I-MEGO MAZE Front Headphones

iDownloadBlog is pleased to announce our latest giveaway of the I-MEGO MAZE Studio Headphones, valued at $139.99. The MAZE headphones launched just a few weeks ago, featuring a soft memory foam cushion, semi-transparent vinyl record-like deco plate, and an integrated metal slider. The pair have a patent pending design that aims to deliver enhanced acoustics. Read ahead for how to enter… 

I-MEGO MAZE Headphones

I-MEGO MAZE headphones have high-performance neodymium 40mm drivers that deliver the best sound possible, with maximized air cabinet volume that results in better low end response. The headphones include a detachable audio cable with microphone for playback controls or taking phone calls on an iPhone or other smartphone. The pair are lightweight, collapsible and made with high quality aluminum. They retail for $139.99 on Amazon.

How to Enter

 Terms and Conditions

  • No purchase necessary
  • Giveaway is open to all ages worldwide, except where prohibited by law
  • You may only enter once per household or business
  • The deadline to enter: 20 Jun 2014, 11:59 PM Eastern (GMT – 5:00)
  • Failure to claim your prize within 72 hours results in forfeiture of the item

Good luck to everyone that enters. We’ll announce a winner within one week.

Update: Congratulations to Charlie DuHadway (@CharlieDuWork) for winning the I-MEGO MAZE Studio Headphones giveaway. We’ve contacted Charlie on Twitter to claim his prize. Thanks to everyone that entered and stay tuned for future giveaways.

  • Micheal Leonardo

    Twitter: thecure812
    I want to win because this looks cool with my iPhone 5s

  • Micheal Leonardo

    twitter: thecure812
    I want to win because I want to give this as a gift to my niece

  • Chris B

    @hotwls13 I need some new headphones.

  • gustao

    twitter username: @augustoms_
    I want to win because those headphones are amazing!

  • Shecky Joun

    Winning would be interesting. Why not try my luck?

  • Davinci

    twitter: @jihadinhorocks. good luck to everyone

  • josechavez559

    I want to win because i have never owned a paid of headphones in my life. I have always bought earbuds since they’re small but i would really love to have these headphone 😀

  • Nathan Lam

    Twitter: @MaxHax

    Music has made me an overall better person, with music it helps me deal with emotions that would be difficult to deal with otherwise. You can always find a song that fits your mood. It helps motivate you. With music It also has allowed me to meet many people and am now I am currently following my dream in music. Life simply put would be dull without music.

  • Mohammed Khaled

    i want it because i have no legit headphones to use my ipad air with and to listen to music and to edit soundtrack of my music remix of defferent albums.

  • Dane Ayres

    Twitter name: @bonafidebanton , well I would like to win cause gadgets like this cannot be found to be purchased locally in Trinidad and Tobago and well iDownloadBlog has broaden my knowledge so much about anything Apple and whats taking place in the Mac community. Thank IDownloadBlog you are the best.

  • 진광휘 Huy

    twitter: ks3oul
    I want to to win so I can hear the crisp sound of Let’s talk Jailbreak!

  • Arno

    twitter username : @arnodurandt
    I would love to win these they look amazing!!!
    i want to win because my headphones were stolen 🙁
    and don’t have anything to listen my music with!

  • Christopher

    @iateglue2 New work headphones to drown out my coworkers!

  • Anas M Hamarshi

    twitter user is @hamarshi1987

    i love to win because i love headset i’ve try beats bluedio microsoft Turtle Beach and some others and now i want to test this cool headphone

  • Gen Pop

    twitter username: @kingego
    i want to win because i need some new headphones and i dont wanna buy any

  • Wout Callewaert

    Twitter name : @woutcallewaert

    I really need good headphones…

  • Jonathan


    I’d love these head phones because one of the speakers on my earbuds that came with my iDevice died, so the sound is uneven.

  • Ashton Sloane

    Because my current ones are dying and need to be replaced


  • Tobias9413

    i would like to win this pair of awesome headphones because I’ve never had a good pair. I gave my GF my EarPods and i use my old iPhone headset of which only left one works. Also would love these so I can listen to the World Cup games on my iPhone in between classes instead of just looking at the screen with no audio and so i can rock out to awesome songs like Jungle by X Ambassadors! Help out a broke college student will ya iDB?

  • ali_plus

    @ialimughal. I need this because I’ve tried all sorts of in ear headphones and none have helped. Looking forward to try a good on ear headphone

  • Apple

    I really need a good headphones like this

  • Joe Rossignol

    Congratulations to Charlie DuHadway (@CharlieDuWork) for winning the I-MEGO MAZE Studio Headphones giveaway. We’ve contacted Charlie on Twitter to claim his prize. Thanks to everyone that entered and stay tuned for future giveaways.

  • Nimra Zahid

    Twitter Username: NimzZahid
    I want to win because I haven’t ever experienced brilliant quality headphones always crappy ones and well I’m kinda broke can’t afford quality headphones anytym soon……………….