Apple Watch steel band

Leander Kahney of Cult of Mac reports today that the Apple Watch comes with a built-in security feature that disables Apple Pay in the event that it is stolen. Apparently the Watch can use its sensors to tell when it is being worn, and when it has been taken off.

Kahney says that during the hands-on time at Apple’s event yesterday, an employee for the company told him that when you first put the watch on you, you must enter a security code. When the watch is removed, Apple Pay locks up until you enter the code again.

He doesn’t offer up any further details regarding the code, or how other features of the Watch will be affected by it. It’s possible that it could be a standard pairing code, which you see when you try to pair two Bluetooth items, such as your phone to your vehicle.

Apple has been fairly quiet on a number of Apple Watch details thus far, other than what it announced yesterday. A big reason for this is, obviously, because the device won’t be available for several months—a lot of these details probably haven’t been finalized yet.

The Apple Watch is set to go on sale in early 2015, with prices starting at $349—more information on it here. Apple Pay, Apple’s new mobile payment system announced yesterday, is slated to launch in the United States next month. More info ApplePay here.

[Cult of Mac]

  • Innovation at its best. hopefully it works as advertised. I wonder if we wie’ll be able to jailbreak them too..

    • Vince Reedy

      I have jailbroken every device up until now, but I will have to rethink jailbreaking something with financial info on it.

      • mlee19841

        well that would be a no jailbreak to the iphone 6 either since it has that pay service

      • I think thats what he was referring to since the watch doesn’t really store much.

      • Vince Reedy


      • Rowan09

        According to them the card info is not store on the phone itself. Unless a person will take over your phone and go to the secure enclave to retrieve encrypted info and decrypt it you should be fine. If they do all of that they deserve a handshake.

      • That is an extreme effort, definitely deserving of a handshake. not impossible but very hard to do. to even get access from a computer you still need authentication from the device. The only way around is if they can boot it to another OS maybe some info can be decrypted and read..

      • BoardDWorld

        It would be a good topic with the next iDB podcast. Would you jailbreak your iPhone 6? A device that authenticates your credit cards with your banks & generates codes to complete purchases. Is this going to kill Jailbreaking?

      • It wouldn’t kill it for me, I like to take my chances if something happens it happens. I don;t plan on missing out on a JB I’d rather not use the Apple Pay if it came down to it.

        Off topic but does anyone else think the Next S model will stand for Sapphire glass or something else..

      • DogeCoin

        I would never enter financial information on a machine that I don’t have root control of.

    • yep


    • Rowan09

      I’m hoping they include other sensors before the release date.

      • That would be great however I’ll only use it for show and the occasional time glance. Out of everyone I see wearing a watch they use their phone to check the time as if the watch isn’t even there lol. The less bright of the bunch still ask for this time, ridiculous.

  • czbird

    Right, logging into my watch every morning. Sure. LOL

    • iDB User

      Right, logging into my phone every time I want to use it. Sure. LOL

      • czbird

        I don’t. TouchID 😉

      • Keir Dicus

        Still a form of logging in 😛

    • Alberto Espinal

      All you have to do is place your finger on the Touch ID

  • coLin

    nothing is secure, especially Apple and other famous companies being targeted so much

    • Rowan09

      Things are secure, but everything can be hacked in time.

      • Nicely said. For all intensive purposes Touch ID is secure and it has so far not been possible to retrieve a photograph / picture of a fingerprint from an iPhone 5s. It’ll happen at somepoint but take an insane amount of time and effort to do so and once hacked would likely be fixed quickly.

        TLDR; Nothing is impossible to hack but hackers need to ask themselves “is it worth it?” when a fix would likely happen very quickly…

  • Alberto Espinal

    Like i said before this is a piece of engineering, some people talking about the Moto 360 that they rather get that but they dont seem to understand is that this device its just not a notification watch, thats why all of them rushed out to put out a watch but they miss the point, again THIS IS APPLE AT ITS BEST!