Bought a lightning cable at the apple store only to have it frayed in a month. Went back to the store only to be told there was nothing they could do about it. Said dude even recommended me to buy a different branded cable. Thoroughly disappointed. The store I’m referring to is the one at Hong Kong Central.

    • yermum

      Odd, as apple normally replaces any damaged cable with a new one immediately.

      • Tommy

        The “Genius” said that non working cables will be replaced. Frayed ones still work so it can’t be replaced. Damn

  • Michael Duy

    Does Anyone have problems in the App Store with an iPhone 5s?
    Im downloading an App and it keep asking my finger print 3 times and the donwloadndont start.
    Whats up?

    • yermum

      No. Sounds like it’s time you redid you fingerprints.

  • Daniel Green Hersing

    Braided cables from ebay breaks faster then the original ligthning cable, so it’s interresting to see if these also do

    • steiney

      I bought five braided knockoff cables on eBay… none worked. The guy sent me another package of five as a replacement… none worked. Well, one seemed to work intermittently, but not very well at all. Those were really inexpensive cables from China. I’m sure a $20 cable made by a reputable company would hold up pretty well. I just thinks it’s ludicrous that Apple can’t seem to manufacture a cable that is really strong and well made.

  • J. Rockwell

    Apple cables are actually one of the only things I HATE about the company. I could use a micro USB cable for the life of my device, a they are super cheap. Apples cable are super expensive, and they fray very easily.

  • cortech

    Jim, you mentioned braided cables with aluminum tips being out there somewhere, could you point us in that direction? Would love to see what is available. Thanks!

  • Waleed

    i prefer buying a n original aple cable and the braid it myself using some threads stuff! 🙂

  • I have solved the problem of fraying cables by bypassing lightning cables altogether. I’ve bought a micro-usb-to-lightning-adaptor and connect it to any micro usb cable and that’s it. Most micro usb cables are rugged and if one breaks they’re dirt cheap to replace…

  • Warmachine69

    I’ve tried these cables break so easy at the end

  • highNiggaPie

    These cables are fuckin ill I bought 3 of them at radio shack and they never ripped in the few months I had them