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There are times when typing at a flat angle is uncomfortable. It is most noticeable when using my MacBook Air 13″. All of the keyboards I use, including Apple’s standard wireless keyboard, are angled for ease-of-use. Contrary to standard keyboards, Apples laptop line sits flat on the resting surface.

Asking to “kick it up a notch,” Bluelounge released the Kickflip just a few weeks ago. Hoping to increase productivity and ease everyone’s wrists, the Kickflip does just as the name suggests: props your laptop with just a flip.

Form and function

Using a small footprint, the Kickflip makes a large difference in typing placement. Kickflip is 9″/23 cm and 11″/28 cm for 13″ and 15″ MacBooks, respectively. It is originally designed for a MacBook Pro, but works just as well on my MacBook Air. The device clings tightly to the laptop using a German engineered gel adhesive. The bond is fairly strong, but easily releases if tugged intently. Most importantly, the gel does not leave a residue and can be re-used by washing with mild soap and water.

The gel is a new direction for Bluelounge, which has used micro-suction padding in the past. Currently, I have no preference over one or the other. But, it is nice to see a company thinking ahead for its customers. Too many products are made for a one-and-done application. Any semi-permanently installed accessory is best designed with a re-usable technology.

When the kickstand is flipped out, it adds a little less than a one inch raise on the laptop backend. It still make a very noticeable difference. When closed, there is not a giant difference in the elevated height of the device.

Where you will run into trouble is form fitted laptop sleeves or accessories. I utilize a zippered sleeve for my MacBook Air on a daily basis. Because there is a little play in the Kickflip spring hinge, I must be careful when inserting the MacBook into the sleeve or it could catch. Just holding the MacBook level, the Kickflip dangles away from the bottom laptop casing. Consequently, I hold the Kickflip against the laptop while putting it away for the night. For hardshell cases, I presume the Kickflip’s gel adhesion strip would work just fine on the exterior. This would allow you to still enjoy the added angle, while keeping your MacBook protected in a clip shell.

Kickflip featured


Usually, I have a review prepped for the day-of launch for Bluelounge products with a positive review ready to roll. However, I took extra time with this review to determine my true feelings. Even chatting with another fellow review editor about the product helped me form an opinion. The Kickflip is a solid product, fixing a common problem for all users in a simple way. After all, that is what all Bluelounge products manage to accomplish.

The dangling Kickflip arm is the most troubled issue for me. I really wish the hinge held the arm taught against the bottom of my Air. I am only talking about 2mm of space, but it is enough to snag something and rip the device off the laptop, even from just inserting it in a sleeve. It is more of a pet peeve than an actual design flaw.

As I mentioned, everything else is great! The device is well cut and molded. The Bluelounge logo is debossed on the stand in a non-distracting way. The angle is great for typing and the gel adhesion is perfect for being re-used. Even better, the price is right on target at $17.95 for the 13″ version, and $19.95 for the 15″ version, which you cannot always say for Bluelounge accessories. Thankfully, a stand like this does not require MFi certification, which keeps licensing costs to $0, allowing a reasonably priced accessory for the consumer.

  • therealjjohnson

    I absolutely hate the formula people use to sell Apple accessories. They all make that faux attempt at having you believe Apple really made the product. You know, the all white background, some random white guy hands touch the product, and oh yes…that god forsaken cheesy “Apple” music that is always playing in the background.

    Look people, make a real commercial and set your self apart from the dozens of other cheesy ass advertisement.

    Ok. Bye.

    • JimGresham

      Have you ever seen an Outdoor Tech video?

      • therealjjohnson

        Hahahaha now that was a nice/funny commercial!

    • Jack Wong

      I also hate the formula from Samsung, when they don’t even talk about their own operation system for smartphone/tablet.

  • Andrew von Pikrt

    Why is it from that ugly-ass plastic? They were short of aluminium?
    Nice idea, but the fitting.. Try to add a bit of premium touch to it, would ya?

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Probably for it to cost little to produce. Not everyone is willing to pay the “premium” feel for just a stand. And that rubber-plastic will not slide, do that might be one reason too.

    • archer14

      Is your toothbrush made out of aircraft grade aluminium? Mine is. Really premium touch. Alas, I tried aluminum bristles and almost bled to death. Had to get back to my trusty plastic brush yo.

      • therealjjohnson


      • Introducing the new Apple Toothbrush 5c. It’s unapologetically plastic…

      • Der Faust

        does it have a touch interface?

      • Yes. It’s a toothbrush, an iPod and an Internet Communicator…a toothbrush, an iPod and an Internet Communicator…a toothbrush, an iPod and an Internet Communicator.
        Are you getting it?

        These are not three separate devices it’s one toothbrush!

        A reliable source has also informed me that the FindMyiPhone app will be updated to add support for remotely locating the iBrush and renamed FindMyToothbrush in honour of this new revolutionary device.

      • Der Faust

        yes….but does it make pasta?

  • Dani Hayes

    Wow. Look at the reviews in amazon. People already complaining about weak form factor.

  • Umut Bilgiç

    This should help with heat disipation too.

  • Will Mason Moses

    Or you could buy an iPearl case off of amazon for like $15 and get a free stylus and keyboard condom to boot. The iPearl does that too, except it doesn’t dangle or snag, and it protects your precioussss

  • archer14

    You think its poor engineering, but you can’t think like an engineer to begin with. Whatever it’s made out of, stop the ‘it’s-not-made-of-metal-OMG-it’s-gonna-break’ philosophy. You are engineering something that’s supposed to effectively support a laptop which weighs under 5 kgs. And since it’s gonna be under the laptop, I presume you will not be fingering it saying oh-yes-metal-OMFG-oh-oh-yes. But here’s the biggest catch of them all – it has to have a rubberized point of contact, so that tools like you don’t slide the laptop off the table, so does it make a difference what its made out of?. Unless this product breaks under load, and does its job of effectively providing an inclined surface, its done its job. Common sense; you need it bud.