Episode 70: We talk with Cydia’s community manager, Britta Gustafson, about the day-to-day operations involved with managing the community that surrounds Cydia. In this episode, Britta tells the story of how she became involved with saurik, and her active role in the tech community. Britta also shares what it’s like to be a woman in an industry dominated by males, her favorite jailbreak tweaks and themes, and more.

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  • XZavier

    Can you put a list of the tweaks she uses?

    • udovoodoo

      Dude. She mentions the tweaks she uses. Don’t be lazy.

      • XZavier

        I know that it sounds lazy but I am asking because I couldn’t understand one or two of the tweaks she named, and because I have no clue where in the podcast she said it so I would have to scroll through till I found it and then listen over and over again until I figured out what she said… I don’t have time for that.

    • Britta

      The ones I mentioned: f.lux, Dimmer, Zeppelin, PowerSoundDisabler, ShowCase, Glasklart, Barrel, Dater, and AskToCall. I use lots of others, but those are the ones that came to mind.

      • XZavier

        Thank you very much 😀

      • Damian

        i always have a feeling Dimmer stops auto-brightness from working. Do you have similar issue. The screen starts being always too dim even when I am increasing the brightness. Despite tweaking the settings I could not get the normal, natural auto-brightness feeling.

  • udovoodoo

    “It’s best if you just treat me as any other member of the jailbreak community”
    I don’t think the title is reflective of that lol
    I enjoyed the interview, so I’ll let that one slide 8)

    • Britta

      They updated the title. 🙂

  • Britta

    Just for fun, here’s a slightly more detailed summary of the episode:

    * I explain how I met saurik (we went to the same college) and why he hired me (I was doing similar work for another company).
    * I somehow end up giving iDownloadBlog advice on moderating their comments.
    * I explain what I do in my work every day and for special projects like JailbreakCon.
    * I talk about my interests outside of work (such as volunteering with open source projects as part of my general interest in user-modifiable software and content).
    * They ask me what I think of Android (I have no Android hate).
    * I give some shoutouts to other women in the jailbreaking community and explain the importance of having a welcoming community.
    * I talk about the phones and tweaks I use.
    * I explain SaurikIT’s “office”.
    * I describe my complicated IRC setup.
    * The iDownloadBlog guys and I discuss the pros and cons of our work relying on jailbreaks that may not always be available.
    * A person asks an unhelpful question so I explain why it’s unhelpful.
    * I try to explain the idea of a hackerspace.
    * We talk a bit about steam trains and learning how things work!

    • jgr627

      Just heard the episode, definitely a good one. Perfect recap

  • Loved this episode.
    Looking forward to more interviews in the future, though, just as a recommendation perhaps Cody and Jeff can interact more next time.
    Love the podcast, keep up the good work.

  • TheBoi23

    *If someone could please help that would greatly appreciated, ok so I downloaded a tweak that not only pauses my song on screen dimming, when I press the power, or home buttons. It is not AutoPause because although I downloaded that as well I did remove and the same thing happens I do not know what I downloaded but if any body could please help that would be great.

  • Ilya Vorobyev

    Are they’re any other projects you’ve been working on with Saurik? 😉 lol